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Stella Mira (Chapter 7) - Fri 14 Feb 2014

This has to be the most angst ridden chapter I've read so far. Poor Kagome... I think I can't even mention her name anymore without adding that adjective, like it's her nickname or something in this fic. It pains me to see her being toyed with and unable to escape, yet she still has fire in her, she still makes use of her mind, tries to think of a loophole! Bravo, Kagome! Go for it, girl! See? No 'poor' add-on now. XD And, I just realized I actually had a one-sided, imaginary conversation with her...

I especially adored how you portrayed their dialogue not only with their lines, but also by timing their motions and expressions. It was almost like I was watching a play, really. I commend you for the way you handled this, too. Granted, still full of angst, yet very tasteful and subtly written.

P.S. I still love him, yes, now 'tis the kind of love where you want to neuter him with a rusty pair of scissors.

Stella Mira (Chapter 6) - Fri 14 Feb 2014

Bwahaha! *cackles insanely* I was right, riiiiiiiight! *dances the dance of correct guesses* Ehem, sorry about this little exhibition of bacchic joy. I'll behave now - promise!

Izanami, you used Izanami! I looove her, I really do! So pretty and creepy and rotting and dashing she be! I dub this chapter "Death and the Maiden"!

Honestly, I think I've run out of things to compliment without parroting myself. Bwahaha! How pathetic I am, words elude me. *dies* BUT, 'tis a good sign, means you managed to stun me into awe with the beauty and fluidity of your words! Such natural grace they have, currents after currents of lovely vowels and consonants dancing on my tongue. I like to read aloud in a hushed voice, dun ask me why. ;D

Phew, well, now that I've made a spectacle of myself, I shall try to leave a review. XD

Oh, Kagome, dear girl! What has been done to you? He's most evil and most thorough in his evilness. Talk about obsessiveness, here. Whoa! I'm still trying to figure out why he needs her exactly, though. What purpose she serves, what does she offer him in the long run? Besides failed attempts at suicide and the ability to wield Tetsusaiga. There must be something else here, but I can't, for the life of me, wrap my head around it, and it is killing me! >.<

I shall read on! XD (tomorrow - as always)

Stella Mira (Chapter 5) - Thu 13 Feb 2014

HA! Unmannerly, he says! How about unsanitary and - quite possibly - lethal for a human to ingest raw meat? She does have a point, he brought her back once with Tenseiga. If she dies of food poisoning what will he do? Unless, he has an ace up his sleeve? Unless, what the jewel provided can tie her to him? Unless, she is no longer simply human, but something else as well. Ah, speculations. I do love them! Stimulation of the brain is of the best kind! Thank you for arousing my curiosity. As I am not a feline, I doubt it will kill me, so I can revel in it, for now. *cackles*

Wonderful chapter! I will reiterate, your short sentences, the addition of sounds in between, the descriptions of surrounding nature is a marvelous combination to magnify the emotions felt! Well done!

Stella Mira (Chapter 4) - Wed 12 Feb 2014

Although this chapter did not contain as graphic abuse as the previous ones, I still felt her malaise and anguish deeply. She took that damn leap, uncaring if he kept his word and saved her or not, or more accurately, hoping he would not. I do wonder why he even let her fall though... he could have stopped her, hm, teach her a lesson? I honestly can't predict him and that makes him awesome - and subsequently, makes you awesome!


Valasaurus (Chapter 8) - Wed 12 Feb 2014

you are so Damn evil andI'm loving every moment of it. please keep the story going! 

Stella Mira (Chapter 3) - Tue 11 Feb 2014

Whoa! Talk about splatter and gore! I love blood - in all manners - but flesh is... *shivers* Really, this was gruesome. A job well done for actually making me recoil, draw away from my laptop screen for a few seconds. Now that's talent. ;D

Hm, his words beg the question. What was it he wanted that the Shikon gave him? Interesting...

