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Gee (Chapter 18) - Thu 07 Feb 2019

This fic is totally eweet I love it! 



VS (Chapter 18) - Thu 31 Jan 2019

I have missed this story! Thanks for updating! :D

I just love it when chibi Sesshoumaru is blushing, he is sooooo sweet! I want to cuddle him! Though the best part was the end: Sesshoumaru with a smug expression...he knows how to make the girls happy...sweets! ;)

I'm a bit sad that you are going to switch to the adult versions already, but I'm looking forward to your next update.

KShadeslady (Chapter 18) - Thu 31 Jan 2019

Great Big Aw....Serious Fluff indeed. Loved this update. Looking forward to more. 

Jennifer (Chapter 17) - Thu 06 Dec 2018


Mutnodjmet (Chapter 16) - Sun 11 Nov 2018

Yep, it seems that Kagome does have some ideas.

Nice sweet chapter.

Thanks for updating so soon.  Good luck with your project and math homework.  :)

Great job!!!

KShadeslady (Chapter 17) - Sat 27 Oct 2018

Nice update! Thanks so much! Once a mom...feed that skinny child! 

Jamie (Chapter 17) - Mon 22 Oct 2018

I don't usually like stories with a young Kagome falling through the well... but yours is an adorable spin on it! I  look forward to seeing more... especially how things go when the two are older. 

shana (Chapter 16) - Thu 11 Oct 2018

I'm LOVING!!! the story so far. I've read many stories on here and agree that urs is very different from the many others I've read. I like the fact that that everyone is young and open minded enough to learn from other even if they're not realizing it...which makes it even better. Keep up the excellent work cuz I'm excited to read the rest of the story.

YukinaBlueRose (Chapter 16) - Thu 13 Sep 2018

... ... KYAA! ! ! ! Way! Too! ! CUTE! ! ! ! OXD

I LOVE this story! ! ! ! OXD

KShadeslady (Chapter 16) - Mon 06 Aug 2018

Oh my! That was cute beyond belief! I’ve been traveling so I’m just getting aroto checking email and catching up. 

Sessygurl (Chapter 16) - Tue 31 Jul 2018

Too cute!

InumeT_FlyGirl (Chapter 16) - Tue 31 Jul 2018

This cutenesss is literally too much ???? my heart is going to burst haha

JeniNeji (Chapter 16) - Tue 31 Jul 2018

Hehehe So cute. 

Cheyanna (Chapter 16) - Tue 31 Jul 2018

So adorable!!!!! I love it!!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MORE!!!!!!;) 

KShadeslady (Chapter 15) - Sat 21 Jul 2018

That was such a delightful chapter. I love the image of a sulking protective Sesshoumaru sitting outside the bath door ready to jump to her rescue if needed. I also love that mama is taking care of her. So sweet. Thanks for updating. 

VS (Chapter 15) - Sat 21 Jul 2018


this chapter was super sweet!!! I love the overprotective and possessiv Sesshoumaru! The whole Shiro will know now, that Kagome is his, because of how often he claimed her in front of his mother!!! :D Also that he was waiting outside of the room for her was just adorable!!!

I really like that you are using terms like puppy and snout. It definitely helps the sweet factor of this story! And I also like the way you characterise Sesshoumaru's mother. She may be a strong and somewhat stubborn woman, but at the end she only thinking about her son.

You are doing a fantastic job with this story!!! Keep it coming!

I'm looking forward to see Sessoumaru's reaction, when the door will open.


JeniNeji (Chapter 14) - Fri 13 Jul 2018

I am enjoying this story very much. Thanks for sharing. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 14) - Sat 07 Jul 2018

That was delightful. Winning over mother is at the top of the list, even the Great General knows this. I feel that dear Kagome will continue to charm her. 

Cheyanna (Chapter 14) - Sat 07 Jul 2018

Can’t wait to read more!!!! Lol the man cub part reminded me of the Jungle Book! 

Pamelamoores (Chapter 13) - Fri 06 Jul 2018

Such a cute story beginning... I wonder if it'll be completed....

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