The Warlord Prince Sesshomaru by EvilLilVixen


The Warlord Prince Sesshomaru


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the InuYasha characters or the Blood Realm. If I did, Lucivar Yaslana, Daemon Sadi, and Sesshomaru would be at my beck and call.

A/N: This one shot is based on the Black Jewels Triology by Anne Bishop. If you have not read her books you should! For those who have, this has nothing to do with the is simply smut with a wonderful twist of the Blood Realm.

FYI: The Blood is a race of beings, either human or animal (kindred) who have the ability to do Craft (magic) and wear Jewels (sort of like a rank of power, the darker the Jewel the more power). The Blood Realm is a female dominant world; males serve a Queen witch who in turn has a court and rules over villages, Territories etc. A Birthright Ceremony is done at an early age for both witches and males to receive a Jewel. After the Virgin Night, an Offering to the Darkness is made; a Jewel of darker rank may be received.




Tiger Eye



Purple Dusk

Opal An Offering can cause a maximum of 3 drops in Jewel Rank

Green Example: Birthright White CAN go to Tiger Eye






Let the Story BEGIN!!!

A Warlord Prince, a dangerous, extremely aggressive Jeweled male, slightly lower than a Queen in status.

A Queen, a witch who rules the Blood and is the center point of society. The Queen's will is law. Everything rides on one night for a witch, the ability to do Craft and the ability to wear the Jewels.

That night is the Virgin Night.


Sesshomaru stood out on the balcony allowing the cool night air to dry the sweat on his naked body. His cold golden eyes stared at the star littered sky. Behind him in the bedroom sprawled upon the bed was Kagura, an Opal Jeweled Queen of the Village --------. He had accepted the Consort ring from her three months ago and already he was ready to move on. It was becoming harder for him to find a court, harder to find reasons to stay.

"Sess..." Kagura's voice drifted on the balcony. Sesshomaru gritted his teeth. "Come back'll get cold. Unless of course, you need me to warm you up..." her voice took on a suggestive tone. Sesshomaru turned back into the room and approached the bed. His golden eyes took in her tanned body she was oh so fond of.

He smirked. He took of the gold band that was the Consort ring and placed it beside the bed. Kagura's eyes widen at him as he pulled on his clothes.

"What do you think you are doing?" she demanded as she sat up in the bed. Sesshomaru stopped and looked at her. He ran a clawed hand through his silver hair before tucking some strands behind a delicate pointed ear.

"Warm yourself up, Kagura." He said as he stepped outside the door. He paused briefly and grinned wickedly at her scream of outrage. He took a deep breath, forcing the scent of Kagura from him before continuing down the hall. Perhaps he should return home? He was sure his mother missed him terribly...or perhaps back to his father?

Neither thought was appealing to him. But that was the problem with being hybrid. His father was Dea al Mon, the silvered haired pointed ear race of the Woods. But his mother was Dhelman, the golden eye dark haired race. He could easily pass as Dea al Mon if it wasn't for his golden eyes. His mother's eyes.

Yes, he would pay his mother a visit. He owed her as much.

Sakura was a Green Jeweled Black Widow witch. She had served in the Territory court of Dhelman for many years. She was still in her prime at 2,000 years old. As a powerful Black Widow, her ability to weave webs was legendary. In fact, she was looking at one right this moment.

Webs were used for many different things. They could ensnare the mind, create illusions, or foresee the future. This one right now was telling her something.

It was time for the current Queen to step down and allow another to take her place. Kagome, the Sapphire Jeweled Queen and Black Widow and appointed successor would have to make the Offering to the Darkness before she could set up her court and take over the Territory.

If she survived her Virgin Night, she would become a formidable Queen and a wonderful ruler. But there was only one strong enough to help her.

And he was coming.

