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Marial24 (Chapter 25) - Wed 11 Jan 2017

Omg!!!!! Yoooooo now this is a story worth reading!!! In my 18 years of reading fanfiction (I'm 25 now) yours truly holds me... I've been on my phone all damn day reading this!!! When I say u have a way with words, details...plots!!!! So good keep it up please post soon!!

Leaora (Chapter 25) - Wed 11 Jan 2017

The bells are ringing, the doves are soaring, and the air is suffused with the aroma of spring blossoms drifting on the breeze. Thank you for bringing this moment to fuition! I am now prepared to sift through another 25 chapters of development knowing that my patience shall be rewarded with some truly delicious SessKag passion.

Skylar (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

It was worth the wait! Love it!

reader4life (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

hellooo!! im a new reader here and I need to say how amazing your story is!! I cannot stop re-reading it again and again!! I used yesterday and today only reading it instead of studying for an exam... I dont know what im going to do about that but it was totally worth it... PLEASE continue it sooooon. It was Such a tease to finish it that way... I want MORE!! AND NOW! kisses, touches, words, and u know what.... *-* everything  ... thats all. Hope to read you soon! 


Lonelylulaby (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

I think I've died and gone to heaven. This chapter gave me SO much life. First I wonder how high in the rankings of the organization Shippo is, The HEAD Engineer, sounds interesting.  And I kinda don't like Midoriko now, she's on my poop list for crippling Kagome like she did and not allowing her to flourish.  I do wonder what the 4 she liked best were and what all the other strings stood for.  Poor Kags she never had a chance to be all she could have been ???? Now to the most awaited scene in his whole fanfic, Kags and Sessh finally meeting face to face. I swooned a little.  I'm so happy!!!! You were true to your word and gave us a little love scene, thank you cause ya really didn't have to.  Now onto that Baasratu with the eyeballs and Kagome melting them with her powers, I can see why they we're scared of her. Why didn't they just take her a long time ago though if they were really just playing around with the human race?  So many questions that I have forgotten but this chapter was great


Ja ne till next time and keep up the great work


Phantomlogic (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

AHHHHHHHHHH ::deep breath:: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I keep rereading the ending of Chapter 25 because IT.IS.THE.BEST.EVER!!!  I squeed the first time I read and every time since then!  I admit, I got more and more nervous as I got further through because I was afraid the meeting would get pushed back, but WA-POW!  Right as you can hardly wait a sentence longer, there is the best possible first meeting EVER!  I am so glad you updated and will attempt to continue through my day to day life as I wait breathlessly for the next chapter!  

amanda (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

I LOVE how they met! This is one of my all time fav stories!

Toni (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

Chapter 25 is the best chapter yet! Sooo awesome!!

Eryn (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

I've been following this story for a while.  The amount of detail and story you put into it is so, so great.  You take your time and do things right.  It's truely a story of its own.  And though it's a Sesshoumaru/Kagome fic, it can easily be its own universe beyond the realm of InuYasha.


And that last chapter, hooooo booooy! ?????

Susy V (Chapter 25) - Tue 10 Jan 2017

That was a super intense chapter! Holy crap, they wanted to take her! Her breaking out the saber was totally badass! And that kid?! You have to start the next chapter with his thoughts or something! I can't wait for the next part. Shippo and Miroku are funny! Love them here. And thanks for the backstory on Midoriko and Kagome. That helps explain the feelings.

Lena (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

Wooohooo!!!! They finally meet and what a meeting. I'm so in love w/ your story and can't wait for the next update. Keep up the great work!

Valasaurus (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

I forgive you 5 fold for them finally meeting and that hot ass kiss!!

Hopefully they can make it off of eden together safely. I wonder though, what the baasratu want with kagome, and if they will be able to track her with that injurybon her back.



I'll be squirming in my seat waiting for more.

hazel (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017


Thank you for updating! I look forward to the next chapter!


princess of the western lands (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

Hot damn! This chapter was worth the wait. Great detail and it didn't seem rushed or crammed together. Everything had its time & place, including shippou being introduced as part of miroku's organization. What does he mean he's the Head Engineer? Will sango have a moment with miroku? As for the higurashi family, will secrets that caused their separation be revealed?


As for that kiss, omg! It was perfect & perfectly placed. Finally seeing & feeling each other in the flesh. What do the basratu want with kagome? Will they retreat now that the talking basratu is dead? What will happen to eden? Who is the traitor? I'm thinking naraku but not, because he maybe devious but not stupid. He knows the basratu will wipe out the humans which means him as well. Also how do they keep finding the new colonized planet? Those human experiments could be how the basratu can see & speak now. What is the traitor getting out of his or her deal? Is there even s traitor or just a well placed human looking basratu? But this has been going on for decades & sesshomaru's mother has observed what the basratu think of humans as a threat, which was minuscule until kagome.


Update soon onegai


Ja ne


Sylvia (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

What the F-? *Shrieks in excitement and giddines* OMG!!! They finally met!!!!! waaaahhhhhh!!!! OMG... I.. I just can't WAahaaaaaaaahhh!! That was sooooo intense! I can't wait for the next update!!! The way the plot is unravelling and many more questions are popping up!!! OH MY!!!!!!! Anyways, another great update! Hope ou had a great holiday!!! :) Thanks for updating this awesome, wonderful, heart shattering and mind blowing story!!!

Zackire (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

Oh yeah!!! Super good ending and fantastic fighting skills!!

Van (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017



I expect a hot lemon from you *lecherous grin*

Venomqueen83 (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! LOVE THIS! Can't wait for your next chapter, keep up the amazing work!

mikaelalucine (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

OMG YAAAAASSS!!!! I'm so happy that they've finally 'met' and they meet/greet each other in one of the best ways. I can't wait for the next chapter. I liked the part where the Baasratu we're trying to lure her away and her response to it. Great job!!! <3

ava (Chapter 25) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

This makes me happy 

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