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Saiya (Chapter 43) - Thu 07 Jul 2016

Boo Ya LOVE His Mom so Funny.

Miss Killington (Chapter 43) - Thu 07 Jul 2016

Such a funny update! Love how you wrote Sesshy's mom, devious like Kagome, no? Lol poor Sesshomaru... 

Nicole (Chapter 43) - Thu 07 Jul 2016

That was fun! I polo tiring SessMom and Kagome ganging on Sesshomaru. They could start talking feminine cycles, or anything else that would put him off and running ;)

Eva (Chapter 42) - Tue 21 Jun 2016

This was so adorable. Sometimes it's good to have something so simple and sweet without angst.

Ankita (Chapter 42) - Sat 18 Jun 2016

XD hahaha  another chapter please i also feel bad for lady sae.......  :P

Kanna37 (Chapter 42) - Thu 16 Jun 2016

LoL!  Oh, the frustration...


Saiya (Chapter 42) - Thu 16 Jun 2016

So Cute

Didie (Chapter 42) - Thu 16 Jun 2016

Oooh, how much I miss you, Chie-san! I definitely have been giddy with excitement when you said you had 2/3 chapter done for LAL... aaaand we got Miscellany too! Double yaaaaay!


Oh oh oh... I definitely could picture the two of them have this kind of situation! With his more than cool demeanor, it's hard to know what is in his mind... I love how Kagome take a bold move to be with him.....just to have the plan falling to pieces... LOL

And of course I love his straightforwardness! I really wanna get some proposition like that! ^/////^

Didie (Chapter 41) - Thu 28 Apr 2016

Hahahahahahahahaha..!! Just about yesterday I was 'arguing' with one of my drawing pupil, 'which one is the best, the manga or their anime adaptation'... She prefer neither, she said that if she read the manga first, she won't watch the anime adaptation, 'cause there will be some cut off scene here and there, and if she watched the anime adaptation first, then she won't read the manga, 'cause it will ruin her rates for the anime...


And then I prefer either.. It's almost never matter to me about the difference between manga and the anime adaptation.. I love variance, althought it sometimes ruin my rate to one another, but I like different idea and enjoyed it very much.. Hahahaha.. me and my pupil were like the polar opposite.. but that's life! You need some differentiation to live with!


And you capture it in their sibling-quarrel, then add Kagome as their buffer! I love your idea! Good job Chie-san!

Saiya (Chapter 41) - Thu 28 Apr 2016

Ya Kagome.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 41) - Wed 27 Apr 2016

Good chapters, keep it coming.

Ankita (Chapter 41) - Wed 27 Apr 2016

Haha sweeeettttt

Eva (Chapter 41) - Wed 27 Apr 2016

Oh who hasn't been part of that debate before. Sometimes an adaption can be much richer than the original. Sometimes it can be so horendous it does a great diservice to the original (Eragon). Occaisionally they get it so right that youfeel as if you've finally seen the complete story once you read the book and seen the movie. I love how you handled it with the three characters. Of course Sesshomaru feels he is the book in there relationship. What kind of movie Inuyasha is.. well it's up to you.

Saiya (Chapter 40) - Thu 07 Apr 2016


Ankita (Chapter 40) - Thu 07 Apr 2016

*sulks in the corner * T_T i won't say it 

Nicole (Chapter 40) - Thu 07 Apr 2016

Love it! Letting go is hard to do...

Didie (Chapter 40) - Thu 07 Apr 2016

Kyaaaa!! Another heart-warming and heart-flutering chapter of Miscellany!

I love it! And I couldn't help to bursting out laughing in:

“You are adorable,” she giggled, kissing Sesshoumaru on the cheek. “And ridiculous.”

Hahahahaha.... he is ridiculously cute! Cutie, now you know how all father in the world would feel when his daughter brought some boys home, or even just have small talking about wedding! This chapter made me remember when I was at my last year of college... When my father came by himself to my college after I didn't have time to come home for almost 2 months, we talked about everything, then at some points, I started to talked about boys and marriage.. Then my father became silent for some times and after that he started to talked another thing to distract me from my topic! Hahahaha... Oh my God, dad! I was already 22 years old at that time! It's already the time! (Well.. maybe not really.. you could see even after 5 years after that, I am still single.. *little sad*). Anyway, that's father feeling! *playing 'My Little Girl' by Tim McGraw.....and became sadder*


Well done Chie-san! You capture 'it' perfectly!

Ankita (Chapter 39) - Sat 19 Mar 2016

@_@ you should turn all of you  one shots into chaptered stories T_T they all sound so promising 

Inuaddict (Chapter 39) - Fri 18 Mar 2016

Giggling uncontrollably. I want an entire story on this plz thank you very much

Literary Fan (Chapter 39) - Fri 18 Mar 2016

Aww this was cute. No actual interaction but it left me with a nice feeling. I've liked almost all the chapters, except the ones that made me sad. Nonetheless, they are ALL well written. Thank you and hope to see another chapter soon.

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