"Sakura?" a delicate voice drifted to her. Sakura allowed a brief smile to come to her lips as she cut the Web from its frame. Her golden eyes turned to look at the young witch before her. Kagome was a beautiful young woman with sapphire eyes and obsidian locks. Her Sapphire Jewel hung from her neck and glowed brilliantly with her inner power.

"What can I do for you, Kagome?" Sakura asked her as she vanished the frame using Craft. Kagome smiled brightly at her before handing her a folded envelope. Sakura took the envelope, already knowing what it would say.

"I need to speak with the Queen, Kagome." Sakura said. Kagome nodded and lead her from the room. They found Kun-Loon, Kagome's mother and Territory Queen in her sitting room. She smiled at their approach and put down the book she was reading. Kagome was wise for her young age and left the older witches alone as she went about her way. Sakura watch her go before turning back to the Red Jeweled Queen before her.

"What can I do for you, Sakura?" Kun-Loon asked. Sakura gave a soft smile before settling herself across from her Queen.

"It is time for Kagome to make the Offering." She said. "She will become a great Queen, Kun-Loon, there is nothing more for her to learn."

"I know." Kun-Loon looked out a window before sighing heavily. "I have been trying to hold it off, but she is now twenty and more than ready to make the Offering. Don't think for one moment that I don't want to give up my place, I just don't think I'm ready to let my little girl go."

"She's not little anymore, Kun-Loon." Sakura said. Kun-Loon nodded. "Have you given any thought to who would do her Virgin Night?"

Kun-Loon shook her head. Of course she had thought of it, had thought long and hard for many years now. Was there any male out there who was strong enough to ensure Kagome came back from her Virgin Night with only a broken hymen? There were only a handful of dark Jeweled males in her court, all of which would be willing to help Kagome, but could they be trusted?

"I have thought to ask InuYasha." Kun-Loon admitted. "You know he hopes to wear the Consort ring when Kagome finally sets up her court." Sakura gave a sad smile. They both knew they could never allow InuYasha to help Kagome. While he was a Red Jeweled Warlord Prince, he didn't have the experience to ensure that Kagome wasn't broken.

"If I may make a suggestion." Sakura said quietly. "My son is coming to visit. He has much experience and would, if approached, more than likely help Kagome." Kun-Loon looked at her long time friend. She trusted Sakura. If she thought her son would be the better choice than so be it.

"InuYasha!" Kagome's soft voice drifted through the gardens. A young male with amber eyes and dark hair turned to her. He smiled arrogantly before opening his arms for a hug. The young female gladly stepped into the embrace, welcoming the comfort it brought.

"What have you been up to?" InuYasha asked her as he pulled back. Kagome waved her hand around in dismissal.

"Oh you know, a little bit of this and that, mostly helping my mother with minor court things." Kagome said. InuYasha grinned. Kagome would be strong when she made the Offering. He planned on using that when he became her Consort.

"Walk with me?" he asked her, holding out his arm for her to take. Kagome nodded before looping her own arm through his. As a Warlord Prince, InuYasha craved that contact with a Queen. It was who he was, and with Kagome he felt at peace and calm. If there was anyone who could bring him from the killing edge Warlord Princes' toed, it was the young witch beside him.

Kagome's sapphire eyes took in the gardens of her home. She felt the land's call to her though it was mostly muted. After she made the Offering she would be able to really feel the land's call. She looked at InuYasha a moment before frowning slightly. For the longest time she thought InuYasha was meant to be her Consort. But many years ago when she woven her first tangled web she foresaw another male. A dark Jeweled Warlord Prince with intense golden eyes encircled with her Consort ring. At first she had thought it was InuYasha, but InuYasha's eyes were amber, not gold. She had woven again a couple days ago and saw the same thing only stronger. The call there was greater, as if the male was close. She knew what Sakura and her mother were discussing. The time for play was over, it was time for her to set up her court and take her place as Queen.

