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Stella Mira (Chapter 17) - Fri 25 Jul 2014

A shout fades in the shape of her name. Wow. I think I stopped for a whole minute to reread this sentence a couple times. It's so lovely, and being the opening line gave it even more impact... I was stunned for a few moments. I really love this line. :3

Your descriptions as she lunges towards him and tears herself apart later, seething with hatred and despair were chillingly wonderful. It wasn't overly gory or splatter-filled, but the subtlety of your word choice and its vividness gave me goose-flesh. I always cringe a little when fingernails break and split, I don't know why, but I find it more disturbing than evisceration, for example. *cringes at the mere thought*

Is it wrong of me to think of both Kagome and Sesshomaru as cruel and pathetic in equal measures? It's ironic, really - that their own words could be used against them and vice versa. He's the the epitome of cruelty, makes no discrimination when he delivers torment, but I think that is the only difference left between them. She has become a cluster of baneful thoughts; she rips her soul apart with her own hands, little by little. I think the real tragedy is exactly that, the growing similarities between them.

You have woven such an amazing, stunning piece of corruption. It's so twisted... I both love and hate it for the same reasons. I won't lie and say I didn't enjoy this chapter because I did, immensely so. It was the culmination of many things. The magnitude of what she lost is tremendous, her physical hurt pales in comparison to the wounds inlficted on her psyche. I truly gave up on any chance of her recovery after this chapter.

As for our cruel, pathetic lord, I don't think he truly fathoms that love has many faces, some wretched and twisted, blacker than even his own heart. He is falling into the trap he's sewn on her soul, slowly, insidiously. I wonder when he'll realize that, and more importantly, what he will do then.

Oh, and I adored how you accented the cruelty in his eyes. So intense, so raw, especially at the end!

Gah! This was an excellent chapter, Char! I adore you and your freakin' awesome brain and your talent in word making! Can't wait for the next chapter! :3

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 17) - Wed 23 Jul 2014

:( I wonder if she will go in search of the blade that can kill him....

Loren (Chapter 17) - Tue 22 Jul 2014

Wow, I have to be honest, this chapter made me shiver at the end..

Gosh that was one dark episode..

please do continue, you do it so well.

randomfan17 (Chapter 17) - Tue 22 Jul 2014

Dark as this is it is very good. I like stories like this because it's not all that too sweet sappy ending stories out there.  I can't wait to read more and don't really want to see it end either. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 17) - Mon 21 Jul 2014

 Sailor Moon new anime has already aired two episodes, If you missed it you can watch them on youtube. Both chapters are great, keep it coming. 

Koi (Chapter 17) - Mon 21 Jul 2014

Soooo terribly good!!! I can't wait until the next chapter! 

Sesshysgirl-08 (Chapter 16) - Thu 10 Jul 2014

I am so in love with this story! I have reread it three times while awaiting your next update. The way you write really does take my breath away! It amazes me how you can express so much emotion and depth in such few words. You are incredible and I am beyond eagerly awaiting your next chapter! Truly incredible job!



Luna C. (Chapter 16) - Thu 03 Jul 2014

This chapter had me at the edge of my seat! The raw emotions, Kagome's denial of the fact that she used Kohaku as a way to savage her sanity and make her feel more 'human' was beautiful and saddening. Sesshomaru's becoming aware of her activities and manipulating Kagome's actions and feelings against her, weakened her resolved. Kohaku's weapon though, he could have defeated Sesshomaru at that moment if it wasn't for a tidbit information that his death could lead to Kagome's death. I wonder what other information is in store. I felt subtle emotions coming from Sesshomaru near the end, as if he saw Kohaku as a threat towards Kagome, not physically but rather emotionally and it threats his control over Kagome. I am sad that Kohaku was killed, and now Kagome's only link to humanity and sanity is now destroyed.

I wonder if Sesshomaru has developed an attachment towards Kagome, not one of master and slave, but something deeper than that. Hmmm. Anyways, I wait patiently for your next update. :)


LoveAndFaith (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

Keep it coming.

Lace (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

I think this has to be my favorite chapter yet. Even though Sesshoumaru is the absolute antagonist in this story, this chapter has made me feel some sort of...pity for him; after all this time, to me he seemed to show a vulnerability, despite his horrific acts and words. Perhaps his care for her goes a little further than having ownership over Kagome, in his own twisted and disturbing way.

Kagome and Sesshoumaru's relationship is very unique. We as humans require at least some interaction with others, and if they continue to travel together I could definitely understand if Kagome ended up giving into being more accepting of his touch. She still hates him, oh so much, but like she used Kohaku to hang onto her remaining sanity, I could see her having to project it onto the demon to feel a semblance of normalcy.


[Game of Thrones season 4 spoilers ahead, just a warning- I hate when people spoil shows for me.]



Their relationship reminds me of Game of Thrones' characters Arya Stark and the Hound (if you haven't watched the show, the Hound- a very foul man who has murdered countless numbers, as well as one of Arya's friends- kidnaps Arya for ransom). They travel for a long time together throughout the season, and though they both have a mutual hate for each other, they develop from endeavers they experience together, even a semblance of compassion at some points. Because he killed her friend, Arya still vows to one day end his life, but relies on him for travel and safety for the time being.

