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AnimeLady04 (Chapter 10) - Mon 24 Feb 2014

Wow, you can just feel Kagome's mind starting to break with the angst and hate.
I would love to see some of Sesshomaru's POV though.

Does he understand Kagome's mind is starting to break? Does he want her spirit and mind broken? How does he take her constant attempts at hurting herself or does he care? He seems to consider Kagome his "treasure" so wouldn't he want her whole and sane?

I wonder who will end up with the darkest fic? Catalina's story is way creeper with her take on Rin! But your story shows Kagome just ever so slowly breaking.......can't wait for the next chapter!

Eryn (Chapter 10) - Mon 24 Feb 2014
Waaaaah! Dont stop naow!

Luna C. (Chapter 10) - Sun 23 Feb 2014

I'm lost (or a bit slow), Toutousai can't see her? Unless he feels intimidated not to look at Kagome because of Sesshomaru. Some years must have passed if Kohaku looks older.

Can't wait for your next update!

April (Chapter 10) - Sun 23 Feb 2014

Ooooh such a short chapter oh what will happen btw I likthis you have set up the time skips keep it up

Miko Sayuri (Chapter 10) - Sun 23 Feb 2014

You truly have a gift. I love the way you bring out the emotions. You describe the emotions very well. I was wondering, how much time has passed. It seems time it passing quick. Kohaku is alive. Im so happy. Maybe he can help her. Damn kami's cant do anything right. Keep up the aewsome work! :-) 

Catalina (Chapter 10) - Sun 23 Feb 2014

He's gonna kill Kohaku, isn't he? I really, really like the whole her need for touch, for another person. It's awesome, and so like Kagome and many others who are... more sensative in that respect. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for mooooooooore~

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 9) - Fri 21 Feb 2014

Eeeee i wonder how and when it will reappear!? Izanami is a bad ass btw.... love your descriptions of her. Its nice? Sesshoumaru hasnt forced her.....yet....

Maria-Salvatore29 (Chapter 9) - Tue 18 Feb 2014

I love this. I like how you portray Kagome's agony with your vivid words because it feels so realistic. Update soon! 

Makuro767 (Chapter 9) - Tue 18 Feb 2014

You can really feel the hopelessness in her situation...but without any actual growth on Sesshoumaru's part will turn the story a little too...boring, sorry to say. This is not a flame, just my personal musing since starting on this story. His side could be an obsession, Sesshoumaru being blind to true affection could be considered a dark kind of romance on his part...but by forcing Kagome to stay by his side through time will only throw her farther and farther away from him.

Then again, the chase probably turn him on more than he know...

Maybe a twisted confusion on his part will make the story more interesting. A very dark kind of battle inside of him, wanting her but not, obsessing over her yet not really knowing the reason why. If she's just a toy to amuse himself until he's bored of her, then why go through all that just to keep her by his side. Anyway, I don't think the Shikon no Tama really control the well. Looking back in the movie 'Sword of the Conqueror' the well seemed to work without the Shikon, giving clue that the well has its own power...

Perhaps through all that youkai bones thrown into the well...

Catalina (Chapter 9) - Tue 18 Feb 2014

Bad well! BAD! Good story! Good! XD sorry I'm being goofy. Too much medicine. Still I really like it. I liked the description of the afterworld where the goddess lady was all like pissed off about the whole situation and Sesshoumaru's medling. I admit I kinda hoped Kagome could go home, but I also knew that was too much to hope for. Course she blurted out that the well could take her places, even if it didn't work. Sesshoumaru won't let her get near it again. Cuz he's an ass. Or he may? I don't know what your plan is womanz but you should impliment them soon. Like now. Yesterday. Sometime.

Sorry I didndt see this when it initially uploaded, but you know why I haven't been on here. <3

Miko Sayuri (Chapter 9) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

This chapter so was intense, I love it. Sesshomaru so cruel and dark. Yet he takes care of her wounds. I know there's more toture for Kagome. I want her to hurt him some how or form. I do truly feel bad for her. Great job on the chapter. I can't wait for the next one. Keep up the good work :-) 

Luna C. (Chapter 9) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

Omg she died again, I know Sesshomaru is highly irritated that Kagome keeps trying to die, even though her latest action was entirely by accident. 

I wonder how Kagome is gonna endure Sesshomaru's company until the Shikon Jewel turns up again.

Stella Mira (Chapter 9) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

Izanama-sama, how I love thee!! She returned!! How lovely yet macabre yet entrance! Thank you for letting her play a role here!