Sesshomaru took in the mansion that served as the seat for the Queen of the Territory. It had been several centuries since he last seen his mother and he was slightly worried what he reaction would be to him. He took a deep breath before stuffing his hands in his pockets. He watched wearily as a witch made her way to him. His golden eyes took in her similar eyes and small frame. The Green Jewel she wore glowed brightly against her grey dress.

"Prince Taisho." She said. Sesshomaru's eyes softened just a bit.

"Mother." He said as Sakura pulled him to her. She smiled against his shirt as she felt his arms close around her. Oh, how he had grown! She pulled back to take in her son.

He was so tall now and kept his beautiful silver hair long as was the way of the Dea al Mon. He wore his Birthright Red Jewel.

"You've gotten so big." She laughed lightly. She patted his arm before leading him inside. "A set of rooms has been made up for you. Lady Kun-Loon has been most gracious."

"I send my thanks." He told her as he watched her talk animatedly. He smiled ever so slightly, how he missed her.

"You can tell her yourself." Sakura sent a glare to her son. "You will be dining with the First Circle tonight." Sesshomaru stifled a groan. The First Circle was the most influential members of the court. It consisted of the Consort, Master of Guard, Steward, and the First Escort along with higher Blood members who served directly below the Queen.

"As you wish, mother." He murmured softly. Sakura shook her head at him.

"You will like it here, Sesshomaru. The Lady Kun-Loon is very kind hearted, as is Lady Kagome. She will be the next Queen." Nothing more was said as Sakura left Sesshomaru to settle in before dinner. As the door closed behind him she grinned wickedly. Oh, her son would have no idea what hit him. Not only had her tangled web revealed it was time for Kagome to take her place as Queen, but that her destined Consort was coming.

What a powerful pair they would be.

Sesshomaru peaked out his bedroom door. The hallway was empty. He gave a sigh as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and set out to find the gardens. He needed a chance to relax before dealing with the court here. Unfortunately, the one time he needed a servant and there was none to be found.

The moment he turned the corner he saw a young female. She was dressed in dark blue pants and an overly large white button up shirt. He frowned at her state of dress, wondering what the Queen was thinking allowing her servants to dress like that.

"Excuse me." He said, his voice rolling like thunder. The young female gave a startled 'eep' as she swirled around to him.

Sapphire eyes clashed with gold.

His breath caught in his throat as he took in her features. Her face was delicate, her eyes large and an intense sapphire. She was small in stature but with a lover's eye he could see the lush curves hidden beneath the baggy clothes. If her intense eyes didn't get to him, the Sapphire Jewel that peaked from beneath her shirt had him mentally stepping back.

"Can I help you?" Kagome asked the unknown Warlord Prince before her. She was scared, something deep within her was reaching out right now and she ruthlessly squashed it. She took in the confused golden eyes momentarily before her eyes lingered on his long silver hair. "Oh! You must be Sakura's son; she has told me much about you."

Sesshomaru raised a brow at her. He didn't know his mother talked about him to servants. Perhaps he should put a stop to that.

"Could you tell me where the gardens are?" he asked her. She smiled brightly at him and a fierce instinct rose up in him, a call to protect and to serve. It stunned him; he had never felt the call before. He shook his head and forced himself to listen to her answer. He thanked her and continued past her. His feet froze him in place as she too passed him and continued around the corner. He turned back to watch her moving away, his nostrils flaring, taking in her scent.

Mother Night, that was no servant. That was a Queen.

Dinner was an intense affair. The need to call in his Ebon-gray Jewel was pounding him but he held back. After all, it was normal for him to feel the need to show he was the strongest. Especially when put face to face with so many unknown Warlord Princes.

Outwardly he was calm; inside he was a ball of nerves. He was curious is the Sapphire Jeweled Queen would show. Was she part of the first circle? Perhaps a Queen from a village? Did she have a Consort?

For some reason that question really irked him.

His golden eyes took in all those present, his pointed ears taking in all the small talk going on. Secret whispers to a certain bed that night, typical gossip, the newest immigrants, and murmurings of the Lady Kagome. There was an undertone of excitement when her name was spoken.

