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Mysheeki (Chapter 15) - Tue 12 Jun 2018

Loooooove it! Please continue with your wonderful writing talent!

Toni (Chapter 15) - Wed 30 May 2018

love this story  can't wait til you post your next chapter

Koree (Chapter 15) - Tue 29 May 2018

They finally did the do mmmm lol , plus they do it in public areas too . Sesshomaru you dog lol xD but i’m Happy they finally came out with it although Sessh & this secret have me nervous.... THE ENDING OF MY GOODNESS!!!!!!

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 15) - Tue 29 May 2018

I really love your story, can't wait to see what happens next!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 15) - Thu 24 May 2018

Very good chapter and kind of insightful also.

I am beginning to see why everything happened the way it did in the first few chapters.  I now understand why Sesshomaru was so clingy and distraught over Kagome.

I wonder if by Sesshomaru mating Kagome and him giving her some of his youki that it started the healing process of her eyes?  Her father no doubt did something to suppress her memories of her mate and carted her off somewhere so Sess could not find her.  I also think that InuPapa did something to his son to help him forget Kagome also so that he would not suffer through the loss of his mate.

Obviously they were meant to be together. It had to be divine intervention that Kagome eventually ended back in Sesshomaru's life. I sure hope that Kagome starts to understand what happened to them and get back with her mate.  I really feel sorry for Sesshomaru and his torment.

I was beginning to wonder with all that love making that S/K did that she didn't get pregnant or did she. Possibly the would be child was somehow aborted or maybe she had said child and it was living somewhere else all this time...hmmm, now that would be something to think about. lol :)

Great stuff...please update in the not so distance future.  ;)  lol

Jennie Duong (Chapter 7) - Wed 23 May 2018

well kagome‘s father is bat sh$&&t crazy, I hope the happy couple get back together 

Gee (Chapter 15) - Wed 23 May 2018

*fans self* wew. Hahaha


Can't wait for rhe next chapter!

Natalia (Chapter 15) - Wed 23 May 2018

Argh you keep building the suspence and it's literally killing me! I do love this torture! I know that they would be separated and it's so sad that it's nakimame cry! Also I keep thinking, so much unprotected sex! Careful you two! I do hope my suspicion won't come true....

The dad is crazy loon! Afraid to lose his immortality.

He is the one who would ruin them . I wonder how he undid the mating and if the reason kagome regained her sight is conectcon to this.

Thx for updating! I read your chapters and get the same sensation as eating dark chocolate! And it isn't even bad for my waist!

Take care, eagerly waiting for any of your updates!

P.s. my phobe hates me and autocorrector is a bane so excuse any errors you find. 

Asia (Chapter 14) - Sun 29 Apr 2018

This chapter was great! O.O What will happen next?!


More please!

SammyJams (Chapter 14) - Fri 27 Apr 2018

Why would you stop there?! Why would you do that to me?!

Jennie Duong (Chapter 1) - Thu 26 Apr 2018

How is it possible to break my heart so much...but ah the same time have me anxiously awaiting for more! Thank you for the update, the pieces are slowly coming together, hopefully our couple can catch a break and get a happy ending 

Natalia (Chapter 14) - Thu 26 Apr 2018

Ah his patience snapped right?

Thx for updating! It was mostly a teaser so I am eagerly waiting for the next one. Update soon!

Zauberer di Vent (Chapter 14) - Wed 25 Apr 2018

Gaaaaaaaaaaagh! You did it! My poor eyes!!

Little devil, I should torture you or bite you, sigh, not sure what ¬¬*

Koree (Chapter 13) - Fri 13 Apr 2018

Sessh you sly perv dog you lol LOVEEEEEE the chap can't wait for the next :)!

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 13) - Tue 10 Apr 2018

I am still wondering how she gets her sight back. But I am also really looking forward to what happens next lol.

Aubrey (Chapter 13) - Wed 04 Apr 2018

*i’m probably one of the few to read this story from the very beginning until Chapter 13 where you end (for 3 hours might I add), for now and there was not a Single eye-ball socket that was dry. The raw emotions that you have inspired in me as a reader is outstanding.

the character development along with the story line is simply amazing! This story‘s review does not sufficiently represent how great of a story you have weaved. absolutely cannot wait on the next chapter! Keep it up!

Gee (Chapter 13) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

I can't wait for another chapter which I'm sure will be another roller-coaster of emotions. I love it when fics depict sesshomare with more complex and confused emotions instead of a simple cold character who only cares about himself. And it's refreshing when Sess is the one vying for love & attention, and so desperately at that. The first chapter made me a bit iffy tbh, but the excellent character development helped explain everything. Keep writing please~ 

SammyJams (Chapter 13) - Sat 24 Mar 2018

the story is coming together - things are heating up! Can’t wait for more!

Natalia (Chapter 13) - Sat 24 Mar 2018

I am becoming more and more of your faithful fan with each new chapter. The way you write is not only beautiful but deep and showing emotions that make my heart flutter hurt and angsty. The visuals you depict are always vivid. I absolutely loved this and felt so sad that those beautiful moments are the quiet before the storm. I feel like I know why her father did what he did. Thanks for updating. I feel so envious with white envy at your description of the shrine and fireflies. And their emotions... Everything! Absolutely beautiful chapter. Thx again. Will eagerly wait for the next chapter.

Good luck!

Sessygurl (Chapter 13) - Sat 24 Mar 2018

Loved it! Thank you. Very intriguing. I feel like his haste is why they are apart.

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