I'm beginning to make sense of that cursed wish now, and all I can say is... damn! Poor Kagome, bound to him forever unless she kills him or purifies the Shikon (which is not even in the mortal plance any longer). Things do look mighty bleak for Kagome. >.>

At least he doesn't wish to take what is not freely given. Ha! Why Sesshomaru, does it rankle that she doesn't want you, does it sting and burn? *cackles*

Beautiful words as always! *glomps them*

Tanku for the timely update!!

April (Chapter 9) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

EEEEEEEEEEEEK FANTASIC!!!! Wha a wonderful idea to halt the chain for a while, ok so do her bones grow back so seas has to remove the old ones????  Can't wait for more thanks for the update yay what a great way to wake up

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 9) - Mon 17 Feb 2014

ah ha! So the Shikon No Tama will return - but no one knows when.
I find it amazing that Sesshomaru does not want her so unwilling, wonder if that will ever change.....hmmm

Lovin this plot, I'm so happy for the long chapter! Really answered a lot of questions I had! Thank you thank you thank you!

REI-Angel (Chapter 8) - Sun 16 Feb 2014

Ahh! Kagome! Will she truly be free of Sesshomaru? Will he be able to go though the well? Will he meet her in the future and capture her? or will he catch her before the well activates? What if the well doesn't work?! what if kagome goes back home to find her family slaughtered and seshoumaru waiting there for her, angry becasue he had to wait 500 years. what if the curse he put on her affects time?! IDK! AHHHHH! I'm so excited! update soon! I hope all is well!

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 7) - Sat 15 Feb 2014

Oooooh so dark! I love it! I wonder will she try to kill him? Maybe the well?

Stella Mira (Chapter 8) - Sat 15 Feb 2014

Her slow suffering is almost tangible in this chapter. He is killing her, slowly, her memory, her mind, her perception of things. That's wholly devious and far worse than physical torture.

It will be nice if the well works, but I do wonder. Maybe his wish will interfere, somehow? And if it does work, I don't even want to contemplate what he'll do to her 500 years later if he finds her again. *shivers* That is a most disturbing thought. I mean, can you even imagine it? *shivers again* I think it's best if it doesn't work, in my opinion; the alternative is a far worse fate in my mind.

I do love your descriptions - full of sight, sound, all sensation! Very elegantly written, as always. :))

Well, what do you know? I've caught up... now I must await an update. In fact, I'm eagerly awaiting an update - already! Update soon, yes?

Stella Mira (Chapter 7) - Fri 14 Feb 2014

This has to be the most angst ridden chapter I've read so far. Poor Kagome... I think I can't even mention her name anymore without adding that adjective, like it's her nickname or something in this fic. It pains me to see her being toyed with and unable to escape, yet she still has fire in her, she still makes use of her mind, tries to think of a loophole! Bravo, Kagome! Go for it, girl! See? No 'poor' add-on now. XD And, I just realized I actually had a one-sided, imaginary conversation with her...

I especially adored how you portrayed their dialogue not only with their lines, but also by timing their motions and expressions. It was almost like I was watching a play, really. I commend you for the way you handled this, too. Granted, still full of angst, yet very tasteful and subtly written.

P.S. I still love him, yes, now 'tis the kind of love where you want to neuter him with a rusty pair of scissors.

Stella Mira (Chapter 6) - Fri 14 Feb 2014

Bwahaha! *cackles insanely* I was right, riiiiiiiight! *dances the dance of correct guesses* Ehem, sorry about this little exhibition of bacchic joy. I'll behave now - promise!

Izanami, you used Izanami! I looove her, I really do! So pretty and creepy and rotting and dashing she be! I dub this chapter "Death and the Maiden"!

Honestly, I think I've run out of things to compliment without parroting myself. Bwahaha! How pathetic I am, words elude me. *dies* BUT, 'tis a good sign, means you managed to stun me into awe with the beauty and fluidity of your words! Such natural grace they have, currents after currents of lovely vowels and consonants dancing on my tongue. I like to read aloud in a hushed voice, dun ask me why. ;D

Phew, well, now that I've made a spectacle of myself, I shall try to leave a review. XD

Oh, Kagome, dear girl! What has been done to you? He's most evil and most thorough in his evilness. Talk about obsessiveness, here. Whoa! I'm still trying to figure out why he needs her exactly, though. What purpose she serves, what does she offer him in the long run? Besides failed attempts at suicide and the ability to wield Tetsusaiga. There must be something else here, but I can't, for the life of me, wrap my head around it, and it is killing me! >.<

I shall read on! XD (tomorrow - as always)

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