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Faith (Chapter 89) - Mon 12 Aug 2019

Oooh, I like! You don't very often continue one of your shorts, I'm glad you chose to with this one.

Annie (Chapter 89) - Sun 11 Aug 2019

I sure hope he asks her out on a date.  Thanks for the update.

KShadeslady (Chapter 89) - Sun 11 Aug 2019

Fluff! And lovely fluff at that. I'm counting on Rin and mama Inu to get them together. Wonderful  update. Thanks so much. Cheers!

Neelixonee (Chapter 89) - Sun 11 Aug 2019

I really love this chapter and the chapter before that goes with it.  I feel like theres a good single story here if you wanted to take it that route. 

Revang (Chapter 74) - Thu 01 Aug 2019

Aw it‘s so nice that she feels at peace again in Edo. But I hope everyone is okay.

Oh dear, perhaps not.

Ohh a sword! And a barrier and healing! Kagome is so strong and good~

Aw he’s so worried about her, even though he’s not fit to fight yet

Omg what a clever use of her reiki! Godd she seems so badass and I want to know about her hair and the scar too!

Oh noo, he doesn’t want to be “even” he wants her to care about him!

“The first person Sesshoumaru would trust to stand alongside him.” Eeeeeeee! Love. That. Shit.

I like that this is so simple, yet it’s clearly just a glimpse of a much larger plot. I can fully believe that a whole lot of cool and also probably painful stuff happened leading up to this, and that a lot of excitement and romance will follow. It makes me want to see the whole thing, but even so this feels satisfactory. (I’m excited to read the sequel tho!)

AmoraLynn (Chapter 6) - Wed 24 Jul 2019

Oh I want to read more on each of these but this one is especially interesting. 

Didie (Chapter 67) - Mon 08 Jul 2019

Oh dear Lord indeed!

*chakling merrily*

*busily counting*

.. 500 years... if at least 1 in 10 years for 400... 40 children! Hahahaha...


Anonymous (Chapter 88) - Fri 05 Jul 2019

Lovely chapter. Thanks 

KShadeslady (Chapter 88) - Sat 29 Jun 2019

That was just too sweet! Rin! You little match maker! I would love to see a follow up on this story. 

beachvilla (Chapter 88) - Sat 29 Jun 2019

Aw, I love it. Rin always willing to help. 

Elle (Chapter 88) - Sat 29 Jun 2019

This was soooooo cute. Made me smile several times :D 

Very interesting mechanism making Rin empathic. Wonderful job!

aijoinu (Chapter 88) - Sat 29 Jun 2019

I love a good matchmaking piece. Rin is always a good choice!

Nilee1 (Chapter 88) - Sat 29 Jun 2019


Literary Fan (Chapter 88) - Sat 29 Jun 2019

I'm always so happy to read these chapter one-shots. Thank you for posting your wonderful work! ^_^

VS (Chapter 87) - Fri 31 May 2019

Awhhhh, this was sooooo sweet!!! For a moment I thought it was Inuyasha at the door, but this was waaaay better! I love how you showed his other, domestic side! And Rin glued to his hip! I'm so glad you didn't let him put her down. It just shows how much he loves her.

You did an amazingly good job with the way you described everything and the pacing. I especially love the contrast between Kagome's ride to his home (her anxiety) and the end, where he smiled and she wasn't afraid anymore!

Well done!

KShadeslady (Chapter 87) - Thu 30 May 2019

I always love seeing the other side of an intimidating person. This was sweet. I’m surprised Kagome didn’t scoop up Rin while he was signing the paperwork. Very nice update. 

Nicole (Chapter 86) - Mon 01 Apr 2019

That's sweet. I love Sesshomaru's words as much as Kagome: "I know you." What a beautiful way of him showing his faith in her.

marisel (Chapter 29) - Sun 31 Mar 2019

Family is very sweet. 

marisel (Chapter 28) - Sun 31 Mar 2019

This one is sad.

KShadeslady (Chapter 65) - Thu 31 Jan 2019

Your stories always paint such beautiful images. Thanks so much. 

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