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Lauren (Chapter 380) - Mon 07 May 2018

Well, that was unexpected. I could see Miroku sitting on his egg, though. And those two who tied down Hoshishi were the twins, correct? We haven't seen them in a while. I wonder what they'll have to say about what Hoshishi was fearful of... Great job sealing her, by the way. Best and only action to take right now. More time to breathe and more romance time for the peacock and the dragon.

The twin would be considered Masa's great aunt and uncle, right? LOL Miroku will feel so old, so maybe we should be nice and call them his "cousins". They sound so cute though! Now Masamito will have playmates the way Rin has Shippou. Very sweet. 

Just where did Inuyasha's father get Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi rom? Didn't Sasunoo take it back? And what's this about Sesshomaru not ignoring the wedding plans? Sounds like we'll be spending two more chapters in the village. Fun.

Lauren (Chapter 379) - Sun 06 May 2018

YES! A little stab stab and then whoosh, their great power worked in tandem and all of the evil people are dead. Fantastic. Not bloody as I wanted, but this was a very beautifully written chapter. Almost romantic in its reverence. They are as it was said, and now they've shown it. If their powers swept over the whole of Nihon, had they reached the sneaky, greedy emperor? Here's hoping he's been wiped away. 

It'll take years for the village to rebuild without help. Perhaps a few more of Sesshomaru's men, Akihito with them, can remain behind? I'm sure Kaede and Inuyasha will appreciate the assistnce.

Don't think I didn't see that AN. While I wasn't necessarily optimistic to believe that all would be solved in this chapter, I was looking forward to a few of the possibilities of demonic eradication being closed paths. What else will have to be done to ensure everyone makes it to Tokyo? And what part is the merchart playing in this future???

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 379) - Sun 06 May 2018

OMG!!!!!!!!! I've finally caught up and I'm totally breathless. I mean, like, really! WOW. Didn't see this one coming... nope, not at all. HOORAY! 'Yasha lives and is hanyou again! Sango lives!! Kags & Sesshy RULE the day!!!!!!! And the night, and the next few hundered years, and... and... yeah, getting ahead of things, methinks. But, YES! SQUEEEEEEEEEs of delight! And another love story blooming to fruition, and one in the offing, perhaps? Cuz, we still have to get back to naming Sesshy's heir, and whatever 'Roku is gonna do with that stupid Hoshishi, and... and... yesh, excitement!


Oh. Wait. We still have Edo to rebuild, don't we? Hmmmm... can't wait to see what Sesshy does about that one. Or who he directs to do something about that one. And... QUESTIONS. Yes, questions! Did the power get the evol Emperor dude and snuff his stupid person off the planet?? Will anyone 'left behind' recognize just what DID happen? Or will our intrepid heroes have to battle it out a few more times before all is said and ready for the future??? Yes, indeed, we haz the questions! :) *happy sigh* And we trusts that our dearest authoress-person will reveal all in its time, yes we do!



waterwomen1414 (Chapter 379) - Sun 06 May 2018

A very interesting turn of events can't wait to see what everyone thinks about it

Natalia (Chapter 379) - Sun 06 May 2018

Wow just wow.... 

A future forever altered. It was magnificent.

Thx for updating.

SmilingFool (Chapter 379) - Sun 06 May 2018

Wow, what an ending...  Loved it glad all those hate filled critters got what they deserved....  Oh one thing?  What will happen to the emporer?  I can't wait to read more....  Awesome story really and truly one of the greats.

Treece (Chapter 379) - Sun 06 May 2018

Awesome and fabulous chapter.  I guess everyone is striding into their destiny and self-acceptance.  Kagome is the shield to keep Sesshoumaru from truly becoming a monster. This was amazing.  And her power, purpose, and purity are proven to all, believers and non-believers.


The descriptions are visually amazing and I was present there with them until the final moments.  

Loved this update!  Great time and can't wait for more to come.



Treece (Chapter 378) - Sat 05 May 2018

I fell in love with Riku and Akihito as they fell in love. A  cute, delightful meeting!

