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There's Something About Her by NovemberDoll

Impaired Judgment

A/N: Warning, first chapter contains mature content. Sorry! This may be one of those really unforgiving fics at the beginning, so I told you what to expect. So as like other fics, the flavor may not be for everyone. When I write something light I also have to write something heavy to balance it out and be more effective in finding contrast. My brain works that way, and I'm sure others can relate. :)

Hopefully this wont be 'tear-your-hair-out' level angst. Haha. :) At this point, just imagine someone else is writing this, because this will be a far cry from my other current fics. Standard Disclaimer applies.


Impaired Judgment



Her world teetered. Kagome had to blink many times and she squinted through her thick glasses. Still the images before her seemed to separate into double, and the wooden floor gave way as she made each step. It was a miracle she had reached the top of the stairs without slipping. She was looking for an empty bathroom, she could only hold her nausea for so long.


The one downstairs had a fox-youkai and water-nymph getting it on.


She dry-heaved. Kagome's thoughts drifted to the safety and security of their shrine. She should have listened to her mother's warnings about choosing her friends, but how was an innocent shrine maiden like her able to know? The moment she stepped out of the train into the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, she was starstruck. By the buildings, the many people, the lifestyle. It was so different, so... dazzling it left her reeling. Her uncle had laughed at her dazed expression at that time.

And her first day as a high school freshman was something she would rather forget. Sneers and heckles erupted the moment she came in the room. Thick-rimmed glasses, braided updo, long sleeves and ankle-length skirt. It wouldn't have been that bad. But for some reason they hated her. It was only when a group of wolf-youkai befriended her did the first few weeks seem tolerable. But as the school year dragged on, it seemed that even within their circle, she was still the target of their jokes and ridicule.

So here she was in the middle of the school year, in one of their “acquaintance's” house party, drunk as a mule.


I don't drink,” Kagome tried to push the glass away from her face. But Mei, one of her wolf-youkai 'friends', was persistent.


Oh come on, seriously? It's just juice, Kagome! No one gets drunk by juice!” Mei shoved the glass in front of her face again, and the naive fool hesitantly took the glass from her.


Are you sure?”


The wolf-youkai snickered as Kagome took a generous gulp.


She was a lightweight. Her traditional family trained her to resemble purity. Never in her life had she even a sip of alcohol, and that vodka-laced punch almost knocked her out.


Kagome cursed herself as the world started spinning around her.

Damn it. She had literally befriended a pack of wolves. Her hands settled on a door, and she trustingly leaned on it.


But it was open, and she stumbled right in, all fours on the carpet like the pathetic drunk that she was.


G-gomen nasai-” she stuttered, barely able to stand up. Her knees wobbled, and she lifted her head to face the person that stood before her. She was still seeing double, but she could recognize that outline even with her eyes closed.


Sesshomaru Taisho.


The most popular boy in school. He was the eldest of the Taisho siblings, heir to the business magnate Touga Taisho. She knew because his father was one of the main sponsors of their shrine festivals, and the brothers, since their childhood, were somehow acquainted with the shrine.

With the shrine. Not with her. Because there was a big difference with the idea.

They barely knew her.


Are you my challenge?” he eyed her suspiciously, and Kagome shook her head, confused. She could barely add 1 plus 1 at this point, all she wanted to do was sleep. In her double vision she could make out the red flush on his cheeks, was he also intoxicated?

I... have to...I think.., Senpai- nice meeting you,”Not as intoxicated as you, idiot. She mentally berated herself. You could barely even form a decent sentence.


Are you drunk?” She could almost hear the amused tone he held, and his sardonic laughter made her grimace. “They had to inebriate you that much in order to bring you up here?”


Sesshomaru picked up a small shot glass and strode towards the door. After closing it, he knelt before her and forced her chin up with firm hands. “To tell you honestly I didn't expect you to come in the door. They put up quite a challenge this time, those damn 'friends' of mine.” He suddenly crooned, and warning bells rang in Kagome's head.


Don't be shy.” He said with a fanged smirk. “Here, loosen up.” with one swift tilt he slipped the bitter liquid in her mouth, and the poor girl almost choked at the sudden action. Her swallow reflex kicked in, and it was only then that she realized when it burned in her throat what it was.


Straight Vodka.


Her eyes glazed over. She swore she saw her soul leave her body. Now she was in trouble.

She was too inebriated to wipe off the leaking alcohol that dripped from her mouth.


She heard him unbuckle his belt. “Shrine girl,” he suddenly said, and Kagome dumbly tilted her head up and squinted, unsure of what was before her. Her vision was extremely blurry.

She reached out and touched something hard and throbbing.


Her spinning vision finally came to and she realized she was holding his very large, very aroused cock.


Unfortunately for her, the alcohol had already obliterated any common sense. Ah, so this is what it looks like, she thought, unwittingly stroking the entire length with her small hands.