"Prince Taisho." A soft voice called to him. He turned and met the stare of an older woman. She was dressed nicely in a brown gown and her dark eyes studied him intently. He would have recognized Lady Kun-Loon anywhere, even if she wasn't wearing her Red Jewel.

"Lady." He bowed to her. She gave him a soft smile before giving him a critical look. She seemed to be judging and weighing something. He hoped she wasn't going to ask him to warm her bed that night...She nodded her head before motioning him to follow. He fell into step slightly behind her, as was protocol for a Warlord Prince who was not serving in the court.

"I would like you to meet someone, Prince." She said as she walked towards a cluster of witches and Warlords. His instincts were telling him that there was a Warlord Prince in that group; he could feel the challenge issued but ignored it. He far out power the male. "Please understand that this person is very important to me..." Lady Kun-Loon continued until her path was blocked by a male.

It was the Warlord Prince he felt earlier. Amber eyes glared at him in an open challenge. Lady Kun-Loon sighed heavily.

"InuYasha." Her voice came out dangerous. InuYasha's eyes snapped to Kun-Loon before he bowed his head and backed down. Sesshomaru could hear the barely audible growl coming from him as they continued by. He was curious as to why the male was acting territorial, that was, until he saw her.

She wore a soft blue gown that complimented her eyes. Her obsidian locks cascaded down her back in silky waves. She turned as they approached, her sapphire eyes dancing in delight.

"Prince Taisho." Lady Kun-Loon said, "I would like to introduce you to my daughter, Lady Kagome."

"Prince." Kagome stepped forward and Sesshomaru took her hand. He slowly brought it to his lips, watching her face flush a pretty pink color before he turned her hand over and placed a lingering kiss on her wrist. Her eyes widened at him as he withdrew.

"Lady." He murmured. She nodded at him, obviously flustered. He found it endearing. Kagome excused herself and headed towards InuYasha. His mood immediately turned sour.

Lady Kun-Loon watched the Warlord Prince next to her critically. She could see he was taken with her daughter, as was any male who met her. She eyed his Red Jewel, knowing he was much stronger than he let on.

"I know that I do not know you very well, Prince. You mother speaks highly of you. She has been a close companion of mine these many years. She trained Kagome to the Hourglass during her Black Widow training. It is because of this I have a request to make of you." Sesshomaru looked at the Queen next to him, wondering what in the world she was getting at. Right now he wanted to go over there and rip the Lady Kagome from that mongrel.

He would have missed her request if he wasn't paying attention. The predatory smile that crossed his face that moment startled many of the witches around him.

"I would like you to see my daughter through her Virgin Night."

Kagome paced the gardens. It had taken only a touch to pull InuYasha back from the killing edge. And now she was flustered beyond belief. Sesshomaru Taisho was a formidable male. He was beautiful as he was deadly. She had heard the tales of his adventures as a boy, but the male staying in her home was no longer a boy. That was a full grown Warlord Prince.

When she first saw him, she tried to tell herself that she was seeing things. That there was no golden eye Warlord Prince in her home. But when her mother brought him to her, and he took her wrist, she could pretend no longer. Especially after she felt his hot tongue briefly against her skin...

She shivered violently. That male stirred things in her she never experienced before. Of course she had been around other males and had been kissed. One particular nice kiss came from InuYasha last Winsol, when they danced for the glory of Witch. Kagome found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss Prince Taisho. Would he be sweet like InuYasha or more demanding and possessive?

Just thinking was making her hot and flustered. She was acting like some ninny for crying out loud! She was a twenty year of woman...who had yet to have her Virgin Night.

"Are you alright, Lady?" the deep voice sent another violent shiver down her spine. She whirled around and came face to face with the object of her musings.

"Prince." She said breathlessly as she stared into golden eyes. Sesshomaru growled softly.

