Forbidden Hearts by Amara sama

Changes on the Wind


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For all intensive purposes of my story, Kagura is not a direct product of Naraku. She had a life before him, and was only brought into his service after she was absorbed by him.

Chapter one- Changes on the Wind


The battle had begun like most, multitudes of lower class demons attacking the small shard hunting group from all directions as a puppet of the evil hanyou, Naraku sent tentacles laced with poison at the already fighting companions. It seemed as if the battle would end like most as well, with the puppet being destroyed, and the demons disappearing with it, leaving the shard group battered, but alive. However, fate has a way of surprising you, and nothing was more surprising to the hanyou, Inuyasha, then his former love appearing from the shadows of the surrounding forest and shooting an arrow at Kagome.

"I wish for my soul, reincarnation." The undead priestess spat as she readied another arrow for fire.

"How many times do I have to tell you?! I'm KAGOME! NOT a reincarnation of YOU!" Kagome shouted as her defiant eyes centered on Kikyo, flashing silver in anger at the undead priestess' declaration. "You took part of my soul from me, and I LET you keep it! I knew Inuyasha loved you, and at the price of a piece of my soul, I let you live! How DARE you tell me I'm your reincarnation, when only a part of my soul was enough to return you to the land of the living? "Kagome's small shoulders shook with unsuppressed emotion as she glared at Kikyo, challenging the miko to deny her. It was not to be however, when Kikyo let her notched arrow fly towards Kagome's heart. The arrow splintered and fell to the ground when it came in contact with the mist-like barrier that erupted before Kagome, who's fury was palpable as she raised her bow and fired with a speed unmatched by the dead priestess. The holy arrow struck true, and its tail end emerged from Kikyo's chest. The purifying energy worked immediately, slowly spreading as it began to turn Kikyo's body to the clay, dust and dirt that she was created from.

"Kikyo! NOOOOOOOOO!" Inuyasha howled in rage, his demon side becoming more dominant as his amber eyes focused on the red and white clad priestess as she fell to the scorched grass of the battlefield, her gaze boring into his own, even as her clay body turned to dust. Dropping Tetsaiga to the blood strewn ground he leapt towards her rapidly disintegrating body attempting to stop her from disappearing. He dropped to his knees in defeat in the dust that was his former love, particles sticking to the blood stains on his fire rat haori and hakama. The worried glances of his companions looked on as he raised his gaze to the sky and howled, only to turn his face towards his companions, revealing crimson eyes that sent shivers of fear up their spines. Sango was kneeling on the ground, attempting to wake the unconscious Miroku, while Shippo was clinging fearfully to his adoptive mother's leg. Kagome bent down slowly, her eyes locked onto Inuyasha, as she carefully removed Shippo from her leg and handed him to Sango.

Inuyasha's gaze followed the movement, and was only distracted as Kagome took several slow steps foreword. "Inuyasha. Are you going to let your demon side win?" Kagome carefully removed Tetsaiga from its position on the charred ground and began her trek towards the hanyou's side. "Don't you remember me Inuyasha?" Kagome quickly raised the sword, and on instinct Inuyasha lashed out, grabbing the sword, and successfully reverting himself back to his half-demon state.

"Kagome? Did I-"


"Is she-?"

Kagome nodded and sighed as Inuyasha stood and turned his back to her. A low growl was all she heard before he leapt away from the battlefield, leaving the three humans and kitsune alone. "Let's go back to Kaede's. We need to make sure Miroku is going to be OK." Kagome straightened and walked over to Sango. After lifting the Monk onto a now transformed Kilala, she turned to Sango and said, "You go ahead with Miroku, Sango. Shippo and I'll be there soon." The miko watched her demon-slayer friend climb onto the fire neko's back, wrap an arm around the unconscious Miroku, and take to the skies, flying towards the small village called Edo.


"Let's go Shippo." Kagome extended her arms to her kit, who jumped into her embrace and snuggled into her stomach as she made her way towards Kaede's hut. With a heavy heart and one longing glance in Inuyasha's direction, Kagome lifted the tatami mat and entered Kaede's small, but adequate hut.

Sango's concerned gaze was focused on Miroku, whose labored breathing and lightly sweating forehead brought Kagome to action. "Sango? I need you to go to the river and bring me back water to cool his face." Kagome glanced at Sango whose brown eyes shone with determination as she quickly exited the hut. "Kaede?"

"Yes child?"

"Do you have any herbs that might help to bring his fever down?"

"I'll need to boil them." Kagome nodded to Kaede, and smiled at her slowly waking kitsune.

"Shippo, I need you to go and get some more firewood, OK?" Shippo nodded vigorously, proud that his adoptive mother would trust him to provide. He scurried out of the hut, the tatami mat flapping quietly shut. "I'm going to have to give him the anit-venom that I brought. It should get rid of the poison from the Saimyoshou.

"We all trust ye, Kagome." Kaede said with a gentle smile as Sango hurried into the hut, slopping some of the water onto the floor as she carried the bucket to the futon where Miroku was tossing slightly. Not caring that she was bleeding from several small wounds, Sango ripped a piece of fabric off her kimono skirt, dipped it in the river water, and began to wipe the Monks face.

