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DemonQueen17 (Chapter 322) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

Take it to her, Sesshy. She needs to be taught a lesson. I don't think Inu won't like beng human for long. But at least it'll teach him to think before he acts. Hope there is a romance between him and Sango. If there is a reunion between the Lord and Lady of the West and Inuyasha and Sango, I hope Sango gives Hoshihikari a good whack upsideher head with her Hiraikotsu, just for the hell of it. Onward!

I'm absolutely thrilled to see what happens next! (Chapter 321) - Wed 04 Dec 2013


I love the way you wrote and constructed your story. It was amazing. So amazing that I missed 1 night of sleep just to finish it in one go :D

It just makes me so, so happy to see Kagome as an equal. And I love that you didn't let her show mercy on Sesshomarus mother.
All that crap about forgiving someone who continiously tries to kill you and has the illest of intends towards you, doesn't make Kagome strong, it makes her weak. I'm a big fan of how you portrayed her. Also: the relationship developement with Sesshomaru is just perfect. How he learns to love again *waaaa* it's just really, really nicely done.

You see, I'm not capable of being constructive right now because I'm just so happy to have found a good, thrilling story.

Furthermore you made her question Sesshomaru and be protective of her pup (which I loved). The fact that she stood up for it and told him, that she got pregnant wasn't just her fault was so TRUE. I hate the fics in which she apologizes for every frickin' thing she has absolutely nothing to do with. Ohmmmm... I think I made my point so...

You can see how very happy I am to have found Alpha amongst the other storys here and I sincerely hope that you continue to update!


Lot's of Love,



Haven (Chapter 321) - Wed 16 Oct 2013

Yes, why granny? Inquiring minds want to know

sugar0o (Chapter 321) - Wed 16 Oct 2013

yanno i kinda like that kagome is decribed in a way as an equal and great dark power in comparison to sess. it's fitting :3

Suka25 (Chapter 321) - Tue 15 Oct 2013

I want to know why!!!!!

Deana (Chapter 321) - Tue 15 Oct 2013

Glad you're back. I can't wait for the next chapter. Will she give him the answers that Sesshoumaru desires? Will she be able to turn poor Inuyasha back? These questions and more I hope you'll be able to answer.

satuross (Chapter 321) - Tue 15 Oct 2013

thanks for an update! more plot!!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 321) - Tue 15 Oct 2013

Foolish Grandma Inu. Does she have no idea that Inuyasha was also Kagome's friend even if they did have a falling out? Silly dog. Onward!

Suka25 (Chapter 269) - Mon 14 Oct 2013

stupid miroku!!!!! I bet sango and inuyasha will get together!

Mrslegume (Chapter 320) - Sun 13 Oct 2013

I'm glad to see you are back. This is one of my favorites. Hope to see more soon, thank you.

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 320) - Sun 13 Oct 2013

I hope he does does learn his lesson. Onward!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 319) - Sun 13 Oct 2013

Kaede is so not a happy camper with what Yusha has done. He seriously needs to invest in some shoes or sandals. No more walking barefoot, you silly boy. I so want to see what happens between Sesshy and Grandma Inu, that little hen. Onward!

satuross (Chapter 232) - Mon 09 Sep 2013

ur kags is awesome. nuff said.

satuross (Chapter 199) - Mon 09 Sep 2013

uh oh. kags gonna be a psychopath too! a human psychopath! this is better then bloodlust :D

satuross (Chapter 110) - Mon 09 Sep 2013

awwww... this chapter is so sweet....i could see how you love kagome and sesshy character....





but i want more lemons now.

satuross (Chapter 77) - Mon 09 Sep 2013



please torture inuyasha more before killing him off :D


i love it!

satuross (Chapter 58) - Mon 09 Sep 2013

fcuk i love you man!


this is waaaay awesome than bloodlust!

Treece (Chapter 318) - Mon 26 Aug 2013

Wow! I always get excited reading this story b/c I can never anticipate what is coming. The revelations and dialogue are so good!

I especially like where things are turning with this confrontation of Sesshoumaru's grandmother and her actions--the consequences of what has happened to Miroku and Inuyasha.  Kagome is truly becoming the Lady of the West.  Wow!

I can't wait to see what happens next. 

Thanks for the updates. It was a nice touch to have Kaede 'pop in'.

sugar0o (Chapter 318) - Tue 20 Aug 2013


DemonQueen17 (Chapter 318) - Tue 20 Aug 2013

Oh my! Kaede is not a happy camper with Inuyasha as a human. Both he and Sango have lots of splainin to do. I don't she's going to like what she hears. Onward!

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