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Pebbles (Chapter 258) - Mon 13 Apr 2020

I've never encountered a dancing Sesshomaru in all the fics I've read. Never would i think it could be pulled off. I think you did a very nice job of it. Still wild witout seeming off putting. 

Pebbles (Chapter 224) - Thu 09 Apr 2020

Loved how this played out. Battle ready, indeed.

Pebbles (Chapter 206) - Thu 09 Apr 2020

You could've just cslled this chapter "RELEASE THE SANGO!"   Krakens be damned!... O_O

Pebbles (Chapter 175) - Thu 09 Apr 2020

Oh man...that was just...just...*dies*



Pebbles (Chapter 156) - Wed 08 Apr 2020

How in tuned this chapter is to the ongoing, unrelenting virus that captures the world this very moment. We all have to be strong and fight. Instinctually,  bravely, passionately. 

Pebbles (Chapter 134) - Wed 08 Apr 2020

That gave me chills.  Oh sweet lord.... damn.

Pebbles (Chapter 125) - Wed 08 Apr 2020

I like that connection so much. Bout time Inuyasha got some sense knocked into him about their similarities. 

Pebbles (Chapter 119) - Wed 08 Apr 2020

Enjoying this slow change with the determined nature they are both showing towards their objectives. Highly interested to see how his mother returns to his life...

Mecca (Chapter 394) - Wed 18 Dec 2019

Ahh I loved it all! The ending with Sessh?maru taking on a new challenge with the biggest shit eating grin anyone has ever seen lol XD Loved this story. I'm very excited to read Omega, I mean, what more epic stuff is gonna happen?? Miroku turning into a peacock Y?kai just about took the cake, as far as originality goes. Thank you for that. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! <3

Mecca (Chapter 371) - Sun 15 Dec 2019

*TEARS* He seems to be the Inuyasha I first fell in love with... until I got a good eyeful of his brother >.> I love it! Inuyasha revival is 100% gold. 

Mecca (Chapter 286) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

I'm so totally late for the party. Meaning, this was written a while ago, and I'm only just... here. Does Sango and Inuyasha/Mamoru end up together? Because if that's happening, then woo! I'll put my stamp of approval for that any ol' day! and Thank you. Really. From the bottom of my heart for making it so Miroku and Sango don't have the usual boring ending of them marrying and having a bazillion spawn. I rather like this different path for them. I wish Sango got some form of revenge but I'm a vengeful beezy *shrugs* Onward! 

Mecca (Chapter 261) - Fri 13 Dec 2019

*Holds face in hands* Oh my god. You're a literal genius. For, like, literacy, because your write so well and stuff (I obviously do not). This: "...and now all that is meaningful has been torn out of him; he is wrecked on the shoals of memory that rise within him, unbidden." The inclusion of the prompt is so well done. I barely studied for my final today (this whole week, let's be real) because I couldn't stop reading through this Drabble series of yours. I know it's been written long ago but dang; thank you from the future! Haha... ah. *goes back to reading*

Mecca (Chapter 106) - Wed 11 Dec 2019

Waaaah, this is so good! Makes me wanna just cry and hug Shizuka at his open honesty, just adorbs. *sniffles*

Mecca (Chapter 31) - Tue 10 Dec 2019

I laughed out loud at your Author's Note on having someone paint ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES on Tetsusaiga, so that indeed, InuYasha can never forget! Bwahahaha! The story is getting good now, love that I have so much more to go <3

RebaJean (Chapter 394) - Tue 10 Sep 2019

Magnificent epic. Great story. Looking forward to your sequel as well.

Stardust (Chapter 394) - Thu 11 Jul 2019

Oh thank you for this crazy, amazing and fantastic story through the years.

thank you it has been a wondeful gift reading it.. and an ending is 

a good start for a new story from Apha to Omega connecting the circle..



KouseiJL (Chapter 394) - Wed 10 Jul 2019


Happy endings....or is it?!?!? I love the depth and complexity you've added to the characters, their relationships with each other and the world. All the foreshadowing for Omega is getting me so excited to see your sequel, but don't forget to take time to just enjoy your accomplishment! This was a beast of a piece and you deserve all the congratulations and some time to soak in some accolades! <3

Thank you for sharing your incredible talent!


Treece (Chapter 394) - Wed 10 Jul 2019

Many, many thanks for this wild, wonderful amazing story of imagination and superb beauty.  A lovely and splendid ending.


Again, mucho mucho thanks for the finale. 

S4toonee (Chapter 394) - Wed 10 Jul 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  It was a journey that I will read again.  Look forward to your new stories.

Krisan (Chapter 37) - Wed 10 Jul 2019

Oh my, Sesshomaru you intelligent fucker. Idk I should be proudly grinning or grimacing. 

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