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Saeko (Chapter 26) - Tue 11 Jul 2017

I am rarely so pleased by the writing and story of fan fiction anywhere on the Internet as I am by this particular story! Her Voice reminds me of Ender's Game, mixed with Outlaw Star and several other science fiction things I've watched over the years, in the best of ways. Your characterizations are perfect, and your writing style completely draws me in. I couldn't stop reading - finished the entirety of what is available in a matter of hours.

The only constructive criticism I have to give you is that you tend to mix up where to use apostrophes and which versions of 'your and you're' and 'to and too' and 'their, they're, and there' to use in certain places. These issues, along with one or two spelling mistakes I noticed (enroute being spelled enroot), are the only things that bothered me here. And that is something that you should be proud of, because I am so very picky about what I consider good writing.

If you should choose to go back over your story to try to fix these errors I mentioned, my profile is a handy guide for which word to use when. 

So looking forward to the rest of the story!!

Haven (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

Awesome story!!! I love it and I check it regularly for updates! I love the intricacy of the plot! I'm so happy you're back! 

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

Yay an update!!! Interesting what's going on. update soon!

sarah chau (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

omg!  i was dying from the suspense of their meeting!  i'm so so so glad that you haven't abandoned this story!  thank you soooo much for updating!  

hw (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

So happy to get a new chapter! Love this story and was afraid it was abandonned. Looking forward to the next chap! 

Voracious (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

Thank you so much for the update!! Absolutely loved it (and it didn't feel choopy)

Angela (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

Hahaha this chapter was awesome! To think Inu would freak out that much over seeing his brother kiss a girl xD that was hilarious. Kinda sad that they had to part ways right away but at least they were finally able to see each other in person :D also curious about the happenings with Koga and co. hope things turn out alright with them! and who is this mysterious person they have to meet? waaaaah this keeps on making me even more curious haha so i hope you can update again soon! 

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

I checked back weekly for months hoping for an update, and when I saw you had updated, I was overjoyed!! I almost started to cry. It was so good to see you back. This story helped me finish the last semester of my college career. There are literally no space-based Sess/Kag stories and this one is just  so epic and amazing, gah. You are a fantastic writer and I really enjoy your work. I understand life getting in the way though, lol. I'm just happy you haven't abandoned the story!! Thank You so much for coming back and Welcome Back!! This update was more than worth the wait!! I'm just finally happy they met in person!! Squee!! 

Elizabeth (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

Welcome back!! this update was a good one especially since they FINALLY kissed!! So happy and I a really looking forward to the fight that is sure to happen in the next chapter. 

Natalia (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

i was reading this fanfic on fanfiction but i moved here! i was literally thinking about it when tada you updated! and what a chapter! thx! it was what i wanted and more! so intense and detailed! you did a good job in adding more pov and action! thx for updating! will eagerly wait for more!

Toni (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

great chapter   worth the wait  looking g forward to more


Mia (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

Nevermind, remembered it's Ginta and Ayame. Sorry. Lol. I'm gonna be rereading this because I like it so much. Please post soon. Hope all is well on your end now. 

Anonymous (Chapter 26) - Mon 10 Jul 2017

Omg I lOve it it was a great read .

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 26) - Sun 09 Jul 2017

Yay so glad you're back!!!

Inuaddict (Chapter 26) - Sun 09 Jul 2017

I haven't even read it yet but bless you for uploading. BLESS YOU

*sobs forever*

dotti (Chapter 26) - Sun 09 Jul 2017

Your back!!!!!! Omg##!!!!!!!! Lol hope all is well! I have been checking for this update everyday!!! This chapter was great# what do you mean???? I loved it:))) please stay encouraged and update soon. Truely a fan!!!!

Kiera (Chapter 26) - Sun 09 Jul 2017

You're backkkk ?( ? )?  So looking forward to the next chapter again omg so rereading this in the meantime. 

Mia (Chapter 26) - Sun 09 Jul 2017

I about fell out of my seat squeaking when I saw you had posted!! Been checking all the time and couldn't wait for more!! Uh, saw a typo though - Kouga's link partner is Ginta and you said Kohaku at one point. No biggie though!! :)

Shizuka Asano (Chapter 26) - Sun 09 Jul 2017

I have e-mail alerts for stories I'm following and that e-mail is linked with my cell so the SECOND I got the notification I was squeeling like a school girl.

THEY finally met! They kissed, he didn't want to let her go but knew he had to, ugh my heart!

You may have re-done the chapter multiple times but in my p.o.v I don't think it harmed it. I was still as floored as usual.

Ever awaiting your next update~ Shizuka

Serinasu InuMiko (Chapter 26) - Sun 09 Jul 2017

Yes!!  I'm so glad you're back on this!  Love this story!  They finally met! I'm also very intrigued by the plot.  Who is behind this and why did Eden get targetted?!  I can't wait!  

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