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REDWOLF (Chapter 41) - Tue 24 May 2011

Good Chapter.

Manga-Blondie (Chapter 41) - Tue 24 May 2011

Awww kissie-kissie-ku!!! <3 <3 And of course I loved Sesshoumaru's kissie/husky voice!! :)

Aww when you wrinte about Inuyasha and Kagome it makes me feel bad for them and ALMOST makes me want them together lmao

I dont want Ocraseous He's no good and I know it!!!

But I'm excited to see what yu'll have happen!!! :] Until yer next chap!

prissycayce (Chapter 41) - Tue 24 May 2011

I like this chapter - several different things going on and it's about time Sesshomaru dropped this ice facade...

Lillian (Chapter 41) - Tue 24 May 2011

Noooo that author's note makes me so nervous! The ... and the evil chuckle does not bode well for whatever happens.

joyouki (Chapter 40) - Thu 19 May 2011

Juicy juicy juicy....Love it...Lord Sess grabbing her sleeve to tell her that...awesome

sugar0o (Chapter 40) - Wed 18 May 2011

O_o wow that's all i have to say.

Kamiki (Chapter 40) - Tue 17 May 2011

Wow, that was great!! I loved the fight scene and the fact that Ocraseous is starting to become a more real & significant threat than even Naraku.

Itoe (Chapter 40) - Tue 17 May 2011

I'm in heaven! What a great chapter!

Naraku that shi*face... I hope, he will die slowly... and very, very, very, VERY painful!

"He will never take you from this Sesshoumaru." Oh this sentence... it made my day... or night here... :D

Thank you for the update!! :D

Manga-Blondie (Chapter 40) - Tue 17 May 2011

That was a great chapter! I'm pissed at Arconen for not giving Kagome a *ucking chance!!! Dis-phit!!! (Trying not to cuss lol)

Well I'm glad Kagome's ok.... For now!!! I thought it was halarious when you used the name of the story in there!!! ;)

Intense chapter I read it so fast it's crazy!

I love how Kagome confessed her love for Sesshoumaru, and how he was content!!! :)

Itoe (Chapter 39) - Tue 17 May 2011

Aahhhh... what a wonderful chapter!! :D I really pity Salvera... raped by Naraku is something VERY disgusting...

vicki patterson (Chapter 39) - Tue 17 May 2011

still love thr story keep up the great work, thank you for the update, and glad to hear your mom is doing better


Shay (Chapter 39) - Mon 16 May 2011

A nice happy chapter, I enjoyed it. And I hope they can save that other guys mate.

Just a little note, white is a Western/european custom wedding colour.

In the East (Korea, China, Japan, etc) the women traditionally wear red, gold, or other bright colours. And the men wear dark colours (black, blue, purple, etc.). White is what is worn to funerals.

Not that really matters in fanfiction I suppose, lol, but figured you would want to know that little history blooper anyhow.

Manga-Blondie (Chapter 39) - Mon 16 May 2011

Aww Sango and Miroku's wedding was so sweet! they're so in love I'm very happy for them! :)

I know things arent going to go well after this!!! I think it's gonna make me stress out lmao!

Great Chapter can't wait until the next chapter! :)

vicki patterson (Chapter 38) - Tue 10 May 2011

love the story, enjoy all the updates, and my prayers are with you and your family,

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 37) - Sun 08 May 2011

*giggles* I love how Kagome meeting Sesshomaru reiterated Izayoi meeting inu-papa centuries past. So cute!

This is an amazing story. I've loved reading it so far. Really looking forward to the fight between mother and son. Should be interesting. Hope that Kagome gets to meet Miran-sensei (sp) before the poor trapped demoness comes for her life.

If you ever go back through and edit errors there is one that stands out the most to me: dieing should be spelled dying. Yes... one of the weirder English idiosyncrasies. I found it exceptionally difficult to overlook as it was used so often.

Thanks so much for writing.

Manga-Blondie (Chapter 37) - Sat 07 May 2011

“You should take care, miko.” Sesshoumaru called from her left, allowing his aura to flare as he spoke, making her jump. A playfulness rest in his eyes. “There walk demons in the woods.”

Kagome flushed a little, her heart rate heightening at his jesting. She was sure if they weren’t alone, he’d never, not in a million years, let someone see him this way. “I was hoping on finding one particular demon.” She told him as she moved toward him and he toward her.

“Oh?” He raised a brow, feigning innocence.

“He’s rather distinguished. Handsome, tall, regal with flowing hair spun from the moon and eyes of the sun.” She explained.

“Hn. I have seen no such male.” Kagome laughed like a chime and his eyes softened without her notice. “Until I do, I thought to traipse the forest with you.”

This was one of the best parts to me, not only because of the interactions between them, but it reminded me of Inu no Tashio's flashback with Izyaoi!! :)

The fighting was also very awesome! :D and very intense needless to say! :o

Great chapter, highly appriciate if ya update soon! :)

Itoe (Chapter 37) - Fri 06 May 2011

That Inu Onna is evil!!!!

But hey, Kagome did very well... :D And she learns, that Sessho held back during their training! Oh and that guy loves her!! That stubborn dog! :D

I love this chapter, like always!! :D

Itoe (Chapter 36) - Tue 03 May 2011

Wow, Sesshomaru slowly sees, that he loves Kagome... :D And there he is... hunting for her... making a meal for her... that's not a dream, is it? :D

lol Kagome is very strong, to work and train all day... and that's a training WITH SESSHOMARU!! xD lol not only day, but night as well... there is Midoriko... :D I am so proud of Kagome... :D


Very nice chapter!!

REDWOLF (Chapter 36) - Tue 03 May 2011

I can hardly wait for the next update. Sesshoumaru surprises me and his father is a master at getting Sesshoumaru to see what is right in front of him.

Kanahi (Chapter 1) - Tue 03 May 2011

I absolutely adore this story! It gives such an accurate depiction of Sesshoumaru...and I feel as if it keeps things at a steady pace, none of this all of the sudden I love you nonsense. It is very well written and it makes me very happy when I get to read another chapter ^^

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