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Lauren (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Yay! He's back! Thus was a good lesson for Inuyasha to learn. To love himself and understand that he was always fine the way he was. Now for the killing. ????????????????????

Natalia (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Phenomenal spectacular! Welcome back inuyasha!

Thx for updating!

Lauren (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

Yes! Tetsusaiga is such a good sword, alerting them to the dangers. And I'm very glad to hear that the seal DID break. This is a much softer cliffhanger than  before. I almost forgive you for trying to kill Sango and Inuyasha. Almost. If everyone who followed Sesshomaru kills those bastards in Edo, I'll reconsider.

Skylar (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

This is going to be one crazy war! Ahhh!! The suspense!!!

hw (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

Woot! Sesshoumaru and Kagome to the rescue! Tetsuaiga knows or feels Inuyasha's desire for his yokai self and needs to be there. That's what I think. Somehow Tetsuaiga is tied to Inuyasha breaking his seal. Amirite? 

Yeah, crazy how all those yokai are heading toward the anti-yokai army! The Emperor's plan seems to be unfolding as he expected so far. Atleast that means, Hojo, InuYasha, and Sango will have lots of backup! 


And love that Masamitsu showed the palace who's boss! No mistaking him for a weakling, ha! 


Another cliffie, but this once isn't as bad as the ones before. I'm still on the edge of my seat tho, awaiting the next chapter! Do you realize how difficult it is to remain on a chair edge for so long??? lol! 

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

I can hear Tetsusaiga right now. "Get me to my master, damnit!! He has someone to protect! I heard him!! I heard him!! LET ME OUT OF HERE NOW!!!"  

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

OH!!! Blessed relief... kinda. Sorta. Well, yeah, that's what it is, blessed relief. My story & I'm sticking to it. HOORAY!!!!! Sessy/Kags to the RESCUE? Hopefully?? Right. And, yes, not so DOOM and DARKNESS filled. In fact, the weather gods hath decreed that we'll get a little warm-up before... yeah, you guessed it... more snowiness tonight. *sigh* Ah, nothing's perfect! Soooo, I didn't check the other reviews, but I still want a chance at COOKIES! Inu's turning hanyou again, yes?? Or something MOAR??? Hmmm... methinks we're doing the hanyou thingy again. Yup, yup! Lovely words today, my dear authoress, just lovely. The perfect thing before I take my rotund self off to work and... I just saw the neighbor's cat on my other neighbor's storage shed roof. Huh. ANYway, yeah, much needed relief from the DOOMs, thanks you!!!



Natalia (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

Oh me me! I know why tetsusaiga is crying to get to Inuyasha and I am so happy for it! Finally inuyasha will become himself once more!

Thx for updating. I just love this fic!

Lauren (Chapter 368) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

I shouldn't even review. That was rude. How could you leave us on a cliffhanger like this?! Inuyasha's seal better break and he better heal up enough to rip those soldiers and priests to shreads. And Hoo's army better hurry up. What's taking them so long?!

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 368) - Tue 17 Apr 2018

Awww, GEEZ. You've got my Inu down and almost out... poor Sango is fighting her head off... you're not gonna hurt my Sesshy too, are you??? Wow, it's incredible how three DOOMFILLED updates have darkened the skies here. I mean, srsly, we had icy snowiness that made us over 1/2 hour late for work this morning, for pity's sake. You'd THINK the ppl in Michigan would know how to drive on icy roads, but NOOOOO. Peeps all over the place, doing stupid stuffs. :( And DOOM. DOOM, I tell you!! *heavy sigh* Okay, it's probably not your fault the weather gods hate us. I'm sure it's not your fault that people on the east side of MI can't figure out how to drive in slippery weather even though we just went through WINTER. But still... grey skies & DOOM. Please little musey things, no hurting the Sesshy/Kags!!!!!




hw (Chapter 368) - Tue 17 Apr 2018

Oh poor Inuyasha and Sango! And poor Sango, she's suffered so much, only to suffer even more. Will this be the moment Inuyasha regains his yokai half, to save Sango?

And what happens will Sesshoumaru? Has word reached them yet? And where are Hojo's soldiers already!? omg, I can't take the suspense. What happens next? what happens? Oh the exquisite torture!

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 368) - Tue 17 Apr 2018

This cliffhanger is worse than the last one. GRRRRR!!!! Leaving Inuyasha to bleed out. Not cool. Next chapter PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE. *sharpened poker and rotten tomatoes at the ready just in case* ONWARD QUICKLY!!!

wonderbug (Chapter 50) - Tue 17 Apr 2018

Hawt. Jesus... XD

Lauren (Chapter 367) - Mon 16 Apr 2018

No! You can't have more horrible chapters than happy ones! That's mean. And what is this with the soldiers cheating, using demon weapons?! Automatic death for bigots using that which they hate against their enemies!!! 

Lauren (Chapter 366) - Mon 16 Apr 2018

So this is the beginning of the extermination that we see the result of in Kagome's future, but it'll be different now. Now that she's in te past and is the mother of a thousand generations, and Miroku and Sango and Inuyasha, and Rin, and Ssshomaru have been changed, everythng else has been too... Right? That has to be it. And Inuyasha better be breaking throgh that lousy ward on his youki soon. He still has to atone for alll of this and make good on his promises before he can die.


I totally forgot who Kou was. Is that terrible?

Lauren (Chapter 365) - Mon 16 Apr 2018

Well, this is definitely different from the usual Oda-bullshit. Great use of the Hojo family. Can't wait to see how all of these people play a role, and how the emperors' insanity/obsession/greed for Kagom'es power are revealed. And after such happy moments and pretty words...

hw (Chapter 367) - Mon 16 Apr 2018

Oohh! we're so blessed with these rapid updates! And this glorious cliffie you left us teetering on! I don't have fingernails left to bite in anticipation of what happens next! You're so evil! But I love it. ;) 

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 367) - Mon 16 Apr 2018


Natalia (Chapter 367) - Mon 16 Apr 2018

I hope inuyasha becomes himself soon and breaks the seal on his blood.

Thx for updating.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 366) - Sun 15 Apr 2018

Er. Mah. GERD!!!!!! Holy Moley!! My dearest authoress leaves us with the dreaded CLIFFY OF DOOOOM! DOOM, I tell you!!!!! O.o Last night, just before I toddled off to bed, I was buoyed by the thought that InuYasha & Sango would save the day until Sesshy & Kags arrived to let them all know what a BIG mistake they'd made in attacking Edo. Now? How do I sleep wondering if our valiant duo is gonna make it through. I mean, I know 'Yasha is all buff and stuff, but he's not hanyou anymore!!! Will 'Roku fly on the wings of the phoenix & save the day? Will Sesshy take to his primal form and stomp a bunch of samurai that should know better?? I'm glad I only have to wait 'til tomorrow, but still. DOOOOOOM, srsly!!!!! You have honed your skill at keeping us all guessing and on our toes, that much is certain! Okay, you've made me abuse punctuation in a horrid fashion, so I will leave off until the next round of WORDS brings me either some relief or more DOOOOOM!




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