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There were once two worlds who lived in peace. The world the girl lived in was perfect. The other world was a nightmare and Fairy Tale. Many years before, the worlds clashed and made a gap. There was only one person who could travel between the two: her. ~This is her story. Starting from then to now.~ Rating will, and I promise, will go up.
Rating: PG - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Angst/Drama
Updated: 04-18-04 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 0 - Words 673
In the fuedal times, everyone knew war well enough to expect the unexpected. But, what of the unexpected happened to someone you carred about most? What if they were kidnapped...and they were to be put in a home where people were not like them? Well, some situations like this will make that person wish it had happened even sooner than it had happened. Love and life? That's what this person learned about when she was kidnapped. Power, too. Power over all Japan.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 04-14-04 - Chapters: 6 - Reviews 1 - Words 10,028

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