CHERISH (Chapter 1) - Sun 10 Dec 2017

one chapter and I'm  already waiting to see what happens next. Like it so far plz update soon

Lorena (Chapter 1) - Sun 10 Dec 2017

Scandalous, lol. I guess that ending is too scandalous to ignore,  especially if people already didn't like her- I'm curious about how long you plan to make this story, it is very interesting! I feel bad because Kagome was already off to a bad start there, I'm thinking about how much worse it'll get and the extreme emotions that may or may not affect her

Sessygurl (Chapter 1) - Sun 03 Dec 2017

Wow! Poor Kagome. Sesshoumaru is gonna be pissed.

Natalia (Chapter 1) - Sat 02 Dec 2017

I am so grateful I grew up in a time when we didn't have phones in school and internet didn't exist! Well it was not so popular and all those apps sites that often ruin lives were not active! I am scared for my son's future life school! 

I wonder what will happen next? What blackmail? Hm?

Hopefully this will have a happy ending after all the drama! I only read because it's written by you but I so don't like dark and hope you won't go to dark but it's your fic!

Will eagerly wait for more!

LunaeriaDawn (Chapter 1) - Sat 02 Dec 2017

Wow...o.o I am interested in how this will go. Please update again soon.

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