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hw (Chapter 374) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

Oooh! And so Hoshihi makes her appearance and gets the shock of her life. ha! Looks like Shippou's being the good big brother/trickster that he is...he's a cheeky one. Wonder if Masamitsu will pick up some of that from him, hehehe. And boy, Miroku is not playing man. He's not playing at all; I think he's gonna lay the ground rules down for his mate. Although he's not happy with her, he's probably the best mate for of few that can keep her in check. 

And glad he had the forsight to stay behind to watch the kiddies and thought to protect Masamitsu from his great granny if needed. Oh Baa-chan what's in store for you, I wonder? 

I like the possible relationship/alliance/mutual respect that happening between Sesshoumaru and Hojo. They're so on the same wave-length. It can only mean great things for Edo! Will his vassals stay behind as well to protect against the Emperor's army? Or have they all been wiped out already? heh.

Will Hojo become the Shogun or something, instead of the Tokugawa? OR OR OR will there be no Meiji Restoration because the imperial forces are being wiped out by Sesshoumaru vassals and Hojo's army? I mean I know I blurring timelines here...but I'm wondering how the defeat of the Emperor's army will affect history. B/c obviously, they're not gonna win this fight. Nooooope! 


Lauren (Chapter 374) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

Hoping Sesshomaru catches his vassals before they start eating the wrong people. I wonder who he'll send to help Edo and Inuyasha though... Who is available? 


Still no word on that merchant. Where's he hiding? 


Shippo did well. He's right to shed that fear he carried for so long. And good for Miroku too, bring a good uncle and not trusting that bitch. Unconcerned is the perfect response to the confirmation. I worry about the baby showing his power to Hoshishi though. She clearly won't be waiting for Sesshomaru and Kagome to come home, but she won't do anything good with that information.


Another great chapter as always  Hope you enjoy the rest of the week  

hw (Chapter 373) - Mon 23 Apr 2018

Wow! Sesshoumaru has loosened up a bit! Letting a human (or anyone else really...) witness his laughter and not killing them for it? Amazeballs! Love it. Soooo is Hoshihi the six person back at the castle??hmmm?? Did I get it right?

Another great chappie! I love how you weave in the comedic elements with the seriousness and bloodshed. I'm gonna go read this chapter again! :)

Lauren (Chapter 373) - Mon 23 Apr 2018

And just like that, all is forgiven. Such a wonderful chapter. I love your action scenes, and I love that you're indulging us so with these chapters. Where do we go from here, though? And where is that guy? They wouldn't attack the Emperor, would they? That seems unnecessarily risky, fighting on his terrain. So meetings will be next (after the resting), yes? At least between those in the castle who make decisions. The vassals will no doubt vacate the premises quickly. But Kagome and Sesshomaru need to get back home soon too, don't they? Hmm... 

Natalia (Chapter 373) - Mon 23 Apr 2018

Ah I can't stress enough how much I love you for continuing to write this amazing fic. I love it and I read it three times while it was on hiatus, hoping for new chapters, so when you started updating you made me super happy. I know how life can get busy and I appreciate your time and effort. Thx again.

I loved how inuyasha was depicted. And he somehow fits with sango, even though I never saw that pairing.  I mean it was not believable till your fic.

Again thank you for updating, enjoy your week and good luck!

Lauren (Chapter 372) - Sat 21 Apr 2018

Well, that was a little satisfying, though not as much as I hoped. But you did promise more blood, so we shall see. He's too nice for his own good. They should definitely kill everyone. It took a while for Hojo to get to Inuyasha. What took him?


Interesting coming attractions. Will Kagome see another proposal? 

hw (Chapter 372) - Sat 21 Apr 2018

INUYASHASAMA!?!?!! Hahahahahahahahaaaaaa! 

That's awesome. ???? Well well we’ll...someone’s showing respect and it took us all off guard. 

Another great chapter! 

Natalia (Chapter 372) - Sat 21 Apr 2018

Oh boy inuyasha is shocked!

