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So, I haven't updated this in quite a long time.... I am almost 23 years old, I have dark blond hair, and a Boyfriend, who is also the father to my daughter, Izabella, who is currently seven months old. I have green eyes, and very pale skin. It's impossible for me to get a tan at all. I just burn  and peel, burn and peel, repeat process.


I hope to get a beta fish soon, and some smaller fish that betas are good with for my aquarium, as fish don't really need to be walked or groomed.That or a cat. A toyger to be specific. That option will be much more pricy than a friggin beta fish.


Both me and my boyfriend live together, and he is a really good daddy. And so amongst the barrage of baby clothes, toys, food, and bottles I doubt there will me much time for writing, since my best friend likes to take up any excess time by making me RP with her, but I do try.


In the world of the limited 'me' time I still draw and color, and I do have a tablet, however, I still need to get it cracked so that I can actually get a sketching program, and do some digital drawing, therefor for now, I am only coloring linearts, not creating them as I had wished. Perhaps I will be able to create the pictures I want to digitally when I can (finally) get the darn thing cracked.


On another note, I still love Kagome/? pairings, and Doujinshi, well, as long as it's not hastily drawn (as in people take care and take their time with it..) I tend to like it.


I have found a new love for Hidden object games (HOG for short) And have a tendency to get lost in them, along with other games, like Sacred, Diablo II, Knight's Templar, and Nancy Drew games. If there were enough people to play with online, I would play WOW, but I doubt that will ever happen. I have just discovered How To Train Your Dragon Online.... and I think I will get carried away with that for a bit.


I have a really weird knack for making stories work, when others are stuck with them, or giving some ideas (usually just spouting out some possibilities to help inspire an author to finish their stories...) When someone gets stuck. I am also really good at accidentally giving people plunnies, yet when I actually try to give someone a plunnie, I fail. Miserably.


I have just been introduced to the world of sewing, and if I can ever find the time and money for it, I have several pieces I would like to make. Nevermind the plushies that would just accumulate themselves at my fingers...... and in my daughter's bedroom.


I have a soft spot for children, of all kinds, ages, mentalities, and a really weird knack with them... can anyone say family's best babysitter?


Anyways, that summaries me basically. Oh, I love food. But not mushrooms. Those are evil. and pickles..... they're in league with furbies and Ronald McDonald...... trying to take over the world.... damn furbies......

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Alright... So, I don't really stream any more, but I can help you out if you need to figure out how to create an effect or something in GIMP.... It's my preferred program, yet I will have to figure out how to use another program when I get my Tablet cracked. I also think it's about time for some new artist markers and stuff, My old ones are almost dead/are mourned while they sleep in their graves.  Feel free to look at some of my older drawing on Facebook, and I might just add some new ones.... Or just go find a scanner to create new arts.... that would be a process of itself.... and then to color that? *facedesk*


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i tried giving karma, but there were no forum posts, so I'm loving your wall instead!!!


thanks again!
Feedback from Elehanna: aw thanks cake, i'll loves your wall too.

*loves and cuddles*

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