Chapter One: Demanding


Inu Love

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Summary: In the heat of mating season, Sesshomaru's Inu demands a mate. And not just any mate. His brother's wench! Fighting against his lust and need, the TaiYoukai eventually comes to terms with his Inu. Soon he finds himself wanting and needing the ningen he hated the most. During his courting, Kagome feels herself warming and admiring the cold youkai Lord.

But as Inu Yasha watches jealousy, it soon turns out Kagome has another suitor. Before she knows it, she is being pulled in three different ways. For only one youkai (or half) can have her.

Warning: Sexual Situations (Lemons, Citrus, Limes etc..), Violence, Gore, Description and Language.

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Chapter One: Demanding

Every Heart is not a job to the end,

Sure I do,

I could never say my loneliness,

Every Heart,

Doesn't matter what you say or what you do.

-Every Heart, English version by BoA



Silver wisps silently graced the dark sky as they blew in the night's gentle breeze. A pair of golden, cold eyes scanned the land before them. Calculating. Cold. Possesive. Sesshomaru, TaiYoukai of the Western Lands, growled. The dishonor of spring. The disgrace of it all. The white form known as Sesshomaru continued to scan the land before him from his bedroom balcony.

"M-Mi'Lord?" A little squeak coughed out.

Sesshomaru didn't even turn to acknowledge his retainer. He was a Lord. Jaken was naught but an annoying individual who had happened to serve him for a few centuries. Jaken felt the silence envelope the space between he and his beloved Lord. Sighing and mumbling 'No respect...' Jaken turned to leave.

"Jaken." A soft, mastered voice acknowledged.

Jaken felt his heat leap. "Aye Mi-Lord?"

"What was your purpose for annoying this Sesshomaru?" The youkai Lord demanded softly, his deep voice silky.

Jaken felt his body slump. Raising himself respectfully even after that degrading sentence, Jaken continued. "My Lord, it is Spring! The time of....mating. The other Lord's who are unmated are searching out the required mates to bring to the Spring Festival that your family and ancestors have so graciously hosted for centuries!" Jaken sqwauked happily.

Sesshomaru's stiff, ice like form remained unmoved. "And why must you remind me of that, Jaken?"

Jaken coughed and squirmed at the whiplash frostiness in his Lord's voice. "You see Mi'Lord...I know of your er...needs... during this time. So the counsel and I....have...ah....thought of your situation....and.." He trailed off.

He was so uncomfortable with this subject.

"And." Sesshomaru asked idly, his tone bored but commanding

"We thought that perhaps a harem of beautiful...youkai women....would benefit you more, My Lord. All of the other Lords have done it...and are..." His feet switching back and forth and repressing the urge to run, Jaken broke out in a sweat as no answer came forth.

'Why did those awful youkai counsellers make me tell Sesshomaru-sama? Can they not see, that even I, his beloved and most trusted servant, can even be harmed for bringing up such?' The toad thought worriedly.

Sesshomaru continued to gaze up into the sky, always having a love for astronomy as did his father, while he plotted out the situation at hand. 'A harlom. I have had such, when I was naught but a pre-pupped youkai. But now. Now my Inu craves for companionship. The Land's require such. But this Sesshomaru does not want a mate.' The youkai Lord thought icily.

"Jaken, I will not be needing such services." The cool voice penetrated the over-worked and frightened toad's ears.

"H-hai Mi'Lord." He stuttered.

"Instead,you will have a room prepared next to mine for your new Mistress. My bloodbeast, my Inu, demands for a mate. I will have found one before the end of the second week. I will punish those who do not meet my demands. I also want you to have Sukira, my second general, to help with the planning of the Spring Festival. She has been in this house longer then I, so she would know of the requirments for the meeting."

Jaken nodded quickly, relieved and silently praising the Kami's for letting him live longer. Sesshomaru turned quickly, his eyes red. Jaken backed away.

"Are you in pain, Sessohmaru-sama?" Jaken asked as he backed away.

