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Hanyo no Yashahime
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TOPIC: Hanyo no Yashahime
Lady Amalthea
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Rainbow Pearls 1 Week, 1 Day ago Karma: 71
So I have a working theory as everyone seems to be after the Rainbow Pearls and the theory I'm going off of is they are the InuTachi.

Rainbow Pearls:
Gold-Sesshomaru carried by Setsuna as she mimics an absent Father
Silver-Sesshomaru's Beast- Towa's strength
Red-InuYasha-Moroha-No explanations necessary

Possible Pearls based on past Characters
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Re:Hanyo no Yashahime 3 Days, 9 Hours ago Karma: 3
Third episode up!
To follow up with all the things that happening in the Senguko Jidai, I am really getting more and more confused.
*Read at your own risk, SPOILER AHEAD!*
1. To start off with, the two half-demon princesses got transported to modern 'Tokyo' possibly because of some mumbo-jumbo going on with Goshinboku. The episode starts off with a brilliant fight between Towa and Miss. Centipede.(Hoestly, this lady is there to start a story, for real! )
Towa unlocks some power with the help of her rainbow pearl. So, my hypothesis, maybe the pearls are their to bind the Kid's demon half? Not sure!

2. Apparently Sesshomaru was seen carrying off his twins from Kaede's village. But, Setsuna returns to the village after some time with Mokomoko wrapped around her (gave me a bad feeling. It seemed like that might have been Sess's Mokomoko). When asked, she tells Kaede that it was 'test of courage'! This raises a lot of questions. And indefinitely the question of the twins mom remains.

3. Setsuna's sleep and dreams seemed to have been eaten by the Butterfly demon. Which might be a reason why she lost her memories about her time with Towa.

The episode ends up with a glimpse into the preview where hopefully the cousins would be joining their powers to help Setsuna get back her memory. And, eventually start unravelling their past.

Wrapping all up, I believe that something really sad happened in the village. Ahh! I am toughening myself for some heart break.

*Episode highlights*
Young Moroha is a perfect replica of InuKag (I mean she even sits like Inu! Well, minus the dog ears. I MISS THOSE!) and severe nostalgia hits us viewers!

That's all!

WeirdlyKagome Sighning off!
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Weirdly Kagome
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