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Fluff 'n' Stuff by Elehanna


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A/N: Okay so I was doing laundry and it inspired this particular prompt. I'm open to other promts as well. And just a heads up, I don't have any word editing soft ware more complicated than Wordpad.




Kagome sat in the laundry room, waiting for the dryer to finish it's current load. Her comforter was inside, and her bed was bare, as she had decided to do all the bed's bedding covers that day. Sesshoumaru thought she was in the shower. He was heading to go join her, until he spotted her in the laundry room while passing by, and backtracked a few steps.

The dryer went off and she squealed before yanking the door of the dryer nearly off it's hinges before she pulled out the comforter in the dryer and promptly covered herlsef in it before sinking to the floor and just lying there, dryer door open, other articles of bedding hanging out.

Sesshoumaru paused for a moment before shaking his head.

"If you so wish for warmth and softness, this one would have been more than content to provde his Mokomoko for his mate, miko."

"But you were busy, and it smells like Mama always made it smell, and there's another one in the dryer!" The ending of the scentence came out much quicker than the rest.

Sesshoumaru just shook his head and kept going.


Words: 191

Prompt: laundry

A/N: I hope you liked it!!


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