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Lynn (Chapter 25) - Tue 04 Apr 2017

Honestly one of my favorite fics on this site. I keep rereading and I absolutely LOVE it!! Can't wait to read more!


Bylee (Chapter 25) - Mon 03 Apr 2017

MORE.....MORE.....NEED.....MORE!!!!!!!screech at walls

Haven (Chapter 25) - Sun 02 Apr 2017

I just reread the last chapter and im still swooning from their first in person interaction. I can't believe you left it there!!! That's nothing short of cruel. No matter, I shall await the next update. Please dont let it be much longer. 

KeikoTakataxx12 (Chapter 25) - Tue 28 Mar 2017

Im still waiting for an update.. 

samikay2012 (Chapter 1) - Sun 26 Mar 2017

I check when i can, love this fic, as do many others, hope your well, understand life has its challenges and likes to throw a kink in your cog so to speak, but truely hope to hear from you soon! ^_^

yukihime (Chapter 25) - Sat 11 Mar 2017

i miss this when will ther be an update? please and thank you.

Mimi (Chapter 25) - Thu 09 Mar 2017

I have been meaning to leave a review since I picked up this wonderful, wonderful piece of work! Truly, it is SO well written! I love that the plot is fairly complex and well thought out. It's hard to find a SciFi-esque fic let alone one for my all-time favorite OTP!!! I finally caught up and I have to say that I am completely overwhelmed. I am experiencing a plethora of emotions thanks for those two finally (FINALLY) meeting! I could cry. Seriously. Of course I read the role reversal to sate my need for them to meet... Lol. Can I just say, THANK YOU FOR KILLING OFF MICAH. Dear lord was she felt like a constant thorn in my side as we neared her death. Luckily I didn't like her from the start. I'm so thankful that you were able to maintain all their canon personalities! That made this fic all the better. You write in such a way that the descriptions are fairly balanced and don't confuse the reader (i.e. me). Sorry for my jumbled comment, I can't keep my thoughts straight. Hopefully they're at least coherent. Also, the world you created is quite fascinating. I like the idea of other more intelligent life and that there's a class system based on innate skills. It's all so cool, for lack of a better word. It's also very organized. I didn't have to refer back to past chapters to understand what you wrote. Anyways, I'll stop rambling. THIS IS AMAZING AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT!! All the best!

TAMARA (Chapter 25) - Mon 06 Mar 2017

I love it I'm so excited. Sesshoumaru and Kagome are energy sluts. Waiting anxiously for your next chapter. 



Breeze (Chapter 25) - Sat 04 Mar 2017

I know you're busy busy busy, but please update. Want to read more!

Mia (Chapter 25) - Thu 23 Feb 2017

DYING for an update!!!


I check regularly to see if you have. Please update soon!!

Stacie Bryan (Chapter 25) - Mon 20 Feb 2017

I can't wait for more! 

Please update soon! 

Jennn (Chapter 25) - Sat 18 Feb 2017

Please Lord let this be the Saturday you decide to update ????????

KimZed (Chapter 25) - Sun 12 Feb 2017

I don't usually review stories, but this one is great! Please update soon.

RubyJeweler (Chapter 25) - Fri 10 Feb 2017

YAAASSS...!!! The moment in which we have all been waiting for. I'm so giddy with excitement right now. ???? And I can't believe he kissed her upon meeting her. Heh. Made my day! Thanks for the update. 

Leahchan13 (Chapter 25) - Mon 30 Jan 2017

You go boi!!! *claps in excitement* I'm so happy right now! XD

randomfan17 (Chapter 25) - Wed 25 Jan 2017

NOOOO! I caught up at the good part! I can't see what happens next!

Eryn (Chapter 25) - Sat 21 Jan 2017

Loved the ending haha. Cant wait for the next bit!

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 25) - Thu 19 Jan 2017

Oh my goodness your such an amazing writer. I love how they are kissing right now but I want sesshomarus POV on the start of the kiss goodness I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the awesome work your style and creativity and dedication is inspiring.

honeyinu (Chapter 25) - Thu 19 Jan 2017

Best. Fan fiction. Ever.

Its like inuyasha - battle star galactica - predator  all roled into one. i can't stop reading and rereading.

you have made me so happy! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Sun 15 Jan 2017

I have to admit, that after the first chapter, I wasn't sure I was going to read any more. But I read through to chapter four and now I'm intrigued. This is very different and while it is AU, I want to see where you are taking this. 

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