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Hmm... Let's see~ I'm pretty easy to please. Good, home-cooked meals, great music, stories and/or movies usually do it. ...Actually, bad movies usually do it - as long as they're entertaining or I learn something new. Smile Oh! I also have an extremely addictive personality (if I like something, I really like it), an uncensored vocabulary and a tendency generalize. I'd also like to think that I have a pretty open approach to life.

So many authors are jumping ship these days. Publish of perish, yes?

Any recommendations are welcome. Any who are in need of a beta, I am available.

I think that's about it. I, uh... Like to give out cookies? Yeah.

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Created On: 11/20/2019 08:13:48
Edited By Archerdiana On: 11/22/2019 14:35:04

Thank you for reading An Arrangement! Kagome's dreams are always part memory, part intuition (;

Midnight Song

Created On: 06/16/2019 23:45:44

Thanks for reviewing A Child Lost!! As far as length of time for Izayoi being there, I'm leaving it a little vague because I've honestly lost track of all the different ages and time skips I've had in story haha, so maybe around a hundred years, a hundred and fifty? And I can't say anything about Papa T?ga without giving away spoilers, so I hope you continue to read! DD


Created On: 10/27/2018 18:26:58

Thank you for your review on "Claimed". I also appreciated your input. I hope this rewrite is not offputting.
Feedback from Lauren: Thank you for taking the time to rewrite and repost it! ?? The story is coming along really well and I'm interested in the direction you are taking this illness as well as the mystery of the reappearance.


Created On: 05/29/2018 04:55:04

Thank you for reviewing Life After Loss!

I'm glad you enjoyed the ending! I figured they deserved a happily every after to balance the story out. ^^ So happy to hear you liked the fic even if it wasn't your typical read.


Created On: 03/30/2018 15:06:41

Thank you for your review on Unforeseen!

It's funny and interesting that you said this might've been the fastest you've read a story - of course, this story isn't very long - but it was a very fast story for me to write as well! The idea came and took over and soon I had almost all of it down.

Thank you for all your kind compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed this story!

Crimson Rose

Created On: 12/01/2016 02:12:28
Edited By Crimson Rose On: 12/01/2016 07:40:49

Hi super late but thanks for your review on Don't be Surpised. I remade a new one that I think you'll like. Same name, but better. As for the comment on it not being what Kagome or Sesshomaru would be, kinda the whole point of a fanfic. Choosing to interpret the characters as you want. Might be a bit OOC. But if i were to emulate Sess and Kag to the T , then those two would never be together lol.


Created On: 07/23/2011 16:03:06

Hey hun! Thank you for reviews TBC again! I'm glad you've stayed with me in spite of the long delay in updates. Life just has been in the way. I make no garantees on update times because I just don't know when my life will run smoothly enough for me to update, or when things are going to be too chaotic... usually it the latter. But I PROMISE you I'll finish the story. I'll never leave an unfinished story.

This one in particular is kinda my "baby." I have loads of other little drafts and outlines typed up for other stories, but I'm reluctant to actually start one unless its for a challenge with a due date - even those I avoid for the most part. Its because I want to complete this without too much else on my plate.

We will meet the other wives more closely. I'm not sure yet about one such character... she might be a big role but I'm not yet sure. I'm kinda seeing how the story unfolds for now. I know where I want it to go, and for the most part HOW, but there are some details which I suss out as I go.

You're questions about Kanga are valid. And I'll not tell you anything because I don't want to spoil it, but there is more to the story between the two (Kanga and Honoria)

I'm glad the time jump worked here. I wanted to show a passing of time where really nothing was happening - as part of the key to the plot is their time spent away form one another. We'll delve deeper into some of the details about that time apart in the next chapter. Its nothing big and things I illuded to, but I think warrenting more emphasis (that being that Sesshomaru was have an existential realization about his life and potential future with Kagome, and Kagome realizing in that time how deeply her feelings for Sesshomaru run.)

I'm glad you liked this chapter! There will be lots more bonding time between our demon and miko. And as you've already called it theres "so much left to cover!"


Created On: 02/25/2011 20:35:29

Hey, thanks for the welcome Such great stories on here!


Created On: 02/23/2011 01:46:14
Edited By CarmMeldoll On: 02/23/2011 01:52:35

Oh you are reading "When you wish upon a shard" by Forthright...the New Jaken is hot to death! They posted a picture of him in the fanfiction art gallery, from there you can see why Kagome would react differently to Our surly little green friend! He is a complete hottie now!

Feedback from Lauren: Well, I don't know what to think. He actually looks... Not horrible. I'm conflicted.


Created On: 11/09/2010 11:43:33
Edited By MoxyMikki On: 11/09/2010 11:46:17

Thank you again for reviewing TBC. To answer a couple of questions: Kagome's shock in the changing room was at a couple of things - 1) that there was SO much finery in that room. As a miko she has lived a vastly modest life and hasn't seen such luxuries, nor does she understand the insatiable joy that the girls are recieving from them. 2) she is horrified by the way the girls are acting with one another just to get the nicest pieces. You have to remember they are all trying to present themselves how THEY think Sesshomaru would want them to be, and not knowing him outside of his repuation as a beautiful man with a heavy dislike for humans, they assume he's like many other monarchs who want their wives to physically represent their status of power and wealth by being the most beautiful.

As for you feeling like I'm generalizing the girls in a certain light in order to make kagome look better... well I hope you'll eventually see that that is certainly NOT the case. I have some surprise plans for one of the candidates, which in chapter 14 you will get to see a heavy hint too. There are also a couple characters which you haven't met yet by chapter 7, that will disprove this as well. In this particular chapter the girls are all struggling to look their best and it has caused them to act horribly, for certain. This is more of a reflection to how humans in general behave in groups (I'm a sociologist so you may see many referenses to the behavior of humans when in groups or subsects and in this particular chapter that happened to be human girls, but it isn't some unconsious commentary on girls in general) Also, many of these girl know they are going home and they know that the lord is being generous enough to let them keep whatever they wear so they are piling it on! Its not that they are greedy, its that as a result of the hard times in the feudal era any wealth that they could return with could greatly help their families.

I do my best to explain these things, but without my insulting the readers by outright explaining everything. I believe my readers to be able to pick up on these details. So far you are the only reviewer who has commented about it being unclear, which suggests to me that there are perhaps many more who are just as confused as you, so I'll probably go back and try and rework chapter 7 a little (at a slightly later date when I have the time) in order to make my thoughts more clear on the scene. THANK YOU for bringing that confusion to my attention. I need to know these things in order to correct them.

Padmaja is indeed Hindu in origin. As you suspected it is a form of Padma, but with a slightly different meaning.

Again thanks so much for such thoughtful questions!
Feedback from Lauren: Ahh~. Okay. I hadn't thought of the picture they made running around, piling on the layers, screaming and ripping the fabric out of each others' hands. XD That makes sense though.

I also prefer it when the authors give us pieces of the story and let us fill in the blanks, leaving us to come to our own conclusions. It makes the story that much more interactive. It's definitely not fun when everything's spoon fed to us. Makes the story drag...

Of course. You're welcome (though I may just have to reread it to understand your gist)! Thanks for the clarification and the name information.

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