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hikari hime (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

I'm really glad to see you back :)

And our patience is rewarded brilliantly, as usual. Wow! What tension!

Poor Sess, but he should have known... that's not because she's human, I think... that's more because she's female... lol!

I hope Kagome comes to terms with her feelings, but I'm not really worried. Our favorite miko is not known for her indecisiveness...

Take care ^_^

piper (Chapter 24) - Sun 16 Aug 2009
Please update soon!

His Lady (Chapter 24) - Tue 21 Jul 2009
omg this story i remember it sortof but im loving the fact of reading it again so please update soon

Talulabell (Chapter 24) - Fri 17 Jul 2009
i must say i was scared that ur story would be clique the whole Rins sick thing but u have surprised me ur story is wonderful and there is hardly in OCCness oh how i loath OCCness haha anyway i love ur story and cant wait for an update Talulabell

Zesaika (Chapter 24) - Tue 14 Jul 2009
Whew. Now THAT'S a roller coaster!!!! *Raises arms in the air, then falls out of seat as I go through the loop-de-loop* Whoooo-Ahhhh!!!! Hehe, Update quickly, Please!

maddie50 (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2009
Interesting morning after. Inuyasha saying such hurtful things to Kagome seems in character and under the circumstances, highly likely. Now he appears to be apathetic. I wonder how long that phase will last? Maybe until Kikyou shows up?

sesshou's gurl (Chapter 24) - Fri 10 Jul 2009
I love your writing!!! It reminds me of Elegant Paws's and I think you better update this story asap and e-mail me when you do... Thanks,

BeautifulMorningSun (Chapter 24) - Fri 10 Jul 2009
Whoa, I can't believe it's been three months! This chapter was good though, and please, have your next update be a bit sooner if at all possible! Beautiful Morning Sun

loveless (Chapter 24) - Fri 10 Jul 2009
Thank you for the update. I was wondering when you would post another. I can't wait for more. I absolutly love this story. Please update soon.

Ruby (Chapter 24) - Thu 09 Jul 2009
It has been such a long time since I have seen you continue this story. I remember stumbling upon it sometime back when and I absolutely adore it. Please, if you could, write more, it is truly enjoyable and amusing to read this. I love it.

unicornlover (Chapter 24) - Thu 09 Jul 2009
Yeah you updated!! I had to reread a few of the other chapters to refresh the story for me but I have you say that I loved this chapter!! It's so unbelievable that Kouga won't give up his claim on Kagome even when he sees how Sesshomaru acts around her. I can't wait for the battle to come to a head!! Update soon and great job!!

Alpine (Chapter 23) - Tue 07 Jul 2009
Spectacular... I really can't think of anything else to say about this one... I just love it. Thanks so much for making it fun to read fan fic for me. Hugs Alpine

Tiffy Marie (Chapter 23) - Sun 07 Jun 2009

I really enjoyer chapter 22. The possessive act is so like sesshomaru and I really loooved how you portrayed how he was asserting his dominants. I am waiting with baited breath for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. You are doing great.

piper (Chapter 23) - Fri 05 Jun 2009
i am really disapointed that this chapter has not turned into a real one. it has been awhile since you have updated and i love this story!

lollypop (Chapter 23) - Mon 20 Apr 2009

ok....yeah you suck with the april fools thing, but the story is awesome and I can't wait for you to continue it.

Sumi (Chapter 23) - Fri 03 Apr 2009 it when a man shows possessiveness in that way, makes it hot! ...and that confession just made me a freak. *coughs* You kno I just started reading this story yesterday, and I've been hooked on it so much that, well... I decided to keep reading till I reached the end so far. I tried to pace myself, but when you find something so tantalizing it's really hard to break the addiction. I found my new cup o coffee. This story is.... *smiles* Refreshing.

BlessedEpiphany (Chapter 23) - Fri 03 Apr 2009
That was unbelievably cruel. I love your story and i hope a real chapter is coming soon.

daapatemysoul (Chapter 22) - Thu 29 Jan 2009
I'd been following this fic before my computer was stolen, and I'm so happy I finally oufnd it again! It is, once again, safely on my favorites list. There have been several updates since I last read, and I enjoyed all the new chapters. I can't wait to see what happens next!

lollipop (Chapter 22) - Thu 15 Jan 2009

Awesome chapter!!! More PLEASE!!! Pretty pretty please!!!

Matsukia (Chapter 22) - Mon 12 Jan 2009
I love your story please update as soon as you can. And is there going to be a lemon between kags and Sess next chapter.. And you did an excellent job on this lovely chapter. and if people ever try to complain about the naughty stuff then they need to stay away from MA stories. Well once again congrats and all that stuff, looking forward to your update.

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