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Hey What's Up This The- Tashio -Sisters

or Kellie and Robyn. Well, this is us Kellie is black and Robyn is white. This the black one talkin allright that's it on us.

Peace, Love, and No Homo!!

YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!




That girl up there is the slowmo, and she's bipolar.

R talking right now.^_^ Let's just say WE is crazy.So if we do something weird ignore it.So read and enjoy our stories, we will say who writes them or if we write them together. Enjoy!

The-Tashio-Sisters has 2 stories.
Kagome Higurashi is starting to get her life back on track.Being a mother of one and single she now works at the most powerful office in Japan. She becomes the secretary for the founder Sesshomaru Tashio as they continue to work together does K agome gain feelings and Sesshomaru has feelings for her,but will Kagome let past of lies,betray,pain,and hurt interfere in finding love or will she runaway from the man she loves or will she crack under the pressure. Kellie=Kira Robyn=Kega
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 06-04-08 - Chapters: 3 - Reviews 0 - Words 2,890
(THis story is by Kega)Kagome finds Sesshomaru in a not so dignified situation. He was about to ask her something, but as usual, someone interrupts them. So Kagome tells her story of love, and betral, her losing her love, and, maybe, just maybe, finds it again.R&R^_^
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 06-03-08 - Chapters: 2 - Reviews 3 - Words 2,580

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