"Call me Sesshomaru." He said softly as he took in her moonlight drenched form. She shook her head, her wavy locks flowing about her.

"It would not be proper." She whispered as she looked away. He growled again, taking note of the way she shivered in the night. He frowned, if she was cold why did she not go inside?

"Lady Kun-Loon sent me out to escort you back to the house, Lady." Kagome looked back at him. He stood there motionless, his golden eyes glowing in the darkness. She thought she saw something flash before his eyes but passed it off as a trick of the light. He offered his arm and she hesitantly took it. She felt the hard muscles beneath her hand and turned her head to hide her blush.

Kagome didn't catch his grin because she had looked away. Thus Sesshomaru began the seduction of Kagome.

Sesshomaru had been in the home of Lady Kun-Loon for nearly two weeks. In that time he had been playing a game of cat and mouse with Lady Kagome. If he didn't know any better he would say she was a practiced seductress.

He found her an hour later, curled into a cozy chair with a book. Her sapphire eyes were hooded as she turned a page. He took in her appearance, once again finding her in pants and a button down shirt. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she had yet to sense his presence. He took his time drinking in her figure before clearing his throat.

Kagome jumped from where she was seated. She had been so engrossed in the romance novel she was reading she hadn't even known someone had come in. She was in the middle of a steamy scene and her mind had drifted putting herself in the heroine's place...and Prince Taisho in the male's place.

"Forgive me for startling you, my Lady." His dark voice made her flush. Mother Night! Of all the people to come in it had to be him. The Darkness was against her, she knew it.

"All is forgiven, Prince." She said softly before hiding the book behind her. She cursed her stupidity when he raised an eyebrow at her. In such a short time she already knew what that meant. It was his sign for, 'I know what you're up to and can wait patiently until I pounce'. He waited, and when she thought he had finally given up,

"May I acquire to what you were doing, my Lady?" he asked her, his golden eyes darkening as she squirmed.

"No." she huffed. The other brow rose.

"No?" he asked softly. Kagome hesitated before nodding harshly.

"Yes...I mean no...damn it!" she cursed before blushing again.

"Such language." He shook his head and Kagome fumed. He loved to purposely bait her!

"Oh!" she stood and stomped her foot before moving to go by him. She wasn't expecting his arm to snake out like an iron band and pull her back. The moment she felt his hard body pressed against her all thought went out her mind. He was rock hard, everywhere. It wasn't till he tugged the book from her grasp that she snapped back to herself. "Hey!"

Sesshomaru's golden eyes twinkled down at her as he opened the book to where she left off. He didn't need to read to know what it was, but a quick skim told him exactly where she was in the book. Mentally, he was elated. Outwardly, he was calm and cool, waiting to strike.

"Light reading, Lady?" he asked her. Kagome made a sound like a tea kettle about to boil over. He leaned down and ran his nose along the ridge of her ear. He felt her body stiffen against him and enjoyed her inhale of breath. He allowed his seduction tendrils to trail just a little further.

"I think my mother needs me." Kagome stuttered out. She was trying to ignore him, she was trying so hard. But the closer he pressed against her, the more aware she became of what he was.

"Just say it, Kagome." It was the first time he used her name and it gave her a delightful shiver. "Just say what you want and I will be at your beck and call."

He allowed her to flee the room. Because for a moment he could enjoy the taste of her arousal as it wafted around him.

For a week, he pushed his seduction further, a brush here, a hand slipping there. Slowly he was making her crave him. And crave him she did. Kagome was about to go mad from the male. She couldn't decide if she wanted to skin him alive or jump his bones. The sexual tension was killing her and her mother was pushing her to make the Offering. But could she do it?

She found him in the library. He was seated back in a chair, a glass of red wine hung carelessly from his fingers, a book in the other hand. His shirt was open and his Red Jewel hung from a gold chain. She took in his appearance as he ignored her. She knew he was aware of her.