I shall return! :))

Stella Mira (Chapter 2) - Mon 10 Feb 2014

He is merciless... and I still love him. It is the kind of love where you want to hit the other person repeatedly with a club, though. XD

Poor Kagome, death all around her, the sight must have traumatized her... I do hope she doesn't lose her fire, but he does seem determined to break her spirit. 

I especially like your use of short sentences in this chapter. Very fitting for emphasis on all the right parts. Well done!

I shall have to read further on and see! Onwards! (tomorrow XD)

Loren (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Feb 2014

Please Pleaseeeee let the well work! it will be interesting, letting Sesshoumaru sweat a little bit

Luna C. (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Feb 2014

Omg hopefully the well works! But I have a feeling that it won't...

AnimeLady04 (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Feb 2014

I hope the well works but in ordr for this to be a dark fic I'm sure it wont.

Poor Kagome!

Cn't wait for thenext chapter

Stella Mira (Chapter 1) - Mon 10 Feb 2014

I succumbed! Damn you and your masterful writing! Let me tell you, this does not happen often! Only one other writer here has managed to take me out of my comfort zone, and make me want to read things I rarely indulge in - and that is the awesomeness of Lyra. But, the words - the words! Yummy, delicious words, full of darkness and fire and blood! Also, I do prefer to read stories in present tense, but since it is not suited for publication, I have managed to kill this habit. It is wonderful for fics, though, it gives it an edge, makes the words more powerful, the emotions better conveyed.

I do love your portrayal of Sesshomaru, both in the prequel and here. There is something to be said about Machiavellian, possessive beings, yes? Poor Kagome, I do feel sorry for her, I really do, but he sounds so wicked... it is hard to dislike such a character because he has so much passion in his apathy. You have to love the antinomy of his personality. It is the part I enjoy most in this story, and what made me give in and read it. Ah, such a weak willed being I am. @.@

P.S. I shall be reading a chapter per day to pace myself, so expect a review accordingly. :))

Mimiru (Chapter 8) - Mon 10 Feb 2014

But will she? that is the question! I really cant wait to see what you will do!!

Catalina (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Feb 2014

AH so fast! GAWDS! Will it refuse her passage? I wonder. Or will she have to meet him in the future? Who can say? What's gonna happen? Huh? HUH?

April (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Feb 2014

OMG LET THE WELL WORK PLEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!! But have it be a difrent have it be a time that he rules with an iron fist!!!! The shrine is now a prison was airing he return!!! Her family turned against her for there lords favor!!!! Oh please oh please oh pleAse!!!! Have him keep her there before sending her back with info on everything he needs to take over the world!!!! Mwahahahahaha... But this is your fix not mine your fic is my fix 

smcandy (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Feb 2014

Hopefully Kagome get s to return home. This is getting better and better. More longer chapters and updates ASAP please.


Authoress smcandy

Pang Lin (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Feb 2014

Oh dear, another suspensuful chapter. This story is a wonderful mix of terrible beauty and stark reality. The way Kagome is slowly losing her mind is depicted in such a craftful way, I really do feel with her. But I guess she won't be able to return home, how awful that realization will be for her.

But if she can't go home, then what exactly did Sesshoumaru wish for?

I look forward to the next update :)

rose (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Feb 2014

next chapter please

GoofyGrin (Chapter 8) - Sun 09 Feb 2014

Sayah1112 (Chapter 7) - Sat 08 Feb 2014

Oh lord oh lord oh goooood lord. I don't even...How....


Kagome is well and truly fucked, dude. I mean, both literally and physcially (soon anyway it seems).

It's like a car wreck (in a good way, or know what? That example sucked. Car wrecks are just not good.) but I can't look away. I can't stop reading. My heart breaks for this Kagome...and I must MUST have more. Muahahhahahahahaha

Seriously, don't stop writing this story!

Catalina (Chapter 7) - Sat 08 Feb 2014

There's a way out? How? HUH? WHY YOU DO THIS TO US? D:

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