Of course, I value this chapter as much as a dark chocolate lava cake or an all expenses paid vacation to one of my favorite cities for three weeks. 

Loved the banter and all the foreshadowing.  Until then, Favorite Author Dear,  -

Many thanks, and loads of love!

Tessitura (Chapter 379) - Sat 05 May 2018

That was awesome.  Love how Kagome's reation that was so in character!????

Chaos (Chapter 379) - Sat 05 May 2018



hw (Chapter 378) - Fri 04 May 2018

I love when Kagome's being all badass, she's such a good leader. LOVE LOVE LOVE the story of Riku and Akihito! So cute. Would love to read more about those two lovebirds. And it seems Riku is preggers? What a surprise for her soon to be mate! Sesshoumaru set a precident with not only mating a miko but also knocking her up and starting a family quickly and Akihito is following that precedent to a T so far. Ha! 

I know Riku was frustrated that her powers weren't stripped from her after sleeping with her love, but its nice to see that there are other miko who prove that virginity doesn't equal purity...and that supports Kagome's concept of where her power comes from. 

Thanks for the super fast update! We are so spoiled! 

REDWOLF (Chapter 378) - Fri 04 May 2018

Ohhh... another exciting chapter...but, you left us worrying for Sesshoumaru. Please hurry back...okay? ;) Thanks for the update :)

Chaos (Chapter 378) - Fri 04 May 2018

Both loving how the story is flowing and hating that I have to wait for updates! But I look forward to checking on the story every day :)

Natalia (Chapter 378) - Fri 04 May 2018

You glorious author with words of gold! I absolutely loved their love story! How else can I express my love for your writing? Phenomenal!

Again thank you for updating and keeping a steady update. It makes my day and week brighter! So really thank you!

Lauren (Chapter 378) - Fri 04 May 2018

Okay, that wasn't a terrible detour. It is interesting that Akihito was apparently the only one to go looking for his own miko. Will this become a common trend in the next few years? Hmm.. 


Did those bigots hurt Sesshomaru?! See, this is why I didn't want a detour. Can we please get back to murdering them and then the Emperor? The kids are probably worried by now. 


Treece (Chapter 377) - Thu 03 May 2018

Awwww, shucks!  Just when it was just coming together.  I can't wait for the confrontation with the Emperor who is behind all the ruckus.  I think Kagome will be the one to put him in his place with Sesshoumaru looking on.

Methinks this union with Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha, their mates and this new couple will change the course of Kagome's future. The youkai don't truly vanish, right?  No, they are hiding in plain sight because of this uniting to come.

And what's this about Rin going hunting?  I want to know what she is up to!

I loved every single chapter I just read and can't wait for more.  

Treece (Chapter 370) - Thu 03 May 2018

I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOUUUUU!  Thank you for the coming redemption of Inuyasha!  Yes!  I'm so happy reading this even though I am behind in the story.  Mega mega love!  Yes!  Yes!  The world is all LOVE!  :-) 


I didn't know I wanted this until it happened.  See how brilliant you are, Favorite Author??

Lauren (Chapter 377) - Thu 03 May 2018

Ah, another chapter! I love your explanation of their powers. Makes perfect sense and it's very poetic and beautiful. Hopefully the news of Kagome's power/ability doesn't escape back to that deranged Emperor. Everyone must die. 


What? A detour into a side story? We don't have time for tales on the battlefield. There's much too much going on. 

Lauren (Chapter 376) - Thu 03 May 2018

I'm assuming she can understand him because of their relationship? Poor Akihito! I hope he's all right. And did I read that correctly? The Emperor has youkai fighting with him? Sickening. 

hw (Chapter 377) - Thu 03 May 2018

I agree with Kagome and the idea of where their power (yokai and miko/priests) comes from and what purity really means. They're meant to balance each other. I always thought that reiki should be able to purify humans as well, if their spirit was so utterly corrupted then why not? 

And what's this? Akihito's woman is a miko?! Do tell! Looking forward to finding out what that came to be. 

I bet Miroku scored several points with Sesshoumaru for making him laugh with how he brought Hoshihi...


Lovely chapter as usual! Thank you!

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