Very good, shrine girl.” Sesshomaru leaned his head back . “Perfect, just perfect.”

Wrong! Very Wrong! Something screamed from the back of her mind, but she pushed it away. Something hot was starting to form deep inside, and it felt exciting.


Are you” Kagome asked. His eyes were closed and his breath was in little bursts of gasps, she wondered if it hurt because he looked as if he were in pain. In her dumb drunk mind she wanted to help. He only hummed in response.


The large appendage twitched.


Shit,” she heard Sesshomaru curse through clenched teeth. His hand halted her own, and golden eyes locked in her blue ones. “Do you know what would make me feel really good, shrine girl?”


Kagome halted, and he hovered closer.


Lick it, take it in your mouth and suck hard.”


She released the hold to his member. “I... don't- if that would fit, if that would even,” She managed pathetically, but her judgment had been possessed by the spirit of vodka.


She wanted to help, right?


Kagome heard him hiss when her lips hesitantly grazed the shaft of his mushroomed tip. He told her to lick, and the only connection she could muster was how she would have licked a popsicle.


A very large pospsicle.


She flicked her tongue at the tip and it bounced stiffly back, and from that she leaned over to run her tongue through his entire length, from his base to his shaft, getting herself acquainted with the taste of his raw skin.

She did not notice him shift and take out something from his pocket, and he held it in front of him.

Go ahead,” he said through clenched teeth, and his free hand fisted her hair.


Her wet mouth wrapped around his staff and slowly, slowly slid it towards his throbbing length.


Deeper,” he said, and Kagome complied, confused in the back of her mind as to how could this possibly make someone feel good, when her jaw felt so strained. She wrapped a hand on the base and took his enormous length in, moving his skin up and down, circling her tongue around. She sucked at the tip, there was a curious salty taste as she advanced her mouth. She circled and swirled and sucked, moving up and down, in and out and she felt him pulsing. He was starting to moan as if in great pain, and Kagome noticed that the faster and firmer she took him in, the more pained his grunts grew.


She started gagging when his shaft hit her throat.


She felt him tremble. Was she doing it right, then? He suddenly thrusted, and Kagome gagged even more, the sensation very much similar to a rod shoved straight into her throat. He pulled away again and shoved his cock back in, and Kagome held on to him as the rhythm became faster and more desperate. “Deeper,” he snarled, “ah, yes... yes! deeper...Kagome-”


The sudden mention of her name caused Kagome to feel a curious warmth pool on her own nether regions and she moaned, the vibrations on her throat causing his cock to spasm. The final flick she did with the firm tip of her tongue to the small hole of his penis did him in-

something hot and thick spilled into her mouth, filling her sore cavern.


An audible pop escaped her mouth as he pulled out, and she swallowed absently, the rest of his cum dripping from the corner of her lips.

She suddenly heard the InuYoukai growl. What she did not see was his eyes had already bled in red.

Her world turned upside down as she was roughly pushed to her back. He hovered above her, imprisoning her form between his arms. With one swift shove he managed to flip her prone, and he hiked her skirt up.


Kagome felt a cold draft pass on her exposed behind, the thin material of her panties serving no purpose.


Sesshomaru was stroking his own member, trying to relieve the massive hard-on he had somehow gained instantly again. He lurched forward and cupped her ass, and just as his other hand started to push her panties aside, a soft sniffling reached his ears.

The scent of salty tears filled his nose, and instantly his red eyes faded back to gold. “Shrine Girl,” he managed, biting back the moment, struggling to zipper his painful erection back in his pants. Before he could even get back to her she had already sat up, hiccuping and wiping the tears from her face.

Somehow, I,” she started, struggling to form whatever she was trying to say. She leaned forward and braced her palms on his chest-


And puked.


She puked her guts out, right on his shirt, the horrible sound of her tortured retching bouncing on the walls. The foul taste of her bile heightened her nausea again and she puked some more.


When it was all over, she managed to lift her head up and give the dumbfounded youkai a stupid excuse. “Uh...I don't feel well-”


The stink of her vomit shamelessly started to fill the room.


The doors suddenly burst open, and in strode another second-year, Naraku. “Hey Sessh, we brought you your challenge-” Brown eyes flew wide open at the sight before him.

The shrine girl's hair looked absolutely disheveled, her glasses askew, two buttons on her blouse open, and her knee-length skirt hiked up to her thighs. She was straddling a fully-clothed but shocked Sesshomaru-


who was soaked in her puke.


Oh my Gosh?!” A female voice exclaimed, and numerous gasps erupted from behind them. Kagome's world started spinning again, unable to even comprehend how many people were really in the room because of her doubling vision. All she knew was that they had an entire audience.


I have GOT to instagram this.” Another voice expressed, and before Kagome could even blink, a camera flash assaulted her eyes, and the darkness that followed was of her losing her consciousness.





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