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Kanna37 (Chapter 25) - Sun 02 Jan 2011

Desperately hoping I truly don't have to wait another year for the next chapter - I am so hoping for more relatively soon!


sfp (Chapter 24) - Tue 13 Apr 2010

I absolutely love your writing style; please don’t ever think to change it. Your story is wonderful. I just love the character interaction you have seamlessly woven into your work. As for your reviewer with the problem, that is just it - it is their problem not yours. As any good artist knows, great art takes time to develop. Moreover, Let me assure you; your art is great. As for your time in updating, well like I said before, great art takes time. Any one with common sense will know fan fiction is most likely not the first priority in your life; and that is all right. If you were to live in your imagination on a constant bases, you would probably not be able to write fan fiction at all, for surly you would be in a padded cell instead. LOL.

Just my thoughts on your work and your authors note.


maddie50 (Chapter 24) - Tue 12 Jan 2010

Sesshoumaru seemed to be taking his time wooing Kagome until Kouga and Inuyasha were thrown into the "claim" mix. The scene at the onsen moved from seductive to action rather quickly. How could anyone deny Sesshoumaru? Ah well, virginal Kagome needs to make up her mind, and soon. I am interested in reading what her decision will be.

snowbird (Chapter 24) - Fri 01 Jan 2010

I was very disappointed with Kagome in this chapter.  If she was not ready to be his mate, then she should not have encouraged him with her interest in him.  You can't have a youkai like him as a mere boyfriend like from her time.  It's either all or nothing and you can't have any doubts going into the relationship.  He's being surprisingly very patient with her but she's put a strain and tension that wasn't there before. 

Crystalserenity87 (Chapter 24) - Thu 31 Dec 2009

I must say wow I have been reading chapter by chapter now for the past 4 hours and I can't wait until you update. I'm in suspense I can't wait until they are fully together and mated such a thrilling story can't get enough of it.

Lexie (Chapter 22) - Sun 27 Dec 2009

ok now i like sesshou's dominance just as much as any other sess lover but that sent chills down my spine. o_O he was practically forcing kagome and the ending where she just accepted it had me kind of affronted. he just forced that on you and accept it? i mean i know she's tired n all but still you'd be kind of, uh, a bit traumatized right? no matter how much you're attracted to them. if you just allow someone possession of your body like sess did to kags well you gotta be odd no? i mean i dont get the feeling that kagome would normally DO that.

but asides from that it's a really good story that i have spent the past 8 hours reading.

Aurora Antheia Raine (Chapter 25) - Sun 27 Dec 2009

An update at last! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for the next chapter... and what a chapter it was! In fact, it's been so long I read through the entire story again and I still love every word of it. But, yes, new chapter. Amazing. No other word to describe it. Definitely worth the wait. I just hope the next chapter won't take quite so long? lol. You have my support.

Starlyte (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

I've just read chapters 1 - 25 and i absolutely love it!!! Its a very well written story, its not rushed but its not taking its time to get to all the good stuff! With the last couple of chapters i read your A/N regarding some not so nice reviews and i must say i completely disagree with everything they said. The way you have written the characters are as true as i think anyone can get with writting fanfiction, example 'Chapter 22: His' the ending part of that i felt suited Sesshomaru's personality perfectly, yes he was a bit forcefull but that is his dominating nature, and i don't think its classified as rape, and if Kagome really didn't want him to do it she would have simply used her powers. So i personally think that the way you write that particular piece for example was very nicely done, you kept the characters real and it was done very tastefully!!

I can't stress how much i enjoy reading this story, your a very talented writter who goes out of their way to write something that you share selflessly with the rest of us and i for one truly appreciate it, Thank You! Constructive criticism is always good, but i disagree with some of them, and even with someone who would complain about delayed updates, im just glad that there IS an update lol!

Once again thank you so much for a wonderful story i truly am enjoying it and eagerly will wait for an update!!

daapatemysoul (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

I'm so pleased to see an update! This chapter was very well written. I've missed your writing- you have a fabulous style that I find lacking in many fics I'm seeing right now. I'm so sorry to hear a reviewer was so mean to you! Life happens- you can not control that any more than the rest of us. I'm just glad your still doing well. Good luck with school and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

1CarinoInu (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

Great update.  And I understand that real life gets in the way of's pretty consistent amongst the writers of and Dokuga, I have found.

None the less, I wait patiently for these tidbits from all of my favorite writers!

I am glad to see the Sesshoumaru is giving Kagome time, albeit, mating her if she is ready or not....I think she'll get there.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.  Update as soon as you can!

autumngold (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

I don't blame Kagome for being scared.  I just hope that she realizes that Sesshoumaru is not only trying to protect her from Naraku, but Inuyasha and Kouga as well.  Thank you so much for the update!  I'm so glad that you have added another chapter to this very interesting story.  I like how have shown Sesshoumaru and Kagome's relationship.  Please post more soon!

Alpine (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

Wonderful... I have been following this story for awhile, and I was so very pleased to see another update to it. I read your author's note and I personally believe that ANYONE who leaves reviews such as those, should not be allowed too. I understand that it is important to let the author know how you feel, but you can tell when the reader is not an auther themself. You should not start reading most stories if you are not prepared to wait for updates. It's just the way things go. So... I think that both of these chapters were great and you have kept to Sess/Kag and how they both really are. It's great.

Thanks again and I look forward to another update.  Whenever your pretty little head can get one out.

Hugs ^_^

Kanna37 (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

Oh I am so glad to see more on this story!  I reallyt enjoyed this latest chapter, and hoprefully, life circumstances will allow for another soon.  Happy Holidays!


hikari hime (Chapter 25) - Sat 26 Dec 2009

I'm really glad to see you back :)

And our patience is rewarded brilliantly, as usual. Wow! What tension!

Poor Sess, but he should have known... that's not because she's human, I think... that's more because she's female... lol!

I hope Kagome comes to terms with her feelings, but I'm not really worried. Our favorite miko is not known for her indecisiveness...

Take care ^_^

piper (Chapter 24) - Sun 16 Aug 2009
Please update soon!

His Lady (Chapter 24) - Tue 21 Jul 2009
omg this story i remember it sortof but im loving the fact of reading it again so please update soon

Talulabell (Chapter 24) - Fri 17 Jul 2009
i must say i was scared that ur story would be clique the whole Rins sick thing but u have surprised me ur story is wonderful and there is hardly in OCCness oh how i loath OCCness haha anyway i love ur story and cant wait for an update Talulabell

Zesaika (Chapter 24) - Tue 14 Jul 2009
Whew. Now THAT'S a roller coaster!!!! *Raises arms in the air, then falls out of seat as I go through the loop-de-loop* Whoooo-Ahhhh!!!! Hehe, Update quickly, Please!

maddie50 (Chapter 24) - Mon 13 Jul 2009
Interesting morning after. Inuyasha saying such hurtful things to Kagome seems in character and under the circumstances, highly likely. Now he appears to be apathetic. I wonder how long that phase will last? Maybe until Kikyou shows up?

sesshou's gurl (Chapter 24) - Fri 10 Jul 2009
I love your writing!!! It reminds me of Elegant Paws's and I think you better update this story asap and e-mail me when you do... Thanks,

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