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WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 384) - Sun 20 May 2018

Ah, how excellent that our little Rin gives lessons to the person that will become a great leader in human history!!! I'm sure others have guessed by now, but I really wasn't surprised when I found out for sure. :) I'm sure the great daimyo learns much of what he knows from Sesshoumaru-sama anyway, yes? And our RIN!!! OMG, you weren't kidding about the "little General" thingy! More awesome WORDS, more progress, but with the A/N below, MOAR ANGST!!!! What a terrific roller-coaster, though. Srsly. Loving the ups and downs and can't wait for more!



Treece (Chapter 384) - Sat 19 May 2018

Naughty white monkeys and shades of Toyotomi, Bat Girl!  This last update rocked!  It was great and splendid.  Rin is what all these kids should aspire to be.  So glad that Kagome gave her peace and the love she coveted but dared not aspire to. Poor dear, she was content to be exceptional and part of Sesshoumaru's household and life.  Now she is Rin and more. Another great chapter and more love to you and your writing.

Treece (Chapter 383) - Sat 19 May 2018

And so we arrive at childhood's end and Kagome's beginnings. I loved the relevance of this chapter. We are all responsible for children who have lost their families or are impoverished.  So many ways to contribute.


Thanks for the update!

Lauren (Chapter 384) - Fri 18 May 2018

Rin is such an adorable little bloodthirsty general. I love that she's found her footing and place and that in her quest to be just like daddy, she's finding encouragement and patience. 


Since Toyotomi is now following Rin, we'll be skipping that whole Oda thing... Right? There's been enough trouble that we should just go through with the unification and place Rin in command and have him as her second. Technically  he'd still be fulfilling his role in history. That counts for something.


How are they going to get 106 children back to Edo? 




Alesia (Chapter 383) - Thu 17 May 2018

Would love for this to keep going and poor baby shippo

Natalia (Chapter 383) - Wed 16 May 2018

I see a better future shaping here!

One thousand generations ok indeed!

Thx for updating!

Skylar (Chapter 383) - Wed 16 May 2018

This is so good!! Poor lil Shippou!

Lauren (Chapter 383) - Wed 16 May 2018

Ah, so it is adoptees. I like that angle. And I like that Rin was up front about her worries and has taken charge of the children, showing how good a leader and big sister she can be. Just like Daddy. Very sweet. 

A baby! Oh, poor Shippou... Why didn't he ever tell evryone how young her was? He probably IS adorable, but it's still sad.

Treece (Chapter 382) - Mon 14 May 2018

Wonderful the way you have tied myth and legend with history. It all worked brilliantly into the plot of this story.  This household is expanding.  I have not idea where things are going (and admittedly the Emperor capitulation was somewhat anti-climatic)  but I am sure I will love it. Or you will make sure that I will once I read it.  


Lovely and awesome.  The kids just keep growing and Kagome is going to be hoping for sleep. 

Lauren (Chapter 382) - Mon 14 May 2018

Ryouichi... He's at the root of this darkness? Hn. That's a turn. But he's not even dust anymore, so it's okay, I guess. And yes, I'm pretty disappointed that Ogimachi didn't get squashed like the spineless bug he is, but your reasoning is pretty logical. Lucky for him.

So, we can change the future, but we can't get rid of Nobunaga? That doesn't seem fair. He's such a terrible person. We'll at last save the monks at Mount Hiei, right? Or did we already kill all of them?

LOL Shippo is so meddlesome. But Kagome has had another rapid mood swing, so he better watch it. Glad to see Rin again, too. I missed her. Hopefully more of the kids soon?

Are we back to the twin's riddle? Looking forward to compltely unraveling it and seeing how literal they're being that day.

Hope you had a grat Mother's Day.

Leaora (Chapter 381) - Wed 09 May 2018

OH MY GOD, LYRA, YOU BEAUTIFUL GENIUS!   "We share everything. Everything."   My heart stopped and my head exploded! I had to spend a few days rereading to remember how Kagome even got pregnant before I could understand this newest batch of updates, but good lord!! I'd read it again just for kicks! I am sad that it's coming to a close  because I've loved every moment! And thank you for continuing to make time for this with all your other endeavors and commitments!

Treece (Chapter 381) - Wed 09 May 2018

Yay!  The moment I've been waiting for is approaching.  And I was thrown off kilter with all the youkai and miko matings.  It's fun stuff!

There's a load of things happening. I'm enjoying it all.  The description, negotiations, and compromises.  Children, rebuilding, weddings! On to Kyoto then!


