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This account is owned and protected by MuteShadow; any stealing/plagurising any of these fanfictions will be met with dire consequences.

This account was owned and made by Jacqueline who passed away in March of 2003 of cancer, Adult Hood leukimia at the age of 15.

Later on, her sister, Jen who was 14 took care of this account. On April 1, 2005, she died of cancer as well. All these stories were made by Jen and Jacqueline. They are now owned by SSK.

Any plagurism of these fanfics deems punishment. This account is now taken care of by the two BlueAngel_InuMiko's cousin, Selena, recently known as SilentAngel on this site.

Jacqueline's Profile:

Name: Jacqueline

Age: 15

Birthday: Sept 3

Height: 5'2

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Skin: White

Fav Anime's:

Inu Yasha

Sailor Moon

Fav Colour:




Rap, Hip hop


Jacqueline was very funny and loud. She was very opinionated and never let others push her around. Since the age of 11, she was told she was going to die. So in her spare time, she wrote fanfics.

Jacqueline loved English, History and Art. She drew and played the flute. She was a model as well and enjoyed cracking jokes whenever she could.


Jen's Profile:

Name: Jen

Age: 14

Height: 5'0

Hair: Black, Brown

Eyes: Black

Colour: Tanned, white

Fav Anime's:

Inu Yasha

Fushiji Yuuji


Sailor Moon


Ayashi no Ceres

Fav Colour:





At the age of 9, Jen was treated with cancer as well. She was quiet, extreemly shy and happy. She never had a bad word for anyone and enjoyed drawing and singing. She was very mysterious for she never let anyone know her pain.

Jen was peaceful and loving, never one for arguments or fights. She loved Art, Music and History. Her favourite past time was sitting in her room and looking out a window, reading a book or reading/writing fanfics.


In conclusion, everyone thank you for your support of the loss of these two magnifecent writters. Let their soul's rest in peace.

RIP, BlueAngel_InuMiko's.


MuteShadow will be updating, revising all fanfics in this account in memoir of her cousins. If you wish for any fanfic to be updated just email me at;

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