Her scent wafted to his nose and he fought not to inhale deeply. Somehow he had been drawn into the enigma that was Lady Kagome. She laughter was carefree, her smiles freely given, and her touches oh so welcome. He finally felt as if he had found the Queen he was meant to serve...

Sesshomaru's golden eyes glanced at her from over the book and he felt himself harden. Kagome's sapphire eyes were intense as she stared him down. The black dress of spidersilks made his mouth water as it clung it every dip and curve.

...he would fight for this woman. He would willingly kill for this woman.

He would serve this Queen with ever bit of his strength.

"Sesshomaru..." Her voice was like velvet and he was up before he knew what he was doing. Without even realizing it he had called in the Ebon-gray as he swept her up in his arms. His golden eyes never left her sapphire ones as he walked briskly down the corridors.

When he reached a dark door he kicked it open. He created a small flame of witchlight to light the candles placed around the room. The bed was adorned with black silks and fluffy pillows. He took all this in briefly before focusing on the succulent female in his arms. Her fingers were tracing the silver chain holding his Ebon-gray Jewel.

"This is your last chance to turn back, Kagome." He whispered in her ear. "For once I start I don't plan on stopping." Her sapphire eyes studied him a moment before she slowly leaned up in his arms and softly placed her lips against his.

With a savage growl he covered her mouth with his own, forcing his way through her plaint lush lips. He dominated her, showed her what it was like to tangle with a Warlord Prince.

He loved the feel of the spidersilks against his hands, and he liked it even better when it was only her silky flesh against his hot palms. He kept his caresses light but his kisses hard and demanding.

Kagome accepted it all and took what she could. Her hands sought his flesh under his shirt, enjoying the way his muscles bunched and leapt beneath her hands. His hot mouth trailed across her cheek before nipping her neck. She groaned at the feel of his teeth against her flesh. She arched desperately against him, seeking some sort of relief from the building pressure within her. He shifted, denying her the contact she craved. She growled at him, frustrated. He laughed against her throat.

Sesshomaru continued to explore her to his leisure. He had pictured her beneath him too many times to let the moment go, she sweeter than he thought, softer than imagined, and just as feisty as he wanted. When she growled at him again he allowed her some relief and pulled one of her hard nipples into his mouth. She arched against him, letting out mewls of pleasure as he lavished her with his attention. Her head thrashed against the pillows, her locks sprawled around her.

She buried her fingers in his silver hair, groaning at the feel of his hot mouth against her skin. She loved the silky feel of it as she raked her fingernails across his scalp. His growl of pleasure vibrated against her flesh causing her to gasp at the sensation. He released her breast and allowed his mouth to trail across her flat tummy. He dipped his tongue into her navel, watching her squirm against him.

He came to the apex of the thighs, his mouth watering at the vision she was before him. His hands were gentle but persistent as they tugged her legs open to display her glittering sex. He looked up at her sapphire eyes. She was chewing on her lower lip in uncertainty. He gave her a wicked smile before ever so softly placing a kiss upon her wet lips. She hissed at the contact before allowing her head to fall back, another hard kiss to the bud hidden beneath her silky curls. He pressed his teeth against it, feeling her body instinctively arch to him. He slipped his hands beneath her lush bottom and pulled her flush to his mouth. His tongue ran the length of her swollen lips, collecting all her sweet body had to offer.

She was moaning, her hand covering her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. He allowed his tongue to dip within her tight crevice as her silky walls clamped around the offending digit. He wanted her to cry out, to scream his name in release.

"Oh..." Kagome thrashed her head to the side as he became more persistent with the movements, mimicking what he was about to do. "Sess...oh...I don'" he growled against her triggering her sought out release. She cried out, his name ringing off the walls. He relished the sound, his sensitive ears drinking in the sweet melody.