"Sango, I'm going to need to stick this needle in his arm." Sango's eyes rose to meet Kagome's and she nodded her head nervously as she watched the miko give Miroku the anit-venom. "This is going to get rid of the poison." Sango visibly relaxed and began her gentle ministrations with the cold cloth again.

"I brought the wood!" Shippo stated as he stepped into the hut. Kagome smiled at Shippo and ruffled the hair on the top of his head as she took the timber from his small paws. Turning to her yellow backpack, Kagome dug out her lighter and lit the timber. She set a pan with some of the river water over the flame, and motioned to Kaede to prepare the herbs.

"How's he doing Sango?"

"He stopped tossing so much, and he seems to be cooling down a little."

"Good, because those wounds of yours haven't stopped bleeding, and they need to be bandaged." Sango relented and sat down as Kagome pulled bandages and other supplies from her worn out bag. Kagome wiped the gashes on Sango's arms, and stitched the slice on the demon-slayer's thigh. She then covered each with a bandage and wrapped them, preventing dirt from reaching the tender flesh. "You're all set, and I want you to swallow 2 of these every day." Kagome handed Sango a bottle of antibiotics she'd brought with her from the future. "Now go take care of your monk!"

Sango blushed and mumbled "thanks", as she went back to her position by the monk. She accepted the herbal mixture from Kaede and proceeded to spoon feed it to Miroku. Checking after every spoonful that he'd swallowed the liquid properly.

"Could ye tell this old miko what happened, Kagome?"

"Of course Kaede baa-chan." Kagome sighed as she repeated the battle and Inuyasha's disappearance to the elder miko, whose face had taken on a saddened expression as she heard about the betrayal of Kikyo once again, the strange barrier that had protected her, and Inuyasha's transformation.

"Ye did well to send her back to the afterlife, Kagome. Though I am saddened that she is dead, she was not meant to return to this life. If ye had not fired the arrow, she would not have allowed ye to survive. I know not what kind of barrier ye speak of. It seems similar to a miko's barrier, though it would have been a brilliant pink if that were so, not misty silver."

"I remember feeling like I was in a haze, and all I could feel was anger towards Kikyo for thinking that I was her reincarnate." Kagome's shoulders slumped and she laid her head against the wall of the hut, waiting for Miroku to wake from his poison-induced sleep. As she pondered the day's events she slowly slipped into sleep, all problems and events of the day forgotten as she gave into her exhaustion.

Dreams of feathers, kind smiles and a sweet lullaby made a small smile appear on her sleeping face. Those dreams slowly dissipated as a small furry paw stroking her cheek brought her back to the real word, where her adopted kitsune son was staring up at her with sparkling green eyes and a grin.

"Miroku's AWAKE!" Shippo exclaimed as Kagome opened her eyes to stare at him. He almost fell out of her lap, but managed to correct his balance enough to grab her face in his paws and stare confused into her eyes.

"What's wrong, Shippo?" Kagome asked as she took in the confused expression on her kit's face.

"I thought- never mind, Mama. Miroku is awake and Sango's crying, so I thought I'd wake you up!" Shippo smiled again, his pride kicking in as Kagome smiled at him.

"Thank you Shippo! That was very thoughtful. Do you wanna help me take care of Miroku?" Shippo grinned in excitement and leapt off of Kagome's legs, scrambling over to Miroku's side, prepared to do whatever his mama asked of him. Kagome stood and brushed the dirt from her uniform's green skirt. Sighing at the thought of another ruined uniform as she looked at the shreds her skirt and blouse were in she shook the thought out of her head and made her way towards the small commotion that had begun at the monk's futon.

"Hey Miroku! How are you feeling?" Miroku winced as he propped himself up again, slowly rubbing the hand-print mark that adorned his cheek.

"Much better Kagome-sama." Sango humphed, and Kagome almost laughed at the expression on her friend's face. Anger, happiness and shock flitted across her face as she glared at the houshi. Silvery paths down her cheeks proved she had indeed been crying, but the hand-print on Miroku's face was a sure sign the small group of travelers would be fine. Kagome started laughing at Sango, who was growing more embarrassed by the second. A hand on her backside and a slap left Miroku with another hand-print on his face as he looked innocently at the two women.

"Pervert..." Kagome mumbled as she started to boil water over the fire for ramen.

"You wound me-"

"Don't start monk! You need to control that hand of yours better!" Sango yelled as she took up a seat opposite the lecherous monk, who was currently holding his hand to his chest and grinning like a fool.

Kaede sat the corner of the hut, watching the group with barely concealed mirth. She looked to Shippo who giggled quietly and began asking Kagome questions about her home, 500 years in the future, and when she might be going back to visit her family and get more supplies. The elder miko shook her head in amusement and watched as the kitsune began to pester Kagome to bring him some sweet "candy" from her time and more "crayons" for him to draw with.



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