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Naraku has the compleated, tainted jewel in his possesion. Sesshomaru's past comes back to haunt him. Can Kagome help him heal or will she end up with a broken heart?
Rating: R - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: General
Updated: 10-10-06 - Chapters: 9 - Reviews 1 - Words 24,820
Who knew Rin was such a late bloomer? Well Sesshoumaru certainly wasn't counting on it. So what is a Demonic Lord to do when his young ward is emotional, tired and constantly throwing fits on Gods knows what... he does what any sane person would do. Go after the one female who lived through his brutal attacks and a human girl just as insane, Kagome Higurashi.
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Humor/Parody
Updated: 04-12-07 - Chapters: 2 - Reviews 6 - Words 6,706
Threeshot. Watch as Sesshoumaru investigates to find the origin of feelings he's never experienced before.
Rating: PG - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 09-25-06 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 5 - Words 1,031
Kagome saw something that she didn't want to see. She runs into Sesshomaru and they find the truth about thier feelings for the first time. this is A OneShot SongFic.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Canon - Status: Complete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 05-31-05 - Chapters: 3 - Reviews 5 - Words 1,585
Their love is a love beyond time, separated by time, and brought back together through time. Read as love unfolds secretly in the past, is lost, and then brought back together in the present.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 08-16-05 - Chapters: 2 - Reviews 1 - Words 4,340
Life... isn't how they know it anymore. The world is turned upside down when Naraku takes control of the Shikon. The hanyou terrorizes the world, and all that is left are a few survivors, the Resistance. How will the turn their lives around?
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Canon - Status: On Hiatus - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 04-06-08 - Chapters: 2 - Reviews 2 - Words 4,588
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