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c plumley (Chapter 2) - Wed 15 Jul 2015

This story is so cute. What could be sweeter than a  mini sess, and a mini kagome.

cassandra (Chapter 2) - Wed 15 Jul 2015

I thought it was kinda cute the way he was "inspecting" her. Can't wait to read more! 

Haven Himori (Chapter 2) - Wed 15 Jul 2015

sooo cute!! I'm sooo following this!

Adomani (Chapter 2) - Wed 15 Jul 2015

I like it, I want more of this! Keep it coming please!!!

No Uta (Chapter 2) - Wed 15 Jul 2015

Oooooh I am very much enjoying this. It does remind a story called Unspoiled, I read and fancied a year or two ago. There are obvious differences between yours and that tale of course. It has a sweet disposition which is similar. The major difference is that Kagome is also a child in your story. I am loving it so far. I fancy how inquisitive and gentle Sesshomaru is with Kagome. Well done! 

Sleeping_lullabies (Chapter 1) - Tue 14 Jul 2015

I wonder what is going to happen next. This story looks intresting 

Aziza (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Jul 2015

Oh this is going to be a great fic XD

Mona (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Jul 2015

I like it so far, please update soon.

Ana (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Jul 2015

I love your idea! I can't wait for the next chapter. Don't worry about the language, everything was perfectly easy to understand. (Also a not a native speaker of  English)

Kae (Chapter 1) - Mon 13 Jul 2015

Great start. This story seems like it will be really cute. I am intrigued. Reminds me a bit of Forthright's "Unspoiled" but with Kagome being a little girl too. Looking forward to where you take this.

Considering that English isn't your native language, I think you did an excellent job. I did notice that when describing the well you said, "the well had to be abandoned, or simply abandoned." You said the same thing twice. I'm not sure if you meant to replace one of the repeated words with another or not. Just wanted to point it out since it nearly jumped off the page at me and jerked me from total immersion in the story. Good luck with your writing!

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