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VS (Chapter 72) - Wed 25 Jul 2018


this is a wonderful piece! It's always nice to read storys where it is Sesshoumaru who is "falling in love" first! And while it is funny to imagine a grown man lurking in the shadows to see the face of his bride, it's also super romantic *sighs* :) Though I'm sure he prefers Kagome to a woman with a frog-face :P

You did as always a good job!!!

There is a request I would like to make. When you are not using basic terms like miko, youkai, kimono and stuff like that, could you please provide us with an translation? I for example don't know the term "Kagemi" and while I can imagine what it could mean in the context of the story, it would have been nice if you could have included the translation in an AN.


KShadeslady (Chapter 71) - Tue 24 Jul 2018

Outrageously unabashed fluff! Snatched him right out of that chair. I want to just sink into it and cover myself with it. Very nice. Whew! Thank you for that! Cheers! 

VS (Chapter 71) - Tue 24 Jul 2018


I love the way you portray Sesshoumaru here!!! He has more sides than being just a cold and ruthless demon who has confidence in himself!

You're quite good at finding the balance between portraying different sites of his personality and at the same time you don't overdo it and make him too OOC! Here for example he is being somewhat controlled by his instincts and her scent and is not so confident in his abilities BUT at the same time he is very forward and straight to the point, like we know him!

So he is still the Sesshoumaru we know, it's just a special situation which brought another site of him to the front.

And that's something I love about you! :)

I'm looking forward to your next updates! (Although I have already read them on your tumblr the last week :P)


KShadeslady (Chapter 70) - Mon 23 Jul 2018

Yes! Got to love a guy who waits. Nice update. 


Is there a link I can copy to find the continuation of the previous story?  I would love to read more  


VS (Chapter 70) - Mon 23 Jul 2018


the final battle with Naraku where Sesshoumaru was protecting Kagome is actually one of my favourite scenes! So I'm happy to see it here included :D

I love the ending of your one shot! Sesshoumaru is a type of man who shows only in subtle ways how he is feeling. And that he was actually waiting for her return says a lot! Even if he don't want to be seen as weak he for sure has a romantic side ;) 

A really nice one shot. I'm wishing this ending would be canon ...  Takahashi only needed to change the clothing and add magenta stripes ... no big deal ;)

KShadeslady (Chapter 69) - Tue 17 Jul 2018

AWK! I definitely need more! Looking forward to the next update! 

VS (Chapter 68) - Mon 25 Jun 2018


thank you so much!!! This was realy sweet :) And I have to say that I'm surprised you choosed a rainbow as the item ... how in hell did you get that idea??? But it's such an original choice, I was only praying that you wouldn't choose the cherry blossoms, that would be too common. But of course you are never one to disappoint, are you ;)

The idea of an adult Sesshoumaru - the kiiling perfection -  remembering his first hunt and beeing proud about the rabbit and the praise of his father is sooo adorable!!! I'm sure when Kagome will be seeing a rainbow now, she will not only think about her father, but she will remember Sesshoumaru's story too...and then she will smile :)

You did as always a good job, and I'm looking forward to all the other prompts!


Eryn (Chapter 58) - Sat 23 Jun 2018

I would l9ve to see this made into a full story.  I hope some of these will make it there one day.  So many good ones.

KShadeslady (Chapter 68) - Wed 20 Jun 2018

Delightful and a bit sad. It does seem that way doesn’t it? How something will affect you, wether sad or happy. Thanks for updating. 

Natalia (Chapter 68) - Wed 20 Jun 2018

Aw so sweet... 

I just love those snippets of yours  

Thx for adding this. No words needed to praise it. Like always it's breathtaking and tender  

T'Keyah (Chapter 4) - Fri 08 Jun 2018

CAN WE MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Ugh this would be an amazing story! I'm dying to read more!!!

Jennn (Chapter 67) - Wed 06 Jun 2018

I LOVED this chapter. Maybe you could make this into its own little story...? Please? It’s suuuuch a good concept!! (:

Nilee1 (Chapter 67) - Wed 06 Jun 2018

 This was absolutely one of your best. I love you I love it I love it! 

VS (Chapter 67) - Wed 06 Jun 2018


I read this piece of work yesterday on your tumblr while I was sitting half asleep in a boring lecture at can image what kind of strange looks the students were giving me when I started to grin like a embarrassing...and it is all your fault!!! :D

This is such a lovely work!!! I can totally imagine a grown man seeing his mother in a rather short skirt and asking "what on earth are you wearing????" :D

Though I totally fell into your trap...I thought this guy will be Sesshoumaru ^^

I find it sooo sweet that they were holding hands!!! And I had to stop myself from laughing out loud when I read Sesshoumaru's arrogant comment about not wanting to go in abstinence and that they had several sons and children!!! :D

And while I enjoyed all this funny moments I loved that you also put some kind of seriousness into this work. I cannot even start to imagine what it must have felt like for young Kagome meeting her older version who is happy with someone she had never ever thought about in such a way!

You totally made my day!!! Thanks for sharing this sweet little piece of work with us!

I see forward to all the other prompts!

Natalia (Chapter 67) - Wed 06 Jun 2018

Inuyasha's reaction cracked me up! Lol!

And I am glad for once Kagome wasn't overreacting and yelling in denial but sort of accepted it! 

Thx for updating  

Sesshoumarucrazy (Chapter 66) - Fri 01 Jun 2018

Honestly you do a whole story on this and I would be first in line to read it! I really love how you write his mom.

KShadeslady (Chapter 66) - Sat 26 May 2018

Love, Love, Love this! What more can I say...just sigh. 

VS (Chapter 66) - Sat 26 May 2018


I love the interaction between Tsukiko and Kagome, they became really good friends! You showed in this chapter how unnecessary words can be. The actions we take say so much more!!! Well done! :)

There is only one think that kind of "bothers" me. The two females are seeing each for two months now and I find it somewhat unrealistic that Kagome wouldn't have asked questions about Sesshoumaru and his whereabouts...she would have find a way to see him or contact him...

Anyways this is just my opinion, I really enjoyed this work and I'm looking forward to all the other Sesskag prompts!


fabienne (Chapter 66) - Fri 25 May 2018

Could you make a complete fanfic from those two drabble? I found them refreshing and well though! 

Nicole (Chapter 66) - Fri 25 May 2018


That was even better than I'd imagined that kind of scenario happening! Thanks for writing and sharing it!

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