Secrets that Bind Your Soul by The-Tashio-Sisters

The meeting, The Fight, and a New Companion, Maybe?

Secrets that Bind Your Soul

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(The Meeting, the Fight, and a New Companion, Maybe?)

She watched.She watched as Naraku came.Came to kill her, and to kill her friends.There was nothing she could do.She was untrained.Untrained as a miko.But it didn't matter.Her skills were lacking, so why should she fight?

Inuyasha, now nothing more than her older brother, mated Kikyo two years ago while we battled Naraku. But like always, Naraku ran and hide.It had been to obvious that when Inuyasha came thundering into camp, that he would not live. Espesially me on the verge of death. I had cuts and gashes that had cost alot of wear and tear on my body. I was also being held against a tree by my neck by a tentacle.But thats not who saved me from my fate that day, in fact, it wasn't Inuyasha who saved me at all.Who saved me you ask?


Inuyasha's older half-brother. Then Naraku ran away. When he saved me that day, I thought he just did it cause I was in his way.That wasn't it at all though.That one encounter changed everything.

Now two years later we stand here together, beside each other, to defeat Naraku.But this is not where I want to start my tale.It starts that fateful day he saved me and Naraku dropped his part of the jewel, how I dissappeared, how I returned, how Naraku got part of the jewel back again, and most importantly, how i fell in Love with the most dangerous man who ever lived, a man who would kill you if you looked at him wrong.A man that saved and cared for a tiny human girl named Rin, and a man that stepped on his retainer.This man that stole my heart and soul, that left but always returned.

My love......



The Tale Begins

That day I awoke to find everyone still asleep.Except Inuyasha.He always seemed to be awake when I needed to be alone. So as always, I went to my pack and grabbed my bathing supplies, and told Inuyasha I would be back.He always hated it when I left for large amounts of time, so to keep him from coming to get me I always hurried and took care of everything.But today?Oh no, not today.Today I was going to relax and nothing was going to stop me or so I told myself.

As I came upon a hotspring, I thought I would be ready for anything, but for once I wasn't ready for this.

There in the springs stood the most erratic sight - there was Sesshomaru in all his naked glory standing and looking at me as if I had grown a second head.I bushed and turned around and muttered 'i'm sorry' and went to leave when he called out to me.

"Kagome." he said in his baritone voice that sent shivers up my spine. That was until I realized he had called me by name, that I turned around to see him right behind me.

"Yes?" I asked in an almost whisper.

"I would like to...." he paused, and was about to finish his sentence when he sniffed to air and muttered one word - the word I never wished to hear - the word that made my blood boil - Naraku.

He turned away from me and dressed. After he dressed he slowly walked toward me, he caressed my cheek, and I didn't pull away. I didn't even flinch.For some reason, I wasn't afraid. I couldn't bring myself to be scared of him.

He suddenly stopped, and then out of nowhere, a figure in the shadows stepped out.

"It's been a long time Lord Sesshomaru,Lady Kagome." he chuckled.Sesshomaru growled. Suddenly roots sprayed from the ground to wrap around me, curving around me to my neck, as Naraku tried to strangle me. He keep Sesshomaru busy by small talk so he didn't realize what was happening to me.I tried to scream but nothing came.So I did the only thing I could do - I whimpered.That seemed to get his attention, as he spun around with shock in his eyes at what he saw.

He quickly cut the roots then turned to find Naraku gone. I then heard screaming in the distance, that sounded an awfully like Sango and Miroku but - no Inuyasha.

I got to the clearing to find Naraku .I turned to Sesshomaru, but he wasn't there.This was starting to get annoying. Everybody went somewhere.Right during the most imporant battle in history - with Naraku.It sounded interesting, The Most Important Battle of Feudal Japan. Yeah, without the people.

I ran to get my bow and arrows.I notched an arrow and readied it to fly.Then Naraku dissapeared.Right into thin air.

But I then felt a demonic aura behind me..................

"Naraku." I whispered to the wind.

I waited a split second before dashing into a sprint.I pulled my sword out of the rusty sheath I had handmade, by Totousai of course..

It is the only thing i'm trained in at all, really. When I first met Sango, she taught me her skills, and I learned to transfer my energy into the sword, with the help of Kiede.

"How are you miko, Kagome?" he whispered lightly to the wind.......and it sent shivers down my spine. It was disgusting, how he tried to be seductive. 'Oh great, now he dissapeared.' I cut my musings short.

"Naraku, you cowardly son of a bitch! Fight me, and stop hiding!" I yelled out. Suddenly there was a horde of demons coming right at me.'Oh hell no, he did not....'

"You coward! Sending all your minons after me. Show your face!" I yelled. Where was Inuyasha when you need him? I could answer that...with Kikyo. I turned and slashed a demon in half. Suddenly there was a yell.

"Hiraikotsu!" was heard from across the battlefield, from our favorite Demon Slayer, Sango, finishing off the rest of the demons.

"Kagome!You okay?"


"Good. I was worried. Miroku went to find Inuyasha, and I came to find you fighting Naraku, by yourself. Good thing i'm here now." she said, looking worried when Kagome's expression changed from happy, and relieved, to horrified. "What's wrong?"

It was, no he, was suddenly getting closer. He had come out of hiding when Sango had finished off the demons. He moved in to attack. "Sango move!!" I said jumping on said girl, as Naraku's tentacle went straight over her head where Sango's heart would have been.

I got instantly, slicing the tentacle in the process." Naraku, your way past your demise. You shouldn't even be alive." I said coldly."It's time to die."I said charging.He didn't expect her to be so fast and barely dodged it.

He smirked, this would be an interesting fight.


It felt like hours, but it had only been half an hour. Mioku had gotten there sometime or another with Inuyasha.She sidestepped another attack, as he charged toward her.I twisted and turned bringing my sword down upon Naraku's head, watching in satisfaction as he was purified. His tentacles started regenerating, and I had to step back. Hundreds of demons suddenly started forming. So he wasn't as helpless as he seemed.

I tried to fight them, but even with the help of my friends, I still couldn't see Naraku through the mass of Demons.

I felt something pierce my side, I looked down to my side, seeing a poisonous tentacle, then turned to see Naraku, smirking.

Suddenly, I turned, and all I could see was Naraku, and his miasma surrounding me. I could barely breathe, a disgusting hand of his winding it's way around my throat, pressing me against the tree.

"Perish."he whispered in my ear.

I tried to call to my friends, but it was no use, they couldn't hear me. My world was starting to go black, the of the lost of oxygen nagging my concience.

There was suddenly a flash of and red silk was saw, and I was suddenly released from my miasmic atmosphere the was Naraku. I clasped my hands around my throat trying to get my air back. As my breathing slowly became normal, I looked up to see my savior.....

And I almost gasped at who I saw.


Inuyasha(Inu):*Whines* Why couldn't I save her?

Sexy Sesshomaru(Sexy Sess/or Sessy):*Lets male ego take over*Toooo bad. Yeah I saved her ass.Her ass is nice to look at too.

Inu:Tooo true.

Kagome(Kags):*blushing*Hey! Don't talk about my butt!

Kega(K):Okay you guys, stop fighting.

Kags:They started it!

K:I don't care who started it! So sit down and relax.

Kags:You don't run me!

K:*sighs*Can't we all just get along?

Kags:I can't believe you guys can talk about a person like that! espesially me!

inu and sessy:*sweatdrop*

K:Guess not. Shippo? The honors.

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