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Kanna37 (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

Oh I am so glad to see more on this story!  I reallyt enjoyed this latest chapter, and hoprefully, life circumstances will allow for another soon.  Happy Holidays!


hikari hime (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

I'm really glad to see you back :)

And our patience is rewarded brilliantly, as usual. Wow! What tension!

Poor Sess, but he should have known... that's not because she's human, I think... that's more because she's female... lol!

I hope Kagome comes to terms with her feelings, but I'm not really worried. Our favorite miko is not known for her indecisiveness...

Take care ^_^

piper (Chapter 24) - Sun 16 Aug 2009
Please update soon!

His Lady (Chapter 24) - Tue 21 Jul 2009
omg this story i remember it sortof but im loving the fact of reading it again so please update soon

Talulabell (Chapter 24) - Fri 17 Jul 2009
i must say i was scared that ur story would be clique the whole Rins sick thing but u have surprised me ur story is wonderful and there is hardly in OCCness oh how i loath OCCness haha anyway i love ur story and cant wait for an update Talulabell

Zesaika (Chapter 24) - Tue 14 Jul 2009
Whew. Now THAT'S a roller coaster!!!! *Raises arms in the air, then falls out of seat as I go through the loop-de-loop* Whoooo-Ahhhh!!!! Hehe, Update quickly, Please!

maddie50 (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2009
Interesting morning after. Inuyasha saying such hurtful things to Kagome seems in character and under the circumstances, highly likely. Now he appears to be apathetic. I wonder how long that phase will last? Maybe until Kikyou shows up?

sesshou's gurl (Chapter 24) - Fri 10 Jul 2009
I love your writing!!! It reminds me of Elegant Paws's and I think you better update this story asap and e-mail me when you do... Thanks,

BeautifulMorningSun (Chapter 24) - Fri 10 Jul 2009
Whoa, I can't believe it's been three months! This chapter was good though, and please, have your next update be a bit sooner if at all possible! Beautiful Morning Sun

loveless (Chapter 24) - Fri 10 Jul 2009
Thank you for the update. I was wondering when you would post another. I can't wait for more. I absolutly love this story. Please update soon.

Ruby (Chapter 24) - Thu 09 Jul 2009
It has been such a long time since I have seen you continue this story. I remember stumbling upon it sometime back when and I absolutely adore it. Please, if you could, write more, it is truly enjoyable and amusing to read this. I love it.

unicornlover (Chapter 24) - Thu 09 Jul 2009
Yeah you updated!! I had to reread a few of the other chapters to refresh the story for me but I have you say that I loved this chapter!! It's so unbelievable that Kouga won't give up his claim on Kagome even when he sees how Sesshomaru acts around her. I can't wait for the battle to come to a head!! Update soon and great job!!

Alpine (Chapter 23) - Tue 07 Jul 2009
Spectacular... I really can't think of anything else to say about this one... I just love it. Thanks so much for making it fun to read fan fic for me. Hugs Alpine

Tiffy Marie (Chapter 23) - Sun 07 Jun 2009

I really enjoyer chapter 22. The possessive act is so like sesshomaru and I really loooved how you portrayed how he was asserting his dominants. I am waiting with baited breath for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. You are doing great.

piper (Chapter 23) - Fri 05 Jun 2009
i am really disapointed that this chapter has not turned into a real one. it has been awhile since you have updated and i love this story!

lollypop (Chapter 23) - Mon 20 Apr 2009

ok....yeah you suck with the april fools thing, but the story is awesome and I can't wait for you to continue it.

Sumi (Chapter 23) - Fri 03 Apr 2009 it when a man shows possessiveness in that way, makes it hot! ...and that confession just made me a freak. *coughs* You kno I just started reading this story yesterday, and I've been hooked on it so much that, well... I decided to keep reading till I reached the end so far. I tried to pace myself, but when you find something so tantalizing it's really hard to break the addiction. I found my new cup o coffee. This story is.... *smiles* Refreshing.

BlessedEpiphany (Chapter 23) - Fri 03 Apr 2009
That was unbelievably cruel. I love your story and i hope a real chapter is coming soon.

daapatemysoul (Chapter 22) - Thu 29 Jan 2009
I'd been following this fic before my computer was stolen, and I'm so happy I finally oufnd it again! It is, once again, safely on my favorites list. There have been several updates since I last read, and I enjoyed all the new chapters. I can't wait to see what happens next!

lollipop (Chapter 22) - Thu 15 Jan 2009

Awesome chapter!!! More PLEASE!!! Pretty pretty please!!!

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