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Glxydragon (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

Poor kagome. I can't wait for the next update. 

Inuaddict (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016


xoMIA ;) (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

Woo!! that was intense!!! I can't wait for the next one!!!

ingidoo (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

Oh my goshhhh you're killing meee!!! I've been highly interested in this story from the start, and I'm dying to know how everything is going to piece together now...




I'm so looking forward to the next update :0)

Mary Sun (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for more!

Elizabeth (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

Oh my gosh!!! Kagome! Sesshoumaru!! What's going to happen to them? Do we really have to wait a week to find out? And what if the visions of Kimiko and her girls? Ahh! And don't get me started on speculating on how the whole Kagome and Band of Seven confrontation is going to go. i am REALLY looking forward to your next update to see how you will proceed from here on out!

candy (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

I can't wait for more to come. What going to happen next. 

Jennn (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

Oh my gosh I have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next???! Noooo!!!! This is getting so good ???? I can't wait for your next chapters

hazeru (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

This by far is my favorite  chapter not to mean I didn't  love the others. I am hanging  off a cliff. Thanks for the awesome  read.

Emu (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

Omg, I loved it. Now comes Sesshomaru to the rescue, lol. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Moonangel09 (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

You got my heart racing!!!! Excited for the next chapter!

Lady Ashe (Chapter 22) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

NOOOOO!!! I need more! What a cliff hanger to leave us at! Holy moly now im going to be frustrated until the next chapter! 

Emu (Chapter 21) - Tue 08 Nov 2016

Great job on the story so far. The first couple of chapters I wasn't sure if I'd like this kind of plot, but after I got past chapter 5 I read the whole thing in pretty much a day. Can't wait for the next chapter to come out.

Inuaddict (Chapter 21) - Tue 08 Nov 2016

I just binge read all of these chapters AND I AM IN LOVE. I love the storyline and the humour is well placed and written. I LOVE THE CHEMISTRY. And the drama and intrigue with the RIGHT amount of suspense and mystery. ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE. and Sess/Kag - I am having screaming fits of fangirling everytime. THANK YOU and PLEASE update sooon!!!

Blommie8 (Chapter 21) - Mon 07 Nov 2016

Mary Sun (Chapter 21) - Mon 07 Nov 2016

Can't wait for more! This is such a fantastic story - thank you for writing this. I feel like this would be so cool if it became a movie or anime because there's so much technacality and fighting that would really be easily to understand visually! (But also great to understand via words because that leaves so much to the imagination of each reader). Love it!

Can't wait to learn more about what's happening, and also some more romance~

Thank you for writing! Eagery anticipating the next chapter...

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 21) - Sun 06 Nov 2016

Was trying to read this all day, finally got to finish! Woo, feel like some pieces are starting to fall together. I'm so excited for the next chapter!!!

Elizabeth (Chapter 21) - Sun 06 Nov 2016

This was a great chapter. It really does help to fill in some gaps as to what's happened so far. I'm really getting excited to see how the story will proceed from here. I feel like the mission that they have the next morning will be a bit of a turning point, but then again, I could be completely wrong. Anyways, onwards and upwards! Can't wait :D

Charlotte Loraine (Chapter 21) - Sun 06 Nov 2016

LOVED IT! great chapter. I always look forward to your updates. I can't wait to see what happens next!(:

Laia Moon (Chapter 21) - Sun 06 Nov 2016

Love this story! So original I'm absolutely hooked. Thank you for the amazing job!  

Oh, one last thing , I (think) I caught a slight typo in the paragraph before the last one this chapter. It should be  "vial", not "vile". At least I figure that's what you meant, as a vial is a sort of bottle, and vile is an adjective,  not a noun.  

Hope to read more as soon as you post the next chapter !  So excited to see what happens next!

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