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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 59) - Sun 24 Jun 2012

I read this story on fanfiction, it's a great story.

Jenna (Chapter 1) - Wed 20 Jun 2012

*Cracks knuckles*

Alright, time to buckle down and read!

silveraine (Chapter 51) - Mon 11 Jun 2012
It has been a pleasure reading your creation, as it continues to make me yearn happiness for the Demi-god and for all the heroes and heroines of this story. Hoping time and inspirations fly to your aid. -

silveraine (Chapter 51) - Mon 11 Jun 2012
It has been a pleasure reading your creation, as it continues to make me yearn happiness for the Demi-god and for all the heroes and heroines of this story. Hoping time and inspirations fly to your aid. -

Nyuka (Chapter 58) - Thu 24 May 2012

T-T  What a horrible possition to be in for Kagome It makes me want to cry...How could Sesshomaru be so uncareing....well he IS Sesshomaru I guess.


BTW Sesshomaru the emotion can't seem to describe would be jealousy :P



Pricila (Chapter 58) - Tue 22 May 2012

So i've caught up and am sad to have done so.  I will patiently await the next chapter, till then I will be able to recommence the chores that need to be done once again. lol  Thanks for creating this wonderful, extrodinary fanfic.


Priss  ^^

Pricila (Chapter 48) - Tue 22 May 2012

WOW!  This story has left me speechless at times, heart racing at others, squealing with glee and sadden.  This is a rollercoaster ride that I am glad is not over yet and have enjoyed every step of the way.  This is day two of reading; putting household chores to the side and even forgetting that one had a potluck to participate in and barely remembered to have my chili prepared for the event.  **shakes her head in disbelief**

Yes your story, your talent and your words have captured me and have kept me wrapped up in nothing other then this story pushing all others to the side.  Keep up the great work!!


Priss ^^

koneji (Chapter 58) - Sun 20 May 2012

Any update you make of this is welcome! Again, their conflict is a delicious element of a read. Keep up the fantastic writing!

Charlene (Chapter 57) - Mon 02 Apr 2012
Oh, my, can they never have an easy or at least easier relationship? Of course not. (I know, I answered my own question.) Two different beings, two different eras, two different lives...but you really have to love to overcome all that. Ahhh, well, I am looking forward to any other chapters that will bring them to happiness and killing Naraku of course.

Bunny-chan (Chapter 57) - Mon 02 Apr 2012

Yay!!! An update!!! Short but to the point. nice change in dynamics and naw I know why future kagome told past sesshomqrutold to forgive her when the time comes ^__^

sesso (Chapter 57) - Sun 01 Apr 2012

first of all i like your story really much. it one of my favourites with this far everything was great i liked it that the two didn´t get together right away. here comes the big BUT sorry but i can´t understand your kagome...ok she helps even her enemies..thats nothing new..but to love this man???!!! sess started to accept his feeling and tried to rescue her in every way but look how she is thanking just feels wrong..that she loved inuyasha first..ok thats the original story line and than she falls in love with sesso ok here we can say with inuyasha wasn´t the true love.

now you let us believe sesso is the one and only her biggest love nothing can compares to her feelings for him...

and than BOOM she has feelings for another man...WTF??????????????????

I really don´t want to discourage you to write your fic thats really not my intention!maybe you can make me understand kagome in the upcoming chapters...


yume (Chapter 57) - Sun 01 Apr 2012

OMG... sesshoumaru T_T

BloodStar* (Chapter 57) - Sun 01 Apr 2012

wow....i almost cried...i understand kagome and i also understand sesshomaru....she should have faught harder....and sesshomaru who knows.....but this was great like always and i cant wait for the next....thanks

NicoRavenPen (Chapter 57) - Sun 01 Apr 2012

~~GAWWWW! I can't believe you left it there!!! TT_____TT You cruel and unusual person you!! *sulks in a corner* Please tell me you're updating soon...

Bunny-chan (Chapter 55) - Wed 07 Mar 2012

Bunny-chan (Chapter 56) - Wed 22 Feb 2012

MidnightStar (Chapter 56) - Thu 16 Feb 2012

update soon.....this was an awesome fic!

Secret Party Ninja (Chapter 56) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

Wow, awesome chapter. It was actually really deep.

Chrissie (Chapter 1) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

Oh and I guess I should remember that unless I have the same opinion as everyone else and ooooh yay... love it... more chappie's... I should expect people to be small minded and flame me cause I think a character is not so good... Maybe you and all the people here should state please leave a review, but remember to be all happy and smiles and roses... cause other reviewers will send you flames if you don't agree with everyone...

I hope she still writes, but I hope she realizes that people probably are not actually leaving her what they really think cause as you stated Shay... if I had an account other readers would have sent me flaming statements cause I don't agree with how she is writing her Kagome character. 

Since the writer and the reader only want sunshine and roses reviews and for all reveiws and readers to agree that it is a wonderful and happy story... I will not review or give any kind of opinion... it obviously isn't wanted or cared for.  hope she finishes the story... good luck.

Chrissie (Chapter 1) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

I didn't overreact... and I didn't flame her... she is a decent writer.. but she has Kagome being more then a bit of a fickle slut... loving three men sexually in a few months time according to her time line.  and the last one is the man that brutally killed the other two men's family...

I am entitled to my own opinion just as you are.  are you telling me that since you have the same mindset as the character Kagome that you have been inlove with one man, then a month later in love with another man, and a few months later inlove with a third man... all at the same time????? 

getting over one and moving on is one thing,.... loving them all sexually and intimately is another... and more along the lines of a fickle harlot and slut.  it's a character... not real life.  flame all you want... but why would your opinion be better then mine.  Just cause I think this of the character she is writing, I in no way flamed the writer, or said she was a bad writer.  so suck it up butter cup and deal with the fact that I hope that Kagome has to pay for her indecisiveness and losses Sesshomaru for a good long time... maybe that is what her future self sealed with well for... because of how much she betrayed Sess, he refused her and threw her aside. 


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