Love's Triangle by BlueAngel_InuMiko III

Chapter One: Love's Distance

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Chapter One

The tears I shed for someone,

Follow my cheek like a prayer,

As I cry for them,

On lonely nights.


"Inu Yasha!" A girl screamed furiously, her body shaking from repressed anger. Inu Yasha ignored the girl from the future and just 'kehed' away from her. Kagome's saphire blue eyes slited to an angry look. Inu Yasha smirked at the girls anger. It was fun getting her mad like this sometimes...that is when she didn't....


The hanyou was then raised into mid air and thrown to the ground, creating a large five foot crater in the path.

"He never does learn does he?"The taijya of the chibi tachi whispered to an amused houshi."No sadly not, Sango. Inu Yasha's head is much too large and thick to comprehend such womanly tempers." Miroku sighed as he leaned on his staff, his violet eyes looking at the snarling, grounded hanyou in mock pity. Growling, Inu Yasha stood quickly and knocked Miroku unconcious.

"Damn bouzo." He muttered angrily, glaring down at the limp houshi. Kagome and Sango sighed wistfully, ignoring Inu Yasha's angry yelling. "Over here, Shippo-chan." Kagome called in exasperation. The small orange ball of fur leapt into her open arms, snuggling into her chest happily. Kirara followed him, purring as she was picked up by Sango. "What the...what the fuck do I do with this guy?!" Inu Yasha screamed, pointing at the unconcious Miroku.

Kagome turned to the angered hanyou cooly. "-You- knocked him unconcious, Inu Yasha. So -you- will have to carry him." Sango giggled behind her hand at Inu Yasha's aghast look. Turning on her brown leather heel, Kagome continued walking down the path. The sound of Inu Yasha's growling made the two girl's giggle quietly. From the corner of her eye, Kagome saw Inu Yasha carrying the limp and snoring houshi on his back.

"Stupid mother fucking..." Inu Yasha snarled underneath his breath, snarling even more as Miroku drooled on his fire rat haori. The chibi tachi continued on the way, searching for the shikon no kakaera.


Kagome sighed wistfully. The moon was so bright and luminous tonight.'Souta, Jii-chan, Oka-saan....'Kagome thought sadly. She held back the intruding wetness in her eyes looking up at the sky. Kagome was sitting on a rock near a field of flowers and hills watching the moon. This was her favorite place in Inu Yasha's Forest. Sighing, the girl leaned her chin in her cupped palm at the reminder of her hanyou.

'What do I do? I saved Kikyo from Naraku's shoki and purified her. Inu Yasha is so happy about it....but what about me?' Kagome thought sighing, her blue eyes dark with turmoil. Kagome was so confused. In those rare, breif moments, Inu Yasha showed compassion towards her and sometimes love. But then he'd call her wench, bitch or something and claimed her to be only a kakaera detector. But when Kouga was around he would get jealous and overprotective. He had saved her many times from certain death.

Inu Yasha was not perfect in her eyes. But he was certainly brave, loyal, trustworthy, cute and intensly funny when he was jealous or being protective. Kagome's face heated when she had thought of another who was the hanyou's relative who's deadly beauty still imprinted itself in her mind. Sesshomaru. His beauty was a facade to cover the moster behind itself. He had tried to kill her numerous times.

He had saved her once from a tiger youkai though when Inu Yasha was with Kikyo.This caused her to become even mroe confused over her troubled feelings. Kagome's blood raced through her veins at the mention of the dead priestess. No matter how she tried she could not hate her reincarnater. Kagome couldn't hate no one. Not even Naraku. Kagome's eyes filled with tears and pain.

Kikyo was perfect.She was beautiful, strong and didn't sit Inu Yasha. 'No wonder he loves her so much,' Kagome thought sadly to herself. Her chest swelled with pain. Sobbing, Kagome grabbed her knee's to her chest and cried. 'Inu Yasha..onegai....understand that I -do- love you for you...' The crying girl whispered through her heart.


