Chapter One: Summer Rain



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Summary: On a fateful day, Kagome and a cold youkai connect. As the rain falls, so do they for one another.

Plagurism: READ HERE. Based on the doushinji done by YoukaiYume; RainDrops.

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The sound of the rain drops falling from the Heaven's and hitting softly like crytsal on a window awoke a slumbering girl. Higurashi Kagome yawned as she stretched, lazily getting up.

'Mou! I failed my Mathematics test! There is no doubt in my mind.' She thought sourly.

Inu Yasha had made her stay the whole time in the Sengoku Jidia, causing her too lose precious time too study for the large exam. Kagome stopped her self-pitying thoughts as she remembered the present occurences. Naraku and his tachi were still alive. Recently they had fought in Inu Yasha's Otou's gravesite, attaining the last shikon kakera. This infuriated the now youkai Naraku.

So now Naraku hounded them ruthessly, his strength gone but his armies large. There was also another problem, but this one was personal to Kagome. Kikyo, the undead miko, had finally discovered she still loved the hanyou Inu Yasha after her near death expierence yet again from Naraku. This caused problems between the three triangled lover's. Sighing, the girl sat quietly in her bed.

'Inu Yasha and I have admitted we like eachother...but is it enough?' She thought uneasily. Sighing, Kagome closed her mind to such dallying thoughts. Getting up from her warm sheets, Kagome froze as the clock flashed brightly.

"Ten thirty.....ten thiry?!" She shrieked. Her eyes wide and her mind wheeling furiously, Kagome ran around her room quickly packing her large yellow pack.

"Onee-san..." Souta haulted in the doorway as he noticed his sister's frantic shuffling.

"Nanigotda?!" Kagome panted as she threw text books, Ramen, pencils, paper, medical supplies, clothing, hairbrushes, a tooth brush and so many accessories in the large bag.

"Ano....Oka-saan wanted me to give you this." The little boy said as he offered the pink umbrella to his awaiting sister.

Nodding, Kagome smiled thankfully. "Arigatou, Souta. Where is Oka-saan? And Jii-chan?"

Souta shrugged. "Oka-saan left to go to the 'doctor's' for Jii-chan. They think he might be going crazy."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "We have all been thinking that for a very long time." She mumbled.

Hoisting her bag onto her small back, Kagome ran down the house's stairs to the door. "Ja ne! Tell Oka-saan and Jii-chan I will be back in two weeks time!" She yelled at her brother who had turned on his gamecube.

"Hai!" He called down from his room.

Popping open her umbrella and clicking her heels on the door step, Kagome ran across the puddle strawn courtyard to the wellhouse. Pulling open the door, she hurried to the well.

'Inu Yasha is going to be so mad!' She thought sighing.

Leaping over the edge, Kagome grasped the two yellow straps tightly as the welcoming, blue aura surrounded her, transporting her back in time. Feeling herself floating, Kagome felt her soft, brown shoes land on the soil of the well bottom. Looking up happily, she noticed her umbrella blocked her view.

"Chikuso." She muttered.

Closing the umbrella, the girl slowly started trying to climb up the side of the well. Kagome 'eeped' when she fell backwards, her arms flailing in the air. Wincing as her bottom met the soaked, muddy bottom of the well, she sighed. 'The bag is too heavy to bring up with me!' She thought angrily. Groaning, Kagome untied the pac from her back and sat it down.

'No one is going to steal it, it is in the bottom of a well for Kami sakes!' She thought assuringly.

Grabbing the vines, the girl hoisted herself slowly up the side, her umbrella clipped to her side through a yukata loop on the side. Feeling her school uniform being soaked from the heavy rain fall, Kagome smiled as her legs swung over the side of the well.

Opening up her umbrella, she slowly started her way to Kaede's village where Inu Yasha and the others were. Humming softly, Kagome froze when a familiar, strong presence laced the air. Turning, her saphire eyes wide, Kagome froze in shock. Underneath the large Goshinbuko was Sesshomaru.

Blinking, Kagome stood in awe at the beautiful angelic youkai. His silver strands lay limp and wet around his face, his eyes were staring coldly at her, their icy gold peircing through her. His pale, ivory and perfect skin remained unflushed and simply flowing. Rain drops slid down his alabaster skin, his unearthy beauty glowing through the thick, moist fog.

Kagome merely stared at the TaiYouka in confusion and awe. 'How can someone so dangerous be so beautiful?' She thought in confusion.

"What are you staring at, ningen?" She heard his cool, soft voice demand.

Kagome blushed, her face flushing. Walking towards the sitting youkai, Kagome shuffled her feet. "O...ano...I noticed you were getting soaked..."

"How very perceptive of you." Sesshomaru interrupted stocily, the drops of rain sliding down from his silken, silver white strands down his perfect face.

Kagome blushed more clearly. "I...I-meant it is cold and wet! Won't you get a cold?" She stuttered, looking at him in worry.

