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blueanimegeek (Chapter 25) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

Noooooo!!! I need to read more!!

You did such an amazing jod, keep up the good work! I can't wait to read more!!!! 

Kiera (Chapter 25) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

THEY MET. What is there to forgive, they have finally met teehee~ *\(^o^)/*

im so glad I found your story!!! Will be eagerly waiting for the next chapter~

candy (Chapter 25) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

I love it!!! Way to go Sesshomaru!!!

sarah chau (Chapter 25) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

That was AMAZING!  They finally meet!  There was so much to this chapter, so much that we learn about the characters and their past.  This was a great chapter.  I love all the details that we given, they had helped me picture everything in my head.  I was left feeling very giddy afterwards and I must've read the last few paragraphs six times!  What a great way to finally meet in person!  Thank you so so much for updating!  Have a great new year!

Angela (Chapter 25) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

OH MY GAAAAHHHDDD YEEEEESSSSSS!!!! :D They finally meet and gahd that kiss at the end!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Man this is such an awesome chapter hahahaha I seriously can't get over that last scene especially Inuyasha and Miroku's reactions xD wooooohhh this chapter took me for a ride~ 

It also got me really curious coz what would those aliens want with Kagome? Are they threatened that a human is capable of extensve energy manipulation like them? But if they are, why would they want her to come with them and not just kill her on the spot? Also I love this new discovery about Kagome's powers coz she's technically "purifying" the aliens like she would demons in canon hahaha really really awesome plot <3 can't wait to see more!! hahaha i am soooo excited for the next chapter >:3 what'll happen after they kiss hehe..

Natalia (Chapter 25) - Sun 08 Jan 2017

Wow just wow! whew finally! 

AJ (Chapter 24) - Tue 27 Dec 2016

Hi! I just found your story, and the read through was amazing. Love it. While this was a painful chapter to end on, I'm excited to join your readers eagerly awaiting every update. And don't let people bully you into rushing, you're obviously worth the wait.

samikay2012 (Chapter 24) - Thu 22 Dec 2016

Im diggin the story, but totally hope u are going to continue writing for i will be disappointed if u do not, want to see what happens next!! 

The Soap (Chapter 24) - Thu 22 Dec 2016

Love the update. I'm really looking forward to seeing what makes the Tetsuaiga so special. 



Sylvia (Chapter 24) - Sun 18 Dec 2016

Please update soon!!! I am so hooked on this story!!! I can't wait to know what happens next! Finally, Sesshoumaru and Kagome are going to meet! I hope they'll stay together after this!!! WAAAAAAHHH >__<

Shizuka Asano (Chapter 24) - Fri 16 Dec 2016

I've been so busy working lately that I haven't had much time to myself but I always try to find some time to swing by to check if you've posted a new chapter. You NEVER dissapoint. I can't wait for the next chapter. Lengthy or not I'm all in.

Loveyaa (Chapter 24) - Fri 16 Dec 2016

OMG! They're about to meet and they are both hurt and under attack. Hmph...not how I pictured it, but you haven't steered us wrong so far. I can't wait to see what happens next and how they all get themselves out of this pickle :)

Toni (Chapter 24) - Thu 15 Dec 2016

your story is getting more exciting with each chapter  can't wait for the next chapter 

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 24) - Wed 14 Dec 2016

Grabs mic...

*Excuse me, Testing 1, 2, and 3*

I would like to say first and foremost that THIS has been one helluva read. I remember whne you posted the first chapter....Ive been a little drifty on Dokuga because of school...and everything else, but I always knew this story was going to be BAD ASS hands down.

Secondly, are you a gamer? if so aweseome  if not...awesome. There is this game called "The Last of Us" that i thought of when I realized that Kagome might be a friggin human sacrifice and thought of it. SO in a nutshell its the zombie apocolypse, a girl is bitten by a zombie but never turned by the rest of humanity, the survivors rush to the opposite end of the world almost (killing zombies and whatnot) tofind a cure and what is in her body that makes her immune to the poisen After all the trails and tribulations to get to the end of the world, the researcgers wo are left instead of helping the girl plan to basically kill her and dissect her body. It was pretty bad.

*Spoiler alert*

  She didn't get killed. Anyway I feel like Kagome may be that sacrifice.  Ya know that chosen one who's so gifted that in order to save millions she is to be killed....yea that. I thought of that.

Moving on.....

Miroku is like a big brother, its so adorably annoying lol

Sesshoumaru is so Sesshoumaru I love how you kept him in character even with the feelings hes having about her. *Swoons*

The traitor in the midst ha! SO glad oyou didn't chose Naraku...but I honestly think that it is Izayoi...why? I will tellll you ...nothing. I just have a gut feeling lol. I could be wrong...I could be right. Only you know lol

Also..I enjoy reading in depth stories. like if it wereyour own characters and not Dokuga. GIRL I WOULD BUY THIS  off the shelf. It would be my all time favorite read next to Danielle Stearts mystery novels. I think I just have a thing for action, sci-fi, mystery stuff. Go figure.

In conclusion,

I didn't mean to write an entire chapter (just a short story) on your revuew page. I just really wanted to show my appreciation for all of your hardwork, dedication, and creativity with this fic. I thank you for an awesome read and I hope you feel better soon!



Drops mic....

Valasaurus (Chapter 24) - Mon 12 Dec 2016
Holy friggin hell this story is turning me upside down and i need MORE.

DevaG (Chapter 24) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

OMG... This was the best... I can't wait for them to meet, but I don't want it to end. I've been waiting for another great story and believe me when I tell you, it's hard to find. But not yesterday!!!!... I'm so in love.


Feel better and I really can't wait for the next. I hope something unlocked in kagome and she's going to be unstoppable.

thatchick (Chapter 24) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

Thank you so much for updating! And for this story as a whole! I can't even tell you how much I love it. BUT THIS CHAPTER was so worth the wait, it played out just perfectly, like a movie! Oh man, I'm so psyched, shit's about to go down! I know the holidays aren't over so there might be a wait, but thanks for updating and letting us all know that you hadn't dropped this fic. :)

Mary Sun (Chapter 24) - Mon 12 Dec 2016




blommie8 (Chapter 24) - Mon 12 Dec 2016

Katrina Kee (Chapter 24) - Sun 11 Dec 2016

Thank ye gods for the update!!!! It was worth the wait though!!! I am glad that Kagome has finally woken up and everyone can now kick some serious alien butt!!! However, I am sooo freaking worried for Eden and the beautiful tree in the middle of the garden that my fingernails are down to the nubs! I cannot wait to read what happens next! And finally yea!!! Kagome and Sesshomaru will get to meet!!! I am sure that sparks will fly there!!! Ho ho!!!

Once again thanks for the update, especially in the middle of the holidays and all!!! It was great! Of course, I am sure that Kouga will imediately try to convince Kags that she is "his" woman and all, but Sessy will soon put a stop to that you know heh heh heh hee hee hee!!!

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