Date Joined: 2007-04-30

WELL where do I start! Hn well I could start wit my name, it may help a bit.

The names Chelsea J., but people call me Chelz for short.

Current Age: 15

Current Residence: Canada eh? Boarder Town Sarnia =D

Interests: Anime, drawing, and writing

Favorite movie: Distured, Dragon heart, Inuyasha movie 1,2,3,4, Memoirs of a Geisha

Favorite band or musician: disturbed, drowning pool, evanescence

Favorite genre of music: gothic, rock, punk… anything really... I like what I like

Favorite artist: ------

Favorite style or digital art: animation

Operating System: Laptop: D

MP3 player of choice: I pod Nano

Favorite game: Dirge of Cerberus

Favorite gaming platform: ps2

Favorite cartoon character: Sesshoumaru, Kagome, Kadaj, Vincent Valentine, Yazoo 3

Personal Quote: "Art is my soul, it gives me something to live for. So never take it away"

Tools of the Trade: Pencil, black ink pen, pencil crayons and jelly pens

I am a SessxKag freak... I have read sooooo stories about these two that its ridculous.....

over 230 stories iv read....well probably waaaayyyyy more then that.

Xblack-inuX has 4 stories.
quick and short. Sesshomaurs thoughts when kagome is killed in the final battle
Rating: G - Universe: Canon - Status: Complete - Genre: Poetry
Updated: 06-08-07 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 3 - Words 113
Quick, came to mind. No flames :P
Rating: G - Universe: Alternate - Status: Complete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 05-10-07 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 2 - Words 69
"Go and live your life with people of your breed... Sayounara, Kagome."His body morphed into a large Inu after muttering those few words, his aura expending and his scent reaching the near by village.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: General
Updated: 05-09-07 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 7 - Words 782
A quick poem. First post ^-^ please read and tell me what you think :)
Rating: PG - Universe: Canon - Status: Complete - Genre: Poetry
Updated: 05-09-07 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 4 - Words 245

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