And the hojo family....

Thx for updating.

Lauren (Chapter 371) - Fri 20 Apr 2018

Yaaaaaay! It's almost time for more murdering!!! Color me excited for the vengeance. Here's hoping that Inuyasha can take care of the monks quickly, so he can help Kagome and Sesshomaru wit the soldiers, and that the arrivals of Sesshomaru's "guests" allow him time to affirm both his place. I just hope that he doesn't go back to being human after this battle. 

Was this Hoshishi's plan from the beginning? To give her son's son complete control over his blood so she can manipulate him in some ridiculous scheme later? Because that sounds slightly helpful, and she's never been anything but controlling. I'm excited for Inuyasha and Sango, but I'm also a little paranoid about this development and what it could mean. Wouldn't it be easier to just have Sesshomaru punch his brother in the stomach again and call it a day? 

As strange as it seems the insecurity felt/expressed by Sango is only mirrored by Inuyasha and that makes them a great couple. I love that you didn't twist their characters at all to make this so plausible. Hoping to see more of them later. 

Anonymous (Chapter 371) - Fri 20 Apr 2018

Get em Inu!!

hw (Chapter 371) - Fri 20 Apr 2018

WooHoo! Awesome chapter (per the usual ;) )! Inuyasha and Tetsuaiga back together again and even better than before it seems like! And I worried over Sango for naught, she still wants Inu, hanyou or human, and that makes my heart glad. Aiko still has a chance to be healed and the promise to her son kept. Hojo's soldiers has finally made their appearance and all the better for it! 

Now, we've got Sesshoumaru and the yokai gang to fight off a split Emperors' army. Muwahahahahaa! They're toast! 

Inuyasha's response to the army is sooo him. Loved it. I snickered to myself in glee.  

The excitement just keeps building! More, more! Onward! 

Natalia (Chapter 371) - Fri 20 Apr 2018

I was doing a happy dance! Yay! Finally!

Welcome back old friends!

Thanks for updating!

SmilingFool (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Wow what an EPIC Return.....  I loved it.  This story is amazing if I hadn't said so before....  Keep on writing can't wait to read the next chaps.

hw (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Yassss! Go Inu! He finally learned that important lesson; that he was always fine as he was. He's finally accepted being both human and demon and that he doesn't need to be human or demon, he's both, he's InuYasha. And he learned it in the nick of time too! I love that Sango's strength (and his need to protect) is what urged him on and helped him break through the seal. Aaaaand, doesnt' this mean he won't go into mindless rampage mode while his demon side is in charge now? 

Hopefully, Sango won't have any issues being with hanyou InuYasha... 

And now, let the fighting really begin! Aaaand, where the hell is Hojo troops? They sure take forever to show up man! 

Oh, and can't wait for Sesshoumaru to give Tetsuaiga back to Inu... and for Kagome to teach the Emperor's army a thing or 2! 

Woot! So excited! Onward! 

DemonQueen17 (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

SWEEEEET!! I love this chapter! Go, Inu!!! Onward!!!

Lauren (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Yay! He's back! This was a good lesson for Inuyasha to learn. To love himself and understand that he was always fine the way he was. Now for the killing. *cheers in the background for vengeful guttings*

Lauren (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Yay! He's back! Thus was a good lesson for Inuyasha to learn. To love himself and understand that he was always fine the way he was. Now for the killing. ????????????????????

Natalia (Chapter 370) - Thu 19 Apr 2018

Phenomenal spectacular! Welcome back inuyasha!

Thx for updating!

Lauren (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

Yes! Tetsusaiga is such a good sword, alerting them to the dangers. And I'm very glad to hear that the seal DID break. This is a much softer cliffhanger than  before. I almost forgive you for trying to kill Sango and Inuyasha. Almost. If everyone who followed Sesshomaru kills those bastards in Edo, I'll reconsider.

Skylar (Chapter 369) - Wed 18 Apr 2018

This is going to be one crazy war! Ahhh!! The suspense!!!

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