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Mystic Messenger?
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TOPIC: Mystic Messenger?
DN Silence
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Mystic Messenger? 2 Weeks ago Karma: 12
*Labored breathing*

Has any one here been sucked in the amazing and wonderful world that is Mystic Messenger, a Korean Otome game? I had my doubts at first when seeing fans mentioning it on twitter. But finally my bff convinced me to play it, and holy cow, the game design and the romance stimulation is very good. The character interaction is multidimensional and the friendships the characters in the game share is beautiful and interesting. Every chat in the game is in real time, and the there is big puzzle and many secrets to solve as you try all the character's routes.

If anyone one is bored and is looking for something great and free to play, don't miss out on this best-otome-game-ever!

Any thoughts?

And happy new year!!!!

Admin, please feel free to take down this rant if this is an inappropriate place to post! Thanks!
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Shrine Girl
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Re:Mystic Messenger? 2 Weeks ago Karma: 50
Oh! I was wondering when someone would mention the Otome games. XD. If you're after some good ones on the PC, for windows, especially, that are free for download. I can recommend a few. Most are available on, weird name I know, but not all are free there are some commercial ones too.

If you just want to check out a PC Otome game, which is partially voiced, free for download, and plays like a virtual comicbook. I recommend Autumn's Journey by AppleCider.

It's beautiful, especially for a free visual novel/otome game.

If you're after a commercial fully voiced in english game, I recommend Backstage Pass, or it's free equivalent, RE:Alistair, both by a developer Sakevisual.

BP is available on Steam, but it is expensive at around 25 to 30 dollars.

Not going to link.

Just Google the names, you'll find the sites.

Most are on

Note that the Otome games I've suggested are Indie games, developed using the freeware Renpy game engine.

All the games I've listed here are all G to PG. Nothing M, just some cuddles and smooching during romance routes for some NPCs.

~ Pyre
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