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NicoRavenPen (Chapter 57) - Sun 01 Apr 2012

~~GAWWWW! I can't believe you left it there!!! TT_____TT You cruel and unusual person you!! *sulks in a corner* Please tell me you're updating soon...

Bunny-chan (Chapter 55) - Wed 07 Mar 2012

Bunny-chan (Chapter 56) - Wed 22 Feb 2012

MidnightStar (Chapter 56) - Thu 16 Feb 2012

update soon.....this was an awesome fic!

Secret Party Ninja (Chapter 56) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

Wow, awesome chapter. It was actually really deep.

Chrissie (Chapter 1) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

Oh and I guess I should remember that unless I have the same opinion as everyone else and ooooh yay... love it... more chappie's... I should expect people to be small minded and flame me cause I think a character is not so good... Maybe you and all the people here should state please leave a review, but remember to be all happy and smiles and roses... cause other reviewers will send you flames if you don't agree with everyone...

I hope she still writes, but I hope she realizes that people probably are not actually leaving her what they really think cause as you stated Shay... if I had an account other readers would have sent me flaming statements cause I don't agree with how she is writing her Kagome character. 

Since the writer and the reader only want sunshine and roses reviews and for all reveiws and readers to agree that it is a wonderful and happy story... I will not review or give any kind of opinion... it obviously isn't wanted or cared for.  hope she finishes the story... good luck.

Chrissie (Chapter 1) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

I didn't overreact... and I didn't flame her... she is a decent writer.. but she has Kagome being more then a bit of a fickle slut... loving three men sexually in a few months time according to her time line.  and the last one is the man that brutally killed the other two men's family...

I am entitled to my own opinion just as you are.  are you telling me that since you have the same mindset as the character Kagome that you have been inlove with one man, then a month later in love with another man, and a few months later inlove with a third man... all at the same time????? 

getting over one and moving on is one thing,.... loving them all sexually and intimately is another... and more along the lines of a fickle harlot and slut.  it's a character... not real life.  flame all you want... but why would your opinion be better then mine.  Just cause I think this of the character she is writing, I in no way flamed the writer, or said she was a bad writer.  so suck it up butter cup and deal with the fact that I hope that Kagome has to pay for her indecisiveness and losses Sesshomaru for a good long time... maybe that is what her future self sealed with well for... because of how much she betrayed Sess, he refused her and threw her aside. 


shay (Chapter 56) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

Yeah, I noticed Chrissie  overreacted just a little too much. It's a good thing she didn't use an account to review (I'm just too lazy right now to log in lol)  or else I think a good many people would have flamed her. So don't take what she said to heart, some people just don't understand the Kagome mindset.

I've always been able to relate to Kagome because of similar personality traits and I would have done the same thing, not her fault that he went a little overboard during the kiss.

On this chapter... yay! Sesshoumaru will get over it I'm sure but I suppose it was hard for him to see her take care of a being considered an enemy. He's gonne have to get used to that though I think :P

Can't wait for another chapter and thankyou for updating so frequently lately!

Chrissie (Chapter 56) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

I like that she is finally away from there, and I read your note after the chapter, and to be honest, I have never seen someone so fickle minded.  She is in love with Inuyasha... nurses Sesshomaru for a month... sees visions she is to be in love with Sesshomaru, and now she is... gets kidnapped, and now she is in love with the man that killed inuyasha and Sesshomaru's grandparents, almost killed Sess, Inu and all her friends, and even if she was there for months... she should have been able to hold onto her undying love for another and not fall inlove with this "Demi-God". 

My little one's father decided he didn't want to be with us anymore, and it was 5 years before I had been able to move on to someone else.  As you stated, it is possible to love more then one person, but usually it is not in the same sexual way.  She also knew that Sesshomaru was coming... why would she push her luck. 

