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Mona (Chapter 21) - Sun 06 Nov 2016

Great!  I hope to read more soon.

Loveyaa (Chapter 20) - Sun 06 Nov 2016

Good things come to those who wait. And your story is def a good thing. I am looking forward to their explosive first meeting. I can't wait to see what happens until then :)

Jennn (Chapter 20) - Sat 05 Nov 2016

No update today I'm sad ): This story is one of the greatest I've ever read on here. Awesome job.

SessQueen (Chapter 20) - Sat 05 Nov 2016

I'm sure I haven't left enough reviews to express this but I love this story. Its so original and the development of the characters with their different relationships has been great. Seriously keep on writing!

Kiera (Chapter 20) - Wed 02 Nov 2016

I'm neither frustrated nor upset, i'm just so in love with your story omg!! I don't usually leave reviews (insert lazy reader here) but after spending my afternoon reading this how could i not leave one! Love how detailed this is, don't let bad reviews take you down! (when you're that good ppl just hate *shrugs*) Now excuse me while i stalk my email for the next chapter~

Lonelylulaby (Chapter 20) - Tue 01 Nov 2016

Well, I would just like to state for the record that Yuka never crossed my mind in a million years.  I really didn't think it was going to be someone we had already met before.  Poor little Yuka getting eclipsed by Kagome her whole life and developing an inferiority complex.  Favorite part was of course the Sess & Kag scene, I really thought Jess had died but I'm glad he didn't.  I wonder what that thing was that Yuka gave to Kagome tho. A flash drive of information?  The perfected drug?  Find out next time on Her Voice.


ja ne till next time and keep up the good work

DeirdreLaelia (Chapter 20) - Tue 01 Nov 2016

First review, I just wanna say that I love this and while yes I do tend to get frustrated with the pace it has to do with the fact that I LOVE this story and waiting for updates makes me anxious because honestly: you tell one HELL of a story. Everyday I actually look for an update even though I know you only update once a week. But that is literally now much I love this story and the web you are weaving. I'm invested in this and it'll will be one I read over and over again once its completed. Don't let anyone stress you out! 

So Yuka was a twist! But good lord, that was intense. I enjoyed that little subplot because it was creepy and felt a whole lot like the anime it's self, since we often got treated with subplots that fell into the main plot subtlely. Poor Kagome, she's really in the thick of it isn't she? 


Can't wait for next week! 

Lady Ashe (Chapter 20) - Mon 31 Oct 2016

Love love love it! I cant express how wonderful this story is. Let it be as long as you want it. I love all of the detail and plot you've put into it! Keep up the wonderful work :-)

Blommie8 (Chapter 20) - Mon 31 Oct 2016

kitsune (Chapter 20) - Mon 31 Oct 2016

Awesome story. Can't wait for the next chapter! Love the amount of details you have put into this :)

MythMagykFae (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

Wow, so it was Yuka! Interesting chapter, I can't wait for the next!

Aziza InuMiko (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

Aww thanks for mentioning my art!! Of course still loving the story! Can't wait for Chalter 21! I'm on edge about this "secret mission".

Guest (Chapter 1) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

Whoops. Sorry.  That last review was for the story, "The Long Way Home" where Sesshomaru is an abusive husband.


I don't know why it posted it on this story. So sorry again.


I also read your fic. Someone played Yuka and I have a guess who it is.

The drug that creates artificial psychics remind me slightly of "Dune" where people take the "spice" to fold space, enhance psychic abilities etc. 





Guest (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

Well Sesshomaru just gets worse and worse in this story doesn't he?

What kind of husband would blame his wife for a miscarriage?

Rin needs several bitch slaps upside the head, testing for any STDS and a one-way ticket back to the foster care system (Yeah I know you can't return her but I wish it was allowed.)

And I hope whoever dropped off Kagome at Inuyasha's door found her after the rape and didn't just stand by watching her get brutalized.

There is no hope left for this marriage. I wish Kagome will clean out Sesshomaru financially in the divorce and expose his ill treatment of her to the public. I wish she would kill him and Rin but that would make her stoop to their level. 

She doesn't need to return to people who abuse her physically and emotionally. There is no road back when it comes to abuse. You leave to save whatever is left of yourself. You don't come back to be abused again.

A husband who blames you for losing a child, lets your daughter disrespect you, hits you, emotionally abuses you, threatens you and sleeps with your so-called best friend is not worth the spit on the sidewalk. He needs to be arrested for domestic violence, divorced and ostracized by the community.

Wives and girlfriends do not need to put up with that kind of treatment. Period. 











Elizabeth (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

Oh my gosh! The story keeps getting more and more intense! I love this slow build and anticipate yiur updates every week (though I suck royally at reviewing consistently. Sorry!!) Is it bad that aside from everyone's safety during the fight, I was really worried that Kagome's baby made it out alright. Oh! And when will they discover that Micah is dead? Who was Yuka's "saviour"? Is he the same one that is behind the leaks to the Baasratu? For a while I kept thinking Naraku had some hand in it, but i'm not so sure anymore; more like he's creepy. Evil, but not to the point of his own destruction... hmm... so many questions. 

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

So... 10 chapters, as in done around a total of 30? that seems impossible. don't do it!!!! I need this forever! lol

Violla (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

Bellissimo non vedo l'ora per sapere che succederà . 

Deana (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

Wow! I'm shocked that it was Yuka. I was sure it was Kanna. Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next update.

Zyren (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

You are wonderful and amazing and so is the story and any one who doesn't like can find something else to read. This pace is perfect and realistic af. Don't change a thing, real fans are with you all the way. 


Adding Yuka was a really interesting spin. i wonder if artificial psychics have anything to do with the human Basurata communications. and how was Yuka able to physically manifest her abilities to do physical damage without the use of a pod/partner? ? Was it because hers were artificial? can Kagome do that too? That would be handy on the chance that psychics were attacked. And I'm so intrigued by Naraku, I can't tell if he's really a bad guy or just a spindly little creep. Can't wait for more!!

Brittany (Chapter 20) - Sun 30 Oct 2016

I love this story. The plot is really great and it seems to just keep getting better, I like the fact Sesshmaru and Kagome haven't meet yet but they are both de some kind of attraction. i like the pace, keep it up! I'm excited for the next update :) 

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