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I have gotten a lot of questions concerning the Black Jewels Triology that my two-shot 'The Warlord Prince Sesshomaru' is based off of. Well, here's to fill in all your curiosity!

The Black Jewels Triology is written by Anne Bishop. It is a series of three books starting with

Daughter of the Blood

Heir to the Shadows

Queen of the Darkness

there is a sequel to the series called Dreams Made Flesh. There is a spin off from the triology called The Invisible Ring, its still the Blood Realm with a guest appearence of the Sadist. I hope that answers all your questions!

I am 20 and a psych major in college.

I have too many siblings to count even though one is my full blooded while the other is half.

Likes: I love to draw, read, and write. I am a paranormalist investigator in my spare time...an exciting and thrilling hobby that is not for the weak hearted.

Music: I love anything that can cause my ears to bleed...but I am also a very eccentric listener...50's through the 90's though I don't really like the hippie music. No R&B or raggea...its too...pointless...but I love Nickelback and Seether...

Books: I love the Black Jewels Triology...if you haven't read it...you should!!! Romance novels, Anne Rice, the classics...you name it, I'll read it!

EvilLilVixen has 6 stories.
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*REPOST A/N added at end* ONE-SHOT Kagome is a psychologist in one of America's leading mental hospitals. She has moved on with her life after the well has closed and looks forward to helping patients that need her. Its not too long before she finds herself doctor to Shippo! But to make matters worse, Sesshomaru is dragged into the hospital under the intentions that he thinks he's youkai! Its a steamy affair!
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