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Nicole (Chapter 37) - Mon 01 Feb 2016

One hundred million questions with Sesshomaru--what fun! :)

Didie (Chapter 37) - Mon 01 Feb 2016


Not all the first impression that counts! Relationship comes from communication and understanding! You've captured and done it very well Chie-san!

Saiya (Chapter 37) - Mon 01 Feb 2016

Aaawwwww So Sweet. Hehehehe Sesshomaru watching her sittin half doggy Style.

Elizabeth (Chapter 37) - Mon 01 Feb 2016

Aww, that last part gave me such a warm fuzzy! I'm loving these oneshots, and secretly hope that you might extend some of them ????. But no matter, I still can't wait for your next update!

cherry20052 (Chapter 36) - Wed 27 Jan 2016

There is so much win in these one shots. I wish some of them would be expanded but that is because I'm greedy.

Ankita (Chapter 36) - Mon 25 Jan 2016

T_T you are so cruel posting one chappie of my fav type Alternate Universe T_T i want more i m on strike here 

Saiya (Chapter 36) - Mon 25 Jan 2016

Haahahahahaha Poor Fluffy Doggys Just Love Yaz

Didie (Chapter 36) - Mon 25 Jan 2016

*Rolling on launghing*

Awesome! Even the title made me giggling a bit before I really read the story! Hahahahaha...

I imagined the story was like Kagome became trapped under 50 kilos of Sesshoumaru's moko-moko because her curiousity about the truth behind the fluff thing.. Then Sesshoumaru caught her trapped sight and arched his brows incredulously, "Miko, care to explain how you came to that state?" or something like that! Hahahaha... But the actual story is hillarious too!

Sooo refreshing, their first meet in this chapter, after 500 hundred years!


Good job, Chie-san!

*and of course, in the end I'll plead you about the sequel..hehehe*

Ankita (Chapter 35) - Sun 17 Jan 2016
This was so touching T_T

Literary Fan (Chapter 35) - Sun 17 Jan 2016

This latest chapter caused me pain. Poor Seeshomaru. Kagome you idiot. That's all I have to say. Loved the previous chapter.

Didie (Chapter 35) - Sun 17 Jan 2016

I couldn't help to read chapter 28 first before this, 'fearing' the unknown... Aaaaand.... congratulation! You successfully made my heart squeeze painfully and my eyes misted thoroughly...

Chie-saaan~~~~~, please.... I couldn't bear to watch him heart-broken...

*BGM 'Broken-Hearted Girl' by Beyonce, with 'Girl' part changed to 'Man'*

Elizabeth (Chapter 35) - Sun 17 Jan 2016

Such a bittersweet story. I loved this update, thanks for posting a goodie 

Kim (Chapter 35) - Sun 17 Jan 2016

I enjoy reading these drabbles so much!! They are all so different that I'm always excited to see that there is a new one! I saw that you wrote this last one based off of a Tumblr page, which one is it, I would like to follow it :)?

Thank you!!

Saiya (Chapter 35) - Sun 17 Jan 2016


Didie (Chapter 34) - Thu 14 Jan 2016

He...he....he.. blatantly laughing at our Kagome's misfortune? Well, my first reaction after I finished my giggling fit was I wanna slap that pretty cheek of his! Or at least stomps that pretty polished shoes of his! Hahahaha... this one-chapter-story really needs its sequel! Hahahaha...hihihihi... *still throwing giggling fits*

Saiya (Chapter 34) - Thu 14 Jan 2016

That was Cute!

Nicole (Chapter 33) - Sat 26 Dec 2015


Ankita (Chapter 33) - Sat 26 Dec 2015

Awww this the shortest sweetest the most romantic proposal i have ever read about *mushy mushyy*

Pamela (Chapter 33) - Sat 26 Dec 2015

Awesome totally wonderful fluff!  Loved it, Loved it! Loved it!

Inuaddict (Chapter 33) - Fri 25 Dec 2015

You've killed me with the cuteness

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