Oh well, the fact that I am upset about the issues shows that you have been able to get me involved with the story.  It is well written, and I did love the Sesshomaru pairing.  I  do however think it will be just desserts if Kagome has to go unloved until she can fix her mistakes with Sesshomaru.  Also think that Midoriko should be upset with her for hurting the man she loves. 

jessabell (Chapter 56) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

I really really love this story. I read it everytime you update. But why does Kagome have short hair. Unless i missed her cutting her hair, i thought it was long?? Maybe i missed it and have to go back and reread

Vicky (Chapter 56) - Fri 03 Feb 2012

Bravo((; loved this chapter. The romance between the Demi god and kagome is growing on me. Lol. I wouldn't mind seeing another romance between thrm(;

Violett407 (Chapter 56) - Thu 02 Feb 2012

Yay chappie! Keep sm coming, it's just getting good!

BloodStar* (Chapter 56) - Thu 02 Feb 2012

Yea she is BACK....I am so happy....But my heart skipped a beet their....Sesshomaru is gon!!

Great Chappy

Love Ya

Izzy (Chapter 55) - Thu 02 Feb 2012

I feel so bad for Ocraseous. Im really starting to like this character pairing so Seshoumaru needs to come to terms with his feelings quick! <3

JK (Chapter 55) - Wed 01 Feb 2012

Ugh!  Is it about over for Ocraseous yet???  Seems like I've been reading about this part forever (probably because I don't like it).  Don't get the wrong idea, this is well written...just not my favorite part right now.  I STILL look forward to the next updates!!!  Yaayayayayayayaya!

BloodStar* (Chapter 55) - Wed 01 Feb 2012

WOW....That chapter was great...She is now falling for Ocraseous....Cant wait for the next chapter keep up the great work

Rurouni Jasmine (Chapter 55) - Tue 31 Jan 2012

I mean how can you NOT feel bad for Ocraseous? A tiny part of me is rooting for them even though I know it's a Sessh/Kag fic. lol I'm horrible, I know, but he's so sweet~. I patiently await the next update. Hopefully the two are reunited soon before anything else happens between Ocraseous and Kagome. I hope Sesshoumaru forgives her, for whatever it is if it wasn't this kiss! 

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 55) - Tue 31 Jan 2012

:faceplants: Not smart, Kagome. Not smart. Kissing a friend like that who is interested in you romantically is NEVER a good thing. And that's not taking the demi-god part into account.


Thanks for writing.

CMF (Chapter 55) - Tue 31 Jan 2012

tearsofacrescent, I have read this fanfic since the beginning and well, you have always managed to keep my interest in your story, your descriptions, the plot and your own characters make this reading experience one of the better or even the best I have found while reading fanfiction. I really don't like to make sugestions to a plot because well I really enjoy to be surprised and you do that with almost all the updates (there have been exceptions but well).

I am very greatful for your story and updates, so since you are feeling that you need some support, well I think is time for me to  introduce myself and tell you that at least in me you have a loyal reader, and by the quality of your work I may say that certainly you have many other loyal readers... keep up the good work, and pleaaase let Sesshoumaru reunite soon with Kagome:P

Chrissie (Chapter 55) - Tue 31 Jan 2012

I love this story, but I have to say I am starting to question Kagome's naivtity and innocence... I mean to be honest she is starting to be more of a little hussy.  First Inuyasha... while I don't like her with him and love the Sesshomaru/kagome pairing... and since Inu is already out and about with Kikyo... I can see her falling for Sess over time while she healed him and such... but really, her quick about face from hating him and going with him to save her loves life... to loving him and he becoming one of her best friends and kissing him in only two or three days time... really her morals are out the door.

I will have to stop reading if you end up getting her knocked up with O's kid... and still have her and Sess be together and Sess be okay with that. 

And I really hate that Inu no tashio took Sess's sword away that was made of Sess's fang... I think that Inu No Tashio has no purpose here at all other then making Sess's life hell.  Either have him stand with Sess or send him back to Izoyo.

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