Sesshomaru controlled the growl that threatened to escape his throat. "No. This Sesshomaru knows no such thing as pain." He snarled as he went into the room to lay down.

'Sheesh talk about ignorance...' Jaken thought mockingly.

"Out. Now." Sesshomaru snarled, his eyes tinting red threateningly.

Jaken bobbed his head contiously and ran from the room, getting his tasks already started. Sesshomaru watched in satisfaction as the toad left. Growling as the pain filled his body as his Inu punished him for waiting. Waiting for it's life mate.

"Chikuso, stave now." He growled as he started to rip the sheets around him, on the bed.

Sesshomaru felt pride and smugness fill him as his Inu slowly relaxed. 'Even I can not stave off my Inu for long. Though I have been unmated for five hundred years, it now yearns for a mate. If this Sesshomaru does not do so, my bloodbeast will take full hold of me and my sanity.'

Sesshomaru's emotionless face became calculating. Rising from the bed, still in his usual white hakkama's, white/red haori and blue/ yellow obi, Seshomaru dawned on his armour. Feeling weird and disgusted as he did this with one arm, Sesshomaru rested on the railing. Smirking as he let out some of the inu, his eyes going red, Sesshomaru leapt from the balconly and ran at full speed through the tall grasses. The hunt was on.


Kagome watched in worry as Inu Yasha crouched in a fatal position as he groaned and whimpered his pain. Miroku stood beside her, his face a picture of worry and confusion. Sango appeared beside the two, her choclate eyes shimmering with apprehension.

"Houshi-sama, what is wrong with Inu Yasha?" She asked again, like she had for an hour.

Miroku crossed his arms in his robe sleeves, his look thoughtful. "Kagome-sama and Sango, I have looked Inu Yasha over twice already. There is no physical wounds or ailments. I have cleansed his ki repeatedly. Nothing is in disarray." The monk said tersly, his voilet eyes showing his puzzlement.

Kagome nodded and rushed towards Inu Yasha. "Inu Yahsa....Daijibou?" She whispered nicely.

Inu Yasha nodded. "Keh...this is nothing damnit. Im stronger stuff then you ningens." He whispered, a sweat breaking out on his forhead showing his strain.

Kagome leaned towards him, rubbing his back. "Inu Yasha..."

"Damnit Kagome, leave me alone right now!" He snarled.

Kagome gasped and turned away as she saw Inu Yasha's eyes glimmer with pain and something else. Lust.

Sango and Miroku hurried towards her. "Nani? What is is wrong Kagome-chan?" Sango asked worriedly.

Kagome shook her head. "N-nothing. Do not worry about me. Watch over Inu Yasha. I will take care of Shippo-chan." With this, Kagome walked to the sleeping bundle of orange fur and sat beside him as she warmed herself by the fire.


Sesshomaru stalked his woods, not knowing he was approaching Inu Yasha's Forest. His Inu picked up other mating sessions happening around him, filling it with more want. Sniffing, he turned to try another patch of land more to the north. He froze. His Inu smelt something. Sniffing the air more carefully, he picked it up. Sakura blossoms and jasmine. Untouched. Female. Powerful. Smirking evilly, Sesshomaru trailed the scent, noticinghis inu's delight with the female.

'Want. Want. Want.' It growled continously.

'If you do not stop this annoying persisting, the female will be forfieted.' The TaiYoukai shot out to his Inu beast.

With that, the Inu ceased angrily. Smirking more widley, he leapt off after the mysterious female.


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Harem: A group of women bought and owned by a Lord.



Sesshomaru: Killing Perfection

Inu Yasha: Dog Demon

Kagome: A song,game played by children

Miroku: Man fo God

Sango: Coral

Shippo: Tail


Youkai: Demon

TaiYoukai: Demon Lord, Geart Demon

Hanyou: Half-breed

Inu: Dog. The animalistic part of a youkai that is only shown during mating, courting, fighting and protecting.

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