Sesshomaru looked at her emotionessly. "I see not how this your matter or worry, ningen, but if you absolutley must know, youkai can not get ill easily. Especailly by some rain." He said cooly, his hard, golden eyes narrowed.

Kagome coughed in embaressment. 'I should have known that one! Just what Inu Yasha says! And they think they're not brothers or have similiarities?' She thought in exasperation.

The sound of the rain dropping on the flowers and leave's brought Kagome from her wandering thoughts. Seeing the youkai looking ahead of him, his eyes cold and calculating, Kagome smiled.

Something just compelled her to stay there, with this distant and powerful enemy. Standing more closely to him, Kagome noticed he looked at her stoicly from the corner of his beautiful eye.

"Where is that kawaii little girl Rin and that toad, Jaken?" Kagome asked as she held the umbrella more tightly.

Sesshomaru remained silent, his eyes reserved. Silence deafened as the sounds of birds singing rang through the forest.

"I left them in a secure and safe clearing." The TaiYoukai replied cooly,, his patience wearing thin with this annoying, insufferable girl.

"O so you wanted some alone time, ne? I like those as well. But I find sitting in a bath with-"

"You are a very noisy and persistent onna aren't you? Do you not have a place to be, perhaps with my hanyou half-brother?" Sesshomaru said frostily, his granite hard voice deadly yet so sinfully beautiful.

Blushing Kagome turned from the arrogant youkai. Glancing at her watch, Kagome felt herself almost fall as she read her watch saying 11:30.

Noticing it was starting to rain harder, Kagome started walking away from the quiet, forlon Sesshomaru.

'Talk about being rude! His ego is larger then that fur wrapping he has on his shoulder for Kami sakes! I hope he catches a cold!' She thought angrily.

Looking from the corner of her eye, Kagome saw the youkai in thought close his eyes, the red eye make up on his eyelids and youkai markings showing beautifuly against his pale, ivory skin. His white dresssed figure was sitting underneath the tree, one knee propped up as his only arm slung over the knee lazily.

The raindrops slid from his hair down his face and falling off his beautiful chin only to be soaked up by his white haori. Soon the miko found her once fast, angry stride slow down to a hault.

'But...I can not leave him here, alone and in the cold. I would regret it...' Turning, Kagome walked back to the Lord.

"Are you always this persistent and annoying, ningen?" Sesshomaru asked coldly, his tone impatient.

Smiling, Kagome leaned down at the curious and exasperated Sesshomaru. Taking the umbrella from over her head, Kagome offered it silently to the still faced, stoic lord. Time froze as the girl held out the simple gift as the TaiYoukai stared. Suddenly glaring, Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed on the gently smiling ningen.

"What do you want -now-?" He asked again frostily, his golden eyes flashing with impatience as his tone of voice rang with boredom.

"I want you to take this." The girl said smiling softly, her blue eyes gentle and bright.

Sesshomaru looked at the girl impassivley. But inside he was turmoiled. What was this ningen miko up too?

"What is it?" He demanded, his eyes looking angrily at the contraption.

Kagome smiled. "It is an umbrella! It is meant to protect you from the this! See?" Kagome chirped happily as if she was a saleswoman as she held the umbrella overtop of her head.

Sesshomaru watched in bored impassivness. Glaring at her cooly, Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed.

"I do not need such a contrival, ningen contraption to shield this Sesshomaru from such a trival thing such as rain." He said frostily, wishing the girl would just leave.

He noticed that perhaps for a ningen, she was passable. Her black, ebony tresses hung to her waist now, soaked and framing her heart shaped face nicely. Her large blue eyes were shinning with bright happiness, her full pinks lips drawn into a hopeful smile. Her scent reeked of purity, power, innocence and jasmine.

Growling at being distracted by his brother's miko, Sesshomaru saw the girl's face soften sadly.

"I couldn't forgive myself if I left you to sit out here, alone and soaked in the cold. Onegai, take it." The miko whispered hoarsly.

Looking up, he noticed her frail, ningen body shivering from the cold. Repressing the urge to growl, Sesshomaru took the weird object from the offered hand. Sesshomaru froze as a weird, heating spark leapt from his claws up his arm and through his body as he made contact with the girl's hand. Grabbing the umbrella uncertainly, he slowly took it from her small hand, unsure what to do next.

Kagome smiled brightly, her sapphire eyes bright. "Well I might as well be going now! Ja ne, Sesshomaru!" The enigima of a girl said smiling.

Watching her turn and walk through the forest, her small, drenched body shaking from the cold and rain. Sesshomaru remained silent, his mind contemplating what had just happened and the idiocity of it all.

The rain turning into ice pellets now, freezing the youkai Lord. Blinking down with his amber pools at the strange contraption in his claw, Sesshomaru did as the girl instructed, bringing the umbrella over his head. Blinking in shock, he noticed it -did- indeed work well. A small, rare smile gracing his lips, Sesshomaru watched the rain once again, but this time, his mind on a certain ningen.


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Onna: Girl

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Otou: Father

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TaiYoukai: Demon Lord

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