Of course, Sesshoumaru seems more terrifying than the Hound to me, but the resemblance is still there, I think. :)

Totosai better pack up and leave Japan, because he's in deep trouble now. 

Great chapter, enjoy your kayaking adventure! 

Stella Mira (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

Well, it as gruesome as I had imagined? Which makes it all the more terrible...and brings things to light that I had overpassed. I mean, it is so simple that I missed it up till now. Lol I'm referring to both Kagome and Sesshomaru, but you already knew that, Char. You are sneaky and devious, woman! Now I feel the insane urge to laugh at my blindness. To think that she would be oblivious to things that Sesshomaru! The change was so subtle that it slithered beneath my feet at first and now I feel like it's hanging from the ceiling! I mean, I remember Ab Initio and this Sesshomaru is not that Sesshomaru.

I don't know how you manage to delve so deep into your character's psyche but still manage to keep secrets, only to reveal them when the time is right. It astounds me... I feel as if I've been dowsed in cold water and finally awake, as if I had been reading this whole time through a thin veil. I'm...not making any sense, am I? Well, it's a grreat compliment. I'll blame my own stupidity for not seeing this sooner -- or the fact that you mainly use one POV here. I approve of this, it makes things interesting and keeps me guessing. Plus, I'm not sure I could handle much of Sesshomaru's POV if Ab Initio was any indication. Let me tell you, give him a POV and he'll possess your brain till you give him what he wants, I knows...

I could never hate you, Char. I loved how you handled this chapter, truly an eye opener in more ways than one, at least for me. It was excellent and the rougher approach gave it the edge it needed. Honestly, it's brilliant...because you wrote it this way, the impact left me gaping like a fish. I'm still trying to absorb the shock.

Oh, now I have more theories on how the plot will unfold and it's driving me crazy! Why you do this to me? Just when I thought I had solved a piece of the puzzle, you break off another and tell me to pick up the pieces again. T.T Of course, I could be just seeing things that dun really exist here...LMAO Now that would be embarrassing.

Thank you for this wonderful update! Have fun and dun drown! <3

P.S. Goddamn it, Kohaku! I forgot all about you 'cause...damn...poor boy, always a boy.

Koi (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

OMG I can't believe it!!! This is like dragonheart all over again...In order to kill the bad guy you have to kill your friend/lover. What a fantastic story! I love this sooo much! I wonder that the end of our loveable Kohaku? Poor Kag can't even picture their love making. Well it's like they say once you had Sesshomaru there is no other! literally! I can't wait until the next update! I hope it will be soooon!

Valasaurus (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

I thought you promised no cliffies ????????????????

rose (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

next chapter please

The-infamous-one (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

Mother of god!!! That is cruel!!! So unbelievably cruel!  Ugh Im going to go cry in a corner from this cliffhanger! ( pun intended! Lol)

Moonlight Silk (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

I can't say that i didn't see this happening, their relationship is complex and yet i get the feeling that inspite of the hate and bitterness, they feel something real for each other, they are just too stubborn to admit it. Kagome should not have used Kokahu like that knowing that just by being with him Sesshomaru could kill him. The emotions are raw and real, great chapter, waiting anxiously for your next post.

satuross (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

hahahah i love this seshoumaru.


now this is what love is all about. time to go psycho on everyone XD

how far more can kagome go

Ana (Chapter 16) - Sun 22 Jun 2014

Pardon my ignorance, but does he kill Kohaku because she doubted him, meaning that he does care about her, or because he doesn't care about Kagome? I adore you story! Every time you uptade I smile and then I start suffering for Kagome. Amazing the way you portray her feelings.

Stella Mira (Chapter 15) - Mon 16 Jun 2014

That gnawing sensation at the back of my head came true... Oh Kagome, what have you done, you poor girl? Death will not be enough comfort for the consequences that will come. *sighs* I cannot blame her, though. Really, I'm actually astounded that she has lasted this long, but she did because she had nothing left to lose. Now she does...and she will pay another price, heavy, much too heavy. If she doesn't break under this then she's truly to be admired. At least, I'm suspecting it will not end well. I could be wrong and miracles do happen...just not to her it seems. And the damned are the virtuous amongst us, as the song says.

I loved how you delved into her soul and brought all those repressed feelings to the surface in such eloquent phrases. I especially loved the shadows part and how she is both averse and similar in nature with the dark.

Lovely chapter, Char! Anxiously waiting for more! "3 *hugs*

Wunderberry (Chapter 15) - Sat 14 Jun 2014

I've really liked the relationship between Kagome and Kohaku, and when I noticed the reviews for this story, I didn't understand why there was such an uproar against him. Sesshomaru in this story is the bad guy. He's not the good guy, you don't root for him. He has broken Kagome, forced himself on her, hurt her, made her immortal against her will. Kohaku cares for Kagome, wants to help and heal her. I get the people here love Sess/Kag as a pairing, I love Sess/Kag, but some stories you just have to root for another pairing.

Anyways, this is a wonderfully dark story, the way you write really helps convey that. Thank you for sharing this with the fandom, I just had to leave a review after being befuddled by those darn reviews.

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