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Venita (Chapter 15) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

The kisses between Kagome and Sesshoumaru was hot!!

Venita (Chapter 14) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

I'm glad that Kagome put Inuyasha in his place.

Venita (Chapter 13) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

So cute.

Venita (Chapter 12) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

So sweet.

Venita (Chapter 11) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

Poor Rin.

Venita (Chapter 9) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

I can't believe Sesshoumaru did that to Kagome.

Venita (Chapter 8) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

Poor Sesshoumaru, I hope he does not leave kagome.

Venita (Chapter 7) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

Kagome needs to stop being in denial about her feelings for Sesshoumaru.

Venita (Chapter 6) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

Inuyasha is a jerk.

Venita (Chapter 5) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

That was a cute scene between Kagome and Sesshoumaru.

Venita (Chapter 4) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

I'm glad Sesshoumaru his arm back.

Venita (Chapter 1) - Sat 24 Dec 2011

Great story

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 27) - Fri 15 Jul 2011

oooooooooooooo clif hanger!! killing me!! i can't wait to see what happens next!!! update soon!

headalphafemale (Chapter 27) - Thu 14 Jul 2011

I just couldn't stand it, I had to read the rest of the chapters. I was pleasantly surprised. We seem to think in similiar ways about Sesshomaru and Kagome. I'm very pleased. I do hope you find the time and energy to continue with this story. It keeps one interested about where it will go next, and how. Please, please continue. Thank You, again.

headalphafemale (Chapter 22) - Thu 14 Jul 2011

Whoa, I was very nervous when Sesshomaru touched Kagome like that, but she does play with fire, doesn't she? With two other males around fighting over her, he had to do something! He only knows his own youki way of doing things and she expects him to just stop being and living the way he is. This not only hurts his pride and honor but is a real challenge for him to find other ways to deal with what once was natural reactions. Didn't she get him to promise not to kill Inuyasha before they joined up together? Sesshomaru sure is under alot of pressure from : his past distrust of females, lack of relationship experiences about love, how to tenderly treat a human female, keeping in place his honor and legend, having others respect his decisions, keeping other males off, planning how he is going to keep and place a human female in his court and palace and provide for her unusual needs and interests, and Oh Yeah! deal with that growing bump in his pants to get an heir for the future. Did I miss anything? Of course, get rid of that annoying evil pest Naraku! Love your story, please let it be as long and interesting as possible. Though this is alot of work for Sesshomaru, I hope he does learn something about how Kagome feels and sees things from a different persceptiive than he does and finds some solutions for their compatibility for happiness. Thank You.

headalphafemale (Chapter 15) - Mon 11 Jul 2011

WoW! This is a very good story. I'm enjoying it alot too. I have my own opinions though, about some things. But I still like your story alot. One thing that bothers me though is Sesshomaru's roughness during passion. Though I could understand his misjudgement of how much strength he should allow himself expressing to Kagome since she is a human. But with his elequence and smooth ways and quick youki ways, there isn't any need for too much force here. Dominance yes, force no. He could hit so many places and things on a lady she wouldn't be able to breathe, and his ways would be outstanding, with amazing varieties. Alls fair in love and war they say. Thanks alot.

headalphafemale (Chapter 4) - Sat 09 Jul 2011

I'm enjoying your story, but I've only just started it. I hope I'll get to read even more of it. Thank you.

Paige (Chapter 27) - Thu 07 Jul 2011

Oooo. I'm so excited! They're going to be engaged!

I can't wait to read more! :D

DawnEclipse (Chapter 27) - Wed 06 Jul 2011

MOOOORREEEE!~ Love it!!!

Fallen0x (Chapter 26) - Mon 20 Jun 2011

i love mochi! ^^ and i wonder what Sesshoumaru is up to? 

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