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Ceysna (Chapter 49) - Mon 08 Aug 2011

Good luck with your work!! Looking forward to the next update! and... was not seeing Kiru being his mama! 0.o.... Great update! but... DANG IT SESSHY!!! He needs to get it together! I wonder if that fruit makes it so that Kags gets the longer life or if she eats it she HAS to live in a God's dimenion.... 0.e my head hurts...

Looking forward to the next update! Keep up the great work, will wait with baited breath! *holds up fishing line* here breath... hope there biting today...

Giannix (Chapter 49) - Sun 07 Aug 2011

Pleaaaaaaaaaase update soon i can't wait

Lillian (Chapter 49) - Sun 07 Aug 2011

Oh ho! The romantic interest is now remorseful and no longer a romantic interest! Interesting twist! -shakes finger at Sesshomaru- Boy! You must learn! Kagome before stubborn pride. Obviously, the Inu is in need of earning the sword.

Nyuka (Chapter 48) - Wed 03 Aug 2011

In the begining of this story, when i read that you got the best for Sesshomaru and Kagome personalitys and such I was alll like no way!  I say this before I even started reading because it never happens, the characters are always at least a little OC but I will tell you right now that at very least for them two I feel like its right out of the Anime....The way Sesshomaru doesn't want to admit that he loves Kagome reminds me of the third Inuyasha Movie when they where all trying to destroy the sword and Inuyasha was all like he wouldn't give up cause he's part human and humans don't know when to give up when they have some one to protect....urr somethink like that and Sesshomaru got all those flashes of Rin and Jaken when they needed his protection and stuff and he was STILL like "I have no one to protect" or no need of anyone to protect or something like that.  And Kagome she isn't claiming Shippo is her son, or brother something.....When I watched the show I never felt that kind of relationship between them it was only until after I started reading fanfiction I neven thought they could have that kind of relationship way back when...probably cause I was fifteen watching the show and she was fifteen and sure as heck didn't feel like I could be some kids mom...but I digress.....The point is you proved me wrong about my first assumtion when it comes to that tid bit...XD


I enjoy how you are keeping the story together, I know how hard it is to remember all the little facts in your own story if you not careful, but I haven't come across anything that would cause me to pause and think something is missing so I give you and A in that....not that my A means anything but someone once told me its the thought that counts....XD


The Funniest part I think so far is when Sesshomaru was in the future with the future Kagome and future him.....People I think are affaid to write about past meeting present (I blame back to the future for this) so I will applaud you for breaking the none verbal social agreement that says you can't meet yourself.  I think it was esspecialy funny when Future Sesshomaru issued death threts to pressent Sesshomaru bringing up the contemplation of whether or not that was connsidered suicidal thoughts.


I also find it kind of funny that everyone just kind of ditched Naraku in the middle of so fantastic battle.


Ya know when Kagome Had to leave Sesshomaru on the battle feel when he was all bleeding and unconcious I was hearing that dramatic Kagome music when something always sad and sappy is was so beautifuly tragic.....I can't wait to see how it all comes together I sure its just burning the inside or your head the words that wish to be writen and I thankyou for any updates you can produce....XD



KK (Chapter 48) - Wed 03 Aug 2011

Aww that's effing depressing!!! :( I want her and Sesshoumaru back together at this moment!!! >< They miss each other so much, them being apart is tearing them up! I don't likie.

Strange thing is even though I don't like him I feel kinda bad for Ocraseous... :/

It's a wonderful chapter and I hope you update soon! <3

joyouki (Chapter 48) - Wed 03 Aug 2011

omg sess time is wasting away and you cant say shit to your sensei.. i hope kags isnt forced to a mating in the other realm. cant wait for another chapter

Avidreader (Chapter 48) - Wed 03 Aug 2011

Sesshomaru!  Stubborn dog demon - but then again for him it will be very hard to admit even though it would make things much easier.  That would probably shorten the story though...can't have that...


Thank you for the update and your wickedly creative mind!

insomniac_amy (Chapter 48) - Wed 03 Aug 2011

Another awsome chapter and posted so quick after the last! Happy dance :)    Why can't Sess just admit that he's totally in love with her. LOL he don't seem to care that all his actions says he loves her, he just doesn't want to admit it with his words.  Loved this chapter and can't wait for the next!

KEdakumi (Chapter 47) - Sat 30 Jul 2011

Good story

KK (Chapter 47) - Sat 30 Jul 2011

I wonder what kind of sound Totosai could possibly be talking about! :/ And will Sesshoumaru have the power to weild it??

And I'm so pissed at Kagome but it's such something Kagome would do ARGH!!!! Everyone's gonna fall apart without her there cause she was like the glue holding everyone together! :O

Damn it! I go read 3 chapters catching up, and I expected another chapter!!! LMAO I can't wait to read more!!! I'll just have to wait until next time! Love it btw! :)

NightQueen (Chapter 47) - Fri 29 Jul 2011

Another wonderful chapter! Thank you so much for posting so quickly.  Even a demi-god must understand you can force someone to love you! Kagome Loves Sesshoumaru and she will not love another he will be very disappointed!  Sesshoumaur has finally realized that Kagome means a lot to him hopefully it's not too late! Great job!

REDWOLF (Chapter 47) - Fri 29 Jul 2011

Great chapter.......Sesshoumaru knew what to ask.

 I have an Anniversary dinner to attend tomorrow too.....MINE....MY 32nd Wedding Anniversary ;)

Giannix (Chapter 46) - Fri 29 Jul 2011

Pooooooor sesshoumaru :( :(......  >.< what will he do ? >.<...


update soon :D !!

NightQueen (Chapter 46) - Thu 28 Jul 2011

Tragic, Beautiful and sad! Absolutely tear worthy I can't wait to see what the results of Kagome's choice are in the next chapter!

Lillian (Chapter 46) - Thu 28 Jul 2011

Real life is tough! You can do it, though, I have faith! Stay strong.

By the way, I'm not sure if I've reviewed for this before, but I am an avid fan. Really, it's bad. Kind of like an addiction, now that I think of it.

Bunny-chan (Chapter 21) - Wed 20 Jul 2011

Please update!!! I'm on the edge of my seat!!! I know life gets busy but please!!! :o

Trelweny Rosephoenixwolf (Chapter 44) - Tue 21 Jun 2011

Beast-form Kouga! ^_^ *happy dances* Sure... it was Naraku's doing and not exactly a Good thing in this connotation but I can't help but like when Kouga gets a beast form.

Thanks for writing!

REDWOLF (Chapter 44) - Sun 19 Jun 2011

Oh My Gosh! I am on pins and needles here. Alright Sesshoumaru...take him down. I am your cheerleader "Go Sesshoumaru"! LOL I crack myself up sometimes....please update soon, i'll stay right here waiting for this fantastic, exciting chapter. You're the best.

REDWOLF (Chapter 43) - Sun 19 Jun 2011

Woe, a jealous Sesshoumaru is a good Sesshoumaru. Can't wait for the next update.

darkangel05 (Chapter 43) - Sun 19 Jun 2011

awesome chapter! read this story in one day. hope o see more REAL SOON!!! UPDATE PLEASE!!!

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