Inu Yasha watched Kagome's turmoil with herself. His eyes held sympathy. He knew she loved him. She had once told him without knowing it. They had been sleeping in Sesshomaru's land so

Inu Yasha kept the girl close and during the night. As he slowly drifted to sleep, he had heard her murmur during a dream , 'Ai shiteru, Inu Yasha.' Inu Yasha's heart had danced with the words that were his deepest wish and secret.

He had then sombered as a white and red figure with sad, lonely eyes came into his mind. 'Kikyo..' he had thought, removing his arms from Kagome. He could never have Kagome. He loved Kikyo. No matter what Kikyo owned him. He was going to go to hell with her. He would never go back on a promise. So as a moment of complete bliss, Inu Yasha kissed Kagome's soft lips lightly and brought her warm body to his. Wishing that things were different.

Growling at the memory, Inu Yasha smashed the tree he was in. His fist going into the bark, Inu Yasha looked down at the crying girl. Seeing her fall asleep, Inu Yasha jumped down and picked her up. the moon highglighted her gentle, pretty feature's. Sighing, ignoring his heart, Inu Yasha brought Kaogme to the camp. Seeing his small tachi was asleep, he hurriedly unrolled the girl's odd 'sleeping bag' and placed her in it.

Looking down at her now calm face, Inu Yasha quickly placed a kiss on her psrted lips. Blushing, Inu Yasha huriedly jumped into a tree, keeping a watch over the camp.


A white clad creature stood on it's balcony, it's golden eyes scanning the night beofre it. Sesshomaru looked at the twinkling stars displayed int he sky, his cool detachment normal for himself. The girl, Inu Yasha's wench, still plagued his mind. The girl was exceptionally beautiful and very brave, something he admired from afar. Sesshomaru's eyes returned to their steelines.

'I must have my Outo's dirty blood. To think that this Sesshomaru admires and is plauged by a ningen. And not just any ningen. My hanyou- brother's ningen.' The TaiYoukai thought sneering, his beautiful face pulled into a mask of self-disgust. Turning on his heel, Sesshomaru entered his bedroom and slipped into his bed.

His eyelids closing fast over his two golden eyes, Sesshomaru felt sleep coming onto him. 'It is not but an infatuation. Nothing more. ' The now slumbering youkai thought, as if trying to comfort himself and his mind.


Yawning and stretching, Kagome froze when she felt herself restrained. Opening her eyes fast, Kaogme looked around her to see that it was almost dawn. 'Why am I up so early?' She thought in wonder. Looking down at herself, she noticed she was in her sleeping bag. 'How did I get here..?' Ignoring that question, Kagome quietly stood and looked around the camp. Seeing everyone was still asleep, she hurriedly gathered her bathing supplies.

'I need a bath. Perhaps the nearby hot spring will help me calm down.' She thought sighingly. Quickly leaving the camp, Kagome walked along the trail to the place Inu Yasha had shown her. Kagome sighed blissfully when she was finally at the sight of the hot spring.The steam rose from its heating body, creating an enchanting warmth and comfort for the young girl.

Kagome smiled in happiness and shed her clothes with the speed of a deprived person. She then lowered her delicate body to its heating depths and sighed in relief. This is what she needed. As she lay in the comforting pool, Kagome felt her mind wander to the night before. Kagome furiously pushed down the unwelcomed salty water in her eyes.'I will not cry. I can not. Not again.' She muttered within herself.

She then grabbed her shampoo and lathered her ebony tresses that were silky and shiny with their healthy brilliance. A sigh came from the parted,pinky lips as Kagome washed the dirt from the travelling she had done yesterday. Kagome was not aware of a pair of yellow, green eyes looking at here all the while lustfully.


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Osuwari: Sit

Hanyou: Half-breed

Taijya: Demon exterminator

Chibi: Small

Tachi: Group

Houshi: Monk

Bouzo: Rude term for monk

-chan: Significance of friendship. Usually added to the end of a girl's or child's name.

Shikon no kakaera: Jewel shards

Jii-chan: Grandfather

Oka-saan: Mother

Shoki: Poisinous liquid or gas, produced from Naraku

Onegai: Please

Ai shiteru: I love you

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