Her Fuedal Life: Lady Kagome Higurashi by SeSsYs RiNcHaN

It's how it all began...

Her Fuedal Life: Lady Kagome Higurashi - Chapter 1: It's how it all began...

The wails of a newborn scortched the silence of dead-midnight. The father had died in war, and would not even see his own daughter be born from his wife's flesh. No one that cared for the family was there to help with the newborn. The mother died that night, too. Childbirth was cruel to the mother of the child, and it took her life, too.

The midwife was there, holding the child; as if it were her own. Cloth covered the babe's soft, ivory white head. The midwife, named Koko, kissed the child's forehead. The child smiled slightly, and whiggled her arms out to Koko, as if to hug her. Koko smiled and snuggled her closer to her chest.

Koko felt relieved when the child had fallen asleep in the next few minutes of crying and kisses. The midwife looked at the sleeping child as a teardrop hit the child's cheek. Koko whipped it away, hoping it to never come again. She traced the features of the babe's face with weak hands.

"So much like her mother." Koko just stated, almost a whisper. "And as you are like her, you shall be named of her." The midwife waited in stayed in silence for a what seemed an eternity until she whispered one word which none could ever hear, "Kagome..."

~*~7 years later~*~

Now, 7 years later, she was with joy in life. Kagome not knowing of her past or who her real mother was. The woman who she livied with, Koko, had chocolate brown hair; while Kagome had raven's wing black. Her eyes of a storm cloud's gray and Koko's a tender brown. Even if differences were among them, and people knew why, and Kagome did not, she did not care. Kagome was loved by the midwife and always was.

Kagome raced down the dirt roards of her village, chasing some local children. When they came to the forest, they all stopped and stared at the woods.

"Look! It's the forest." A boy named Akio said.

"I dare someone to go into it." Another girl named Hoshiko said with a slight snare.

"Maybe we shouldn't. The elders have warned us all that demons crawl behind every tree to take us away!" Kagome said with wide eyes.

"So you're a afraid?" Akio asked raising an eyebrow.

"I never said that." Kagome stated with her hands on her hips.

"If you're not, then go into the forest!" Hoshiko said, slightly yelling in Kagome's face.

"F-f-fine, then. I will!" Kagome slowly began inching into the forest, scared out of her wits of what might actually be inside of it's deep, deep depths.

Kagome was inside of the forest, and saw a flash of silver; but only for just a milisecond, you could say. Her head wipped from side to side, to see of her eyes had told her false. Kagome saw nothing and saw it to maybe even be true, for she saw nothing but trees.

The young girl walked further on until she reached a small stream. She sat on the shores and put her hands into the cool water. Kagome put it to her face; savoring the feels of coolness of the treat she had.

Kagome looked behind her and saw a pair of golded eyes on her. Her arms pulled to her backside to the water to support herself. The intesive gaze of amber eyes was so heavy she swore weight was added by the second.

"D-d-demon!" Kagome yelled scared.

The amber eyes grew to a face of a boy. The boy's head grew even further to her body to show a silver mane and puppy ears. Kagome's gaze seemed to dimmer of what was scaredness. She sighed and wanted to crawl away.

"Are you alright?" The boy asked growing closer, and closer by each step he took.

"Y-you're a demon... Aren't you going to kill me...?" Kagome asked closing her eyes and half way to crying.

"I don't kill humans. Humans make fun of me." The silver-haired boy said almost half scared himself. "They'd throw rocks at me and call me names."

"I'm not going to do that, young demon, I wouldn't do that." The raven-haired girl said crawling a little forward.

"All humans are like that. Everyone did that. That's why my mother's dead." The boy said, with beads of water in his eyes.

"What is your name?" Kagome asked tilting her head slightly, having a hurt expression.

"I-Inuyasha..." The boy named Inuyasha said slowly, almost scared.

"Well then Inuyasha, I'm terribley sorry for your mother." Kagome said looking down at the ground and taking a sudden intrest in the bright green grass.

There was a silence that seemed for an eternity... "What are you doing the forest anyway? No one ever comes in here." Inuyasha raising an eyebrow.

"My friends told me to come in here because they said I was scared of the demons." Kagome turned to the water again.

Inuyasha half snorted. "They're truely correct, too."

"Then why are here?" Kagome asked as Inuyasha sat next to her.

"Because no one would dare to come here to hurt me in the forest where nightmares are reality." Inuyasha said in a matter-a-factly kind of tone.

"You don't seem of such a nightmare, Inuyasha." Kagome said reaching for one of his doggy ears. When she touched it, the ear felt like pure silk. His ear twitched from the loss of warmness as she retreated her hand and Kagome laughed.

"Everyone else did." Inuyasha said.

"Well, I don't." Kagome stated rubbing his ears again.

And from then on, they would meet with each other in the woods almost everyday. All went well and friends were what they were. Freinds forever, they once even said. But one day, 3 years after that, when she was 10, the children that dared into the woods caught her with the hanyou.

"Look, Inuyasha! The village midwife gave me a locket." Kagome showed him a heart shapped locket.

"Why'd she give it to you?" Inuyasha asked curiously.

"Today's my birthday. I live with the midwife." Kagome stated gazing at her locket. "The midwife said she had a goldsmith make it just for me."

"Wait--why do you live with the midwife, anyway?" Inuyasha sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree.

"Because, my parents are dead..." Kagome said sadly and softly.

"They did, Kagome? You never told me that." Inuyasha leaning towards her.

Back in the village Hoshiko and Aiko wandered together looking for Kagome. They had looked with the midwife and with the village healer, but to no prevail. There was only one other place.

"Do you think she's in the forest, Aiko?" Hoshiko asked walking towards the forest right then.

"No doubts about it. Don't know why she keeps coming back, though, either..." Aiko said slightly running further into the woods.

They walked into the forest, listening for any sounds. Aiko and Hoshiko walked a twisted path that led to another and to another and so on. Finally, they head voices that sounded like Kagome and another person...

"It never seemed like it mattered. The only times I ever thought of telling you were when I found out you were part demon." The voice of Kagome's said.

"So, the only time you thought of telling me was when we first met?" Inuyasha raising an eyebrow.

Kagome stiffened a laugh. "Yup. When my friends dared to me to come into the forest."

Hoshiko and Aiko looked at each other in pure anquish, fury, and most of all: disgust. They're friend was friends with a hanyou! They ran back to the village to warn everyone else of their discovery; the demon boy Inuyasha, and the outsider: Kagome Higurashi.

~*~End Chapter~*~

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hanyou - half demon/half human

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