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AnanthaNika (Chapter 23) - Mon 21 Nov 2016

Oh my gosh! This is getting heavy!

I just got caught up and i'm so curious about Kagome being turned into a Homing Beacon and the highly likely Baasratu attack. I mean they're right on top of the Eden now! You've got me in such suspense. I'm still puzzling over the Baasratu from the assassin mission, and it's weird message to them.

Some how I didn't get notified about your updates, but it means I got to have a nice burst of chapters to catch up on.

Thanks for all of your hard work you've put into this crazy fic. I'll say this time and again, you could very seriously flesh this further out and write a killer scifi/fantasy novel or series.

I wish you good luck in writing the rest of this story, as I'm really hoping to see another thirty or more chapters.

Much respect and appreciation,


Elizabeth (Chapter 23) - Mon 21 Nov 2016

Holy crap batman!! The energy that was pulsing from kagome's back had to be some type of homing beacon!! Oh my gosh!!! The brown stuff is going to hit the fan!!! Gah!!

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 23) - Mon 21 Nov 2016

Such an awesome chapter!! I kind of wonder if the Baasratu are going to be able to control Kagome?? That'd be so crazy If they would be able to use her powers as a weapon against the others. I can't wait for the next chapter, i love your story????

Lady Ashe (Chapter 23) - Mon 21 Nov 2016

Nooooo!!!! How could you!  I still cant figure out if Naraku is behind all of this or if someone else is. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat trying to figure out whats going to happen next! Please update soon. The suspense is going to destroy us all!

Glxydragon (Chapter 23) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

Omg it was totally a beacon. I'm on edge waiting for an update!

Eroviaa Hunter (Chapter 23) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

Sorry I was too lazy to log in. I dunno why but for some reason this reminds me of the Macross series. I wonder if Kagome is going to turn into a kind of emulator and be able to connect to the 'bad' aliens. Though it seems that Kagome herself is a little more than human because the accident happen. Cant wait to see what happens.

Loveyaa (Chapter 23) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

I got to read a couple chapters in a row and I didn't want it to stop. How could no one think it was a beacon?! It also makes you wonder why they are going after Kagome. Well Sesshoumaru ain't having any of that! I love when the pieces start coming together and I can't wait to see what happens next :)

Mary Sun (Chapter 23) - Sun 20 Nov 2016


This is amazing! Thank you for writing this story. I can't wait to read more!!! This is keeping me on the edge of my seat!

Couldntbekeener3 (Chapter 1) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

Dear god the anticipation is killing me!!!!!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 23) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

Hmm odd. something very odd is going on specifically with the bas and kagome. obviously targetting her, but God, Naraku knew who it was?! that ass

blommie8 (Chapter 23) - Sun 20 Nov 2016

sesshykagslvr (Chapter 23) - Sat 19 Nov 2016

Oh my! The early update was truly welcomed and appreciated, but to leave it there! This story is phenomenal...I don't know what else to say. So, did the energy they planted in Kagome turn her into a beacon or had this already been in the works? Is she connected to the baasratu somehow even before this? Please update soon! I want to know whats going on!!!!

Inuaddict (Chapter 23) - Sat 19 Nov 2016

Must you allways end on a cliffhanger????? I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS. HOLY CRAP THO

snow (Chapter 21) - Thu 17 Nov 2016

honestly, I love the way the story is going. it's not too slow those "bitching" about wanting it to go faster don't understand good storytelling. you have worked wonderfully on this story I can tell you put allot of thought and care into this that is why I appreciate it all the more. You have REAL talent as I stated before you can make this into a stand alone book or manga if you so wished it, IT IS THAT GOOD.

Oh Please (Chapter 22) - Wed 16 Nov 2016

Amazing Chapter. I can't hardly wait for an update but I guess I will find a way. I love the world you have created and how the characters interact with this new world. These last few chapters were incredible! Keep up the great work.

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 22) - Tue 15 Nov 2016

Omg! This chapter was so good! I can't wait to see what happens to Kagome!!

Haven (Chapter 22) - Tue 15 Nov 2016

Great chapter, thanks for update on Kimi. i can only assume Naraku shouldn't be sharing all the top secret stuff he's been working on With the rest of the team. Makes me wonder about him, like it can't be him bc it's too obvious.

My fave part is that Kags so openly shared what happened to her with Sess like it was just not up for discussion. Very telling of how trusting they are of each other, and I love that. But seriously, what the hell kind of cliffie?!?! Poor Kagome and poor Sess. Wonder if they are still psychically   linked though not through the pods. thanks for writing!

Ensis96 (Chapter 22) - Tue 15 Nov 2016

oh ho ho- so KAGOME was the thing being delivered to this location! Great twist- 

and nnoooooo!!!! Kagome! I know you're not dead because that would make this the worst story ever, but what happened? Did her mind get suckered off or imprisoned by the aliens? WHY!? I must know- please update soon!


Lonelylulaby (Chapter 22) - Mon 14 Nov 2016

OMFGosh!!!!!!  What the heck was that thing?  Now are the Baasratu going to try and destroy Kagome with this black ooze or try to impart some kind of knowledge?  Man, I just don't know what is going to happen.  Sesshoumaru is getting those feelings he just can't describe, YAY!  Anywho, how long will the dynamic duo be down and out?  Also, what will Bankotsu do now that Kagome is unresponsive? Try to finish the job or write her off as a vegetable if she's in that state too long?  Then I wanna know what the 3 pregog's have seen and how their visions come together.  Finally Naraku, now that the plot has moved a little bit I don't think he is evil maybe just a super creep with a messed up view of the world.  The plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker.  I sorta want to get everyones take on what happened to Taisho is those final moments before the blackout AND lets not forget the thought he was trying to form before he got attacked from behind.


ja ne till next time and keep up the fantastic work.

u2pias (Chapter 22) - Mon 14 Nov 2016

Wow, please update soon...

Is this the experience which will help Kagome unlock hidden potential that the Assasin training started?  If Bankotsu is working for the traitor will he get last minute capture orders instead kill orders once he identifies his target is Kagome.  Or is he working for another faction entirely?

soon many questions.... please update soon.


   (='.' =)


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