(and dare I wish for a sequel, hmmm)  As long as this one doesn't end.  Heck yes!

hw (Chapter 381) - Wed 09 May 2018

Wowza! What a chapter! Happy for the return of Kou. He's a sly one and ran circles around Miroku in the negotiations, ha! And its starting to become clear about how the center of influence will move from Kyoto to Edo. I'm excited to see the gang's reception in Kyoto. Shock and awe?

And boy! Is there something in the air? In the water? Everyone's getting it on! Maybe the great purge by Kagome and Sesshoumaru also got everyone's hormones in an uproar. hehehe. So many who thought they'd never cross that line are doing everything they can to do just that. I guess there'll be a LOT of tired miko abouts...sleeping their way through pregnacy! Even Shizuka fell for a woman?! Well, well, well if its good for the lord, its good for the advisors! And Suzume gets double the fun! ;D I like how Haruka gave as good as she got and won in the end with that kiss. 


I'm a little surprised it took Sesshomaru this long to steal some time with Kagome, but then again, there was a lot of work to do. On to Kyoto! 

Natalia (Chapter 381) - Wed 09 May 2018

Wow seems like Masamitsu will have others like him to play and train.

It was quite intense. The Miko were in vogue.

Can't wait to see them arriving in the capital. Who knows maybe the emperor is alraalr dead or fled?

Thx for updating.

Lauren (Chapter 381) - Tue 08 May 2018

That went all the way left. LMFAO I can't say that I am not shocked at that chapter. I think I expected the puppies to have more tact, but then, they are puppies  


Kourtney will be integral but what of this palace? Is that the mark of permanent change? Will the palace built be in place of Kagome's old future home, or will the house near the shrine come later regardless? So many questions but I'm sure the answers will be forthcoming. Better yet, the Emperor will be getting a haircut soon. I look forward to it. 

hw (Chapter 380) - Tue 08 May 2018

Lol! Hoshihi gave birth to an egg! Of course. hahahaha! And good ole Miroku, he's got good daddy instincts doesn't he? A chick and a pup, huh? Interesting set of twins! His poor daughter seems confused that her dad's a bird when she's not. Glad that Hoshihi is outta the picture for now and Miroku and Yoko have their chance for happiness. No time for you grandma! 

Lovely bit with Masamitsu being claimed as heir. But what the what?! Sesshoumaru had the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi as a family heirloom!?!?! Of course he did, of course. Jaw totally dropped, letting all the flies in man. And a yokai with a holy name and a miko for a mom inherits it now. Very cool. 

I love how you're weaving in all the historical and mythological stuff so naturally. 

hw (Chapter 379) - Tue 08 May 2018

Omg! That was amazing! No one can doubt that Kagome is a match for Sesshoumaru. Powers combined (ha, just thought of captain planet!) and they cleansed the land of those that would stand against each other in hatred and prejudice. So the stage is set for a future with yokai in it. But what of the capitol? 


Treece (Chapter 380) - Mon 07 May 2018

Amazing, vividly fascinating and kool chapter bursting with all kinds of mad grandness.


Loved of the shocks (and I can't wait to see what the young heir does with such a grand prize he has inherited. Yikes!)


Miroku is going to have a wild ride!  Can anyone imagining his youkai son accosting all the ladies?  Wow!  


Yes, time for troublesome old ladies with delusions to take a lonnnnggg napppp.  Tick-tock, Granny!  Heh


Great chapter, lots of love and I can't wait to see what happens next.


Inuyasha is getting married!  Miroku is a daddy!   And the Emperor is about to get his behind handed to him by a Priestess and a Youkai Lord!


Sounds like I must keep reading. 

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 380) - Mon 07 May 2018

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! "Time to take a nap, grandma." *snicker* *snort* *guffaw* How awesome was THAT?! The perfect way to get her out of the way!! So Miroku & Yoko, plus new additions, get their chance at romance now. MOAR SQUEEEEEEEEs!! And 'Yasha gets to marry Sango, and Edo gets rebuilt, and... and... the evol Emperor gets his comeuppance? Or... does he get to stay on his throne, nothing but a figurehead?? Or... is he even still alive, since he was definitely NOT one of the peeps that had goodness in his heart? Oh, yesh... we haz MOAR questions! :D Still, love, love LOVE each new chapter unfolding like the NOT EMPTY road before them!



Natalia (Chapter 380) - Mon 07 May 2018

That sword?


And good riddance!

Thx for updating.

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