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name: caitlyn

age: 18

height: err.. don't laugh now... 5' 1"...

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Anime! (Inuyasha if ya couldn't tell!)

Fantasy Novels


video games

CLUBBING!!!!!!!! love it!

writing (isn't it obvious?)




This site rocks my socks! My favorite pairing is Sess/Kag, and I hardly ever find sess/kag pairings on other sites that aren't stupid... Then one day... POW! It hit me! Everyone that wrote good sess/kag pairings said they posted on A Single Spark, so I went to google and here I AM! OK, so it wasn't that dramatic, but hey? Who cares?!

Ja ne!

~Narria/ Amara sama

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Forbidden children: Born of darkness and light, they struggle to create balance within their souls. The existence of these children is only a whisper on the wind, that is, of course, until one is revealed to the Western Lord. What does fate plan this time, for the little miko who only wants to be loved? It's nothing short of forbidden.... IMPORTANT A/N!!!!!!!!
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: General
Updated: 03-16-07 - Chapters: 10 - Reviews 30 - Words 16,416

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