He shed the rest of his clothing as she was coming down her high. He watched in fascination as her sapphire eyes looked up at him full of trust and adoration. He brushed himself against her, shutting his eyes against the feel of her hot center pressed against him. He wrapped his arms around her, placing his forehead against hers as he positioned himself against her. Sesshomaru's intense golden eyes bore into her own as he made the descent into the psychic abyss the Blood knew so well.

His hips surged forth; he tore through her hymen in one brutal thrust. She cried out in pain and he felt her withdraw into herself. He mentally dove after her, catching her before she escaped too far and shattered herself and her Jewels. He cradled her body close to him, slowly bringing her back to reality with gentle strokes and nonsense murmurings.

Her stormy sapphire eyes opened to him and he breathed a sigh of relief. He kissed her softly, patiently waiting for her to accept him again. She returned the kiss just as softly before it became more passionate. He plundered her depths, exploring every crevice of her mouth he could reach. He slowly withdrew himself from her body, enjoying the way her walls clung to him. He surged forth again, and he was rewarded with a moan of pleasure.

He kept his thrusts quick but gentle until she adjusted to him. When she wrapped her legs around his lean hips he growled. He fisted his hands near her head and pushed forward with all his strength. She cried out in pleasure as he became more demanding, taking her body with a brutal intensity she come to associate with him. She accepted him within her willingly as she clung to him, her own hips thrusting forward to meet him, the slapping of their skin echoing in the room.

It was near dawn when both of them cried out together in release.

The next day Kagome made the Offering. From sunrise to sunset Sesshomaru waited. InuYasha was also there but Sesshomaru ignored him for the most part. His mother was his saving grace or else he would have gone out of his mind waiting.

As the sun made to rise again, Kagome reappeared. She seemed tired and drained but clasped in her hands was an uncut Ebon-gray Jewel. Lady Kun-Loon had tears in her eyes as she embraced her daughter.

Sesshomaru saw little of Kagome after that. There were no more invitations to her bed, no walks about the garden. He had taken to stalking the book room waiting for her to make an appearance. The only consolation was that InuYasha was getting the same treatment. Could it be possible he had fallen for the little witch?

"Sesshomaru." Sakura watched her son pace. He looked horrible and his clothes were a wrinkle messed. If she didn't know any better, she would say that it was the same outfit he wore on Kagome's Virgin Night. His dull golden eyes looked at her and she sighed deeply. At least Kagome wasn't the only one affected by their separation. It was customary though, Kun-Loon had thrown Kagome into the preparation to take her place as Territory Queen.

"I should leave." It was a hard decision to make but the right one in the end. He would continue traveling the courts until he found a Queen worthy to serve. Perhaps he could head back to the Dea al Mon.

"You should come with me first." Sakura said as she led the way down a series of corridors. He paid little attention to where she was going, his mind already drifting to what he would do to take his mind off this place.

They entered the crowded room, upon a set of stairs Lady Kun-Loon stood. She took in the Warlord Prince's disheveled appearance and smiled at him. His golden eyes became cold and hard but she simply brushed it off. She made a big show of slowly descending the stairs and it took him a moment to figure out what she was doing.

She was stepping down as Queen of the Territory, which meant...

Kagome appeared from the shadows, the black spidersilk gown she wore had chips of Ebon-gray in it. Her Jewel hung from her neck on a silver chain with the Black Widow hourglass above it. She began to call forth names of Jeweled males and females to serve in the First Circle. His golden eyes took none of this in, he was to busy focused on her too skinny body, wearing a Jewel as dark as the Ebon-gray could eat away at the body if not cared for properly. He was going to through her over his knee when he got out of here, then maybe he could punish her by tying her down to the bed...

"Prince Sesshomaru Taisho." He snapped to attention as she called his name. "Will you serve as Consort?" He grinned wickedly at her. He wouldn't be wearing the ring long.

"I will serve." His dark voice echoed throughout the room, InuYasha's growl of outrage following his declaration.

He planned on having a wedding band in its place oh so soon.

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