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Kanda (Chapter 74) - Thu 17 Aug 2017

inuyasha was hilarious. i kept picturing him as this little kid surrounded by other kids and he just spouting off all these questions to his dad who has a kid on his knee. all the kids getting annoyed at him and thinking, 'shut up!' XD the info was a little confusing but i think i got the gist of it? either way, glad that you updated and again, very happy that you decided to continue this story. oh! and thanks fer the lemon! XD

Eryn (Chapter 21) - Thu 17 Aug 2017

Just some constructive criticism here, a dish used for food such as soup is called a "bowl".   "Bowel" with an 'e' refers to a human organ used in the process of defication : ex a bowel movement.


I don't normally crit, but bowels and eating shouldn't be in the same sentence together ????????????????

SammyJams (Chapter 74) - Wed 16 Aug 2017

Absolutely AMAZING update! Can't wait for more!

DevaG (Chapter 74) - Tue 15 Aug 2017

So... you're just slapping me in the face with this update like this. I can't even be mad at you. I was shocked and truely excited to see this update. yay!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter and by the way * looks around to make sure no one hears* **whispers** The lemon * coughs* made some bomb lemonade hahahahhaa.... take that Sess. oh boy is it hot in here.

DevaG (Chapter 73) - Sun 13 Aug 2017

So....I am completely drawn in and I can't get this story out of my head. I need an update pronto; it's that good!. And that lemony goodness in chapter 70 (Fans self - "Oh bubby") I need for you to create my OOC and insert me in that chapter. Uh!!!Too much? okay.. sorry. 

But Im literally going through withdrawals. I love how you are making Kagome so strong and powerful!

SammyJams (Chapter 73) - Sun 13 Aug 2017

Amazing updates! Oh no - Kags is still going to die in a few months?! I can't wait to read more - you're amazing!

Kanda (Chapter 73) - Sun 13 Aug 2017

yep. anxious asf every time i read kagome is gonna die. yeh, girl, we both see yer future self but bruh, that's scary. why is naraku such an aaassss? D; either way, my love fer this story will never die! keep the updates coming! yer number one fan awaits! no backgroubd music this time, sadly. ;0

OnIkeM (Chapter 72) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

I've been following this story from the very beginning. Your style is amazing, everything is amazing!! keep it up!!

Kanda (Chapter 72) - Wed 09 Aug 2017

another chapter well done! the song "can you feel the love tonight" was playing my head near the end of tara and goshin's "playtime," lmfao. considering sess' and kagome's alone time, too, that is so appropriate. XD thank goodness sango' kids are alive. also, if you see typos in this review, my phone has a tendency to correct words even when correct, so i apologize fer that. ???? anyway, can't wait fer another update! i love reading yer story! <3

Kanda (Chapter 71) - Mon 07 Aug 2017

so i was literally thinking of this story the other day and was contemplating if i should reread it because it was just so good and i wanted to relive the experiences even with all the drama and then i come and see that this was updated. i kinda screamed, hehe. another chapter well done! kagome is so cute when she's happy! >.< i hope sangi'd babies survive, though, i can't imagine them being so sad at losing both, or one, because i keep seeing them happy. cant wait fer the next chapter! you literally made my day wen i saw this updated. :'D

Annie (Chapter 71) - Sat 05 Aug 2017

I am loving this story. I cannot wait for the next update.

emma (Chapter 12) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

I adore this story and am really looking forward to seeing where it goes. It is refreshing having a more balanced depiction of Kikyo as a character.

My only reservation so far is that you incorrectly wrote that the author of Peter Pan was American, when actually J. M. Barrie was Scottish! I know it seems like a small detail but it is a classic book and a favourite of mine.

Kanda (Chapter 70) - Sun 09 Apr 2017

dearlord. when did i start this fic? was it friday? or this morning? either way, i could HARDLY put my phone down. i needed to keep reading until i at least reached this last chapter. i didn't even eat dinner, lol, it's just that good. how are you do talented!? wish i had this much skill. and then sess' personality felt so on point. dearGOD, that guy was stubborn asF. 

i do hope you come back to update. however, i understand that life can be hectic and whatever obstacles yer facing, i hope pull through! just don't ferget about us, ok? :) have a good day!

roberta. (Chapter 70) - Fri 30 Oct 2015

Great lemon also what a cliffy. I hope you don't abandoned this. Please update this is my third reading.

roberta. (Chapter 70) - Sat 12 Sep 2015

Wow what a cliffhanger. Poor sango. And yes there wass lemony. Goodness.

roberta. (Chapter 69) - Sat 12 Sep 2015

I have been reading your story since I found it the other day this is the first review.  One my condolences on your dad. I know what that kind of loss feels like. Second this is an epic story your talent is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more.

kaoruhana (Chapter 21) - Fri 11 Sep 2015

I am so in love with this story after stumbling on it.  I doubt I'll be able to catch up on time though with all the work I have left to do.  I really like the way the "old" dead characters make their appearnce known in the story.  

My only complaint is that you typed the word "bowel" instead of "bowl" in the latter half of Chap. 21.  Bowel refers to your stomach/ intestinal organs; bowl is the thing you eat from.  I normally wouldn't care. but I'm sure you didn't mean to make that mistake!  

I can't finish this story now, but I hope to get caught up one day because it has been simply such an amazing read so far!

M-Angel 05 (Chapter 70) - Thu 10 Sep 2015

Love this story. The lemon was very tasteful and not over the top. Very good and can't wait for another chapter to come out. 

kathryn (Chapter 70) - Wed 09 Sep 2015

the lemon you wrote was one of the best i have read. It was not just some type of smutt, but showed a joining of to people who loved each other. I have enjoyed your story so far and hope to read more. I don't review often but when i do it is because i feel the need to. Thank you for the story and i will be awaiting more

SashaMarie (Chapter 70) - Wed 09 Sep 2015

Please update soon. I can't wait to find out what happens next..I love this story so far... Thanks

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