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Lynn (Chapter 55) - Mon 10 Apr 2017

I looooovvveee this Star Wars one. I would honestly read a whole fic of it, especially because I like the idea of him teaching Rin how to be a Jedi.

Molly Hooper Holmes (Chapter 55) - Mon 10 Apr 2017

I had stars in my eyes reading this! I love your work, and to see a SW crossover just made my week! However I do have one tiny little detail I need to mention, only because I'm a pretty big SW nerd: even a librarian of the Jedi order would know how to use a lightsabre. Building one is one of the final steps of Jedi training, and Kagome would also have the Force to guide her. Just some FYI! ????

hw (Chapter 55) - Mon 10 Apr 2017

omg! Can the chapter "Leap of Faith" be fleshed out into a full story? I'm usually not one for crossovers of any sort but I'd love to read more of this!!! Such an intriguing plot, it deserves more than being a one-shot, don't you think? 

Holly (Chapter 55) - Mon 10 Apr 2017

Hey love your stories Chie! While I am still waiting for more chapters to Higher Education, I would love to see you turn ch.55 A Leap of Faith from your Miscellany into actual fanfiction story. As I was reading it I couldn't help but think that it would make a most interesting storyline.

Saiya (Chapter 54) - Sun 02 Apr 2017

SO Cute

Natalia (Chapter 54) - Sat 01 Apr 2017

So cute! Thx for adding this!

Literary Fan (Chapter 54) - Sat 01 Apr 2017

Agh! >_< This is so CUTE! \(^_^)/ Thank you for this unexpected but very sweet update.  I really enjoy reading these stories you post. 

Neelixonee (Chapter 1) - Thu 09 Feb 2017

Ch1: this seems like it could be developed into an interesting story beyond drabbles. Thanks! ?

Saiya (Chapter 52) - Wed 08 Feb 2017


Kae (Chapter 51) - Wed 08 Feb 2017

BWAHAHAHA! I loved this! Would love to see more, but this snip is just PERFECT too! :D  The idea of Sesshomaru giving a "copulation" explanation is just HILARIOUS.

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 51) - Mon 06 Feb 2017

I haved read this on tumblr...and this one deserves part 2 ' the return of sesshomaru ' but he'd better return with plan b and plan c.

Saiya (Chapter 51) - Mon 06 Feb 2017

Hahahahaha Awsome that was Brillent so Sesshomaruish!!!!

xdori (Chapter 51) - Mon 06 Feb 2017

Hahaha, cute proposal. Round 2!

Eva (Chapter 51) - Sun 05 Feb 2017

Wow I can just see Kagome's sputtering crimson face, complete with a throbing vein in her temple. I can imagine a humourous chapter story where Sesshoumaru tries to woo her to his way of thinking; one where he chases and she catches him much to his and her chagrin.

Ashlyn Braere (Chapter 51) - Sun 05 Feb 2017

OMG!!!  HAHAHA!!!  I love "A Proposal Most Compelling"!  I'm dying!

FaerieDearest (Chapter 51) - Sun 05 Feb 2017

I hope there's a second part to this chapter, it was so funny 

Annie (Chapter 50) - Mon 26 Dec 2016

Pleeze!!!!!!! I need to know what happens next?

Nicole (Chapter 50) - Sat 24 Dec 2016

I sense a conspiracy from the ladies of the household...

Utsukushi tenshi (Chapter 49) - Mon 21 Nov 2016

Aw! that's what you get sesshomaru for being bad at kagome hahahahaha i love this! i think i want more from're a genius!

Eva (Chapter 49) - Sun 13 Nov 2016

Wow that is a hard one to get out of.I'm glad there is sexual attraction but not love. Its a good seed for a story.

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