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Being asked to write fanfiction requests?
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TOPIC: Being asked to write fanfiction requests?
Time Traveler
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Being asked to write fanfiction requests? 3 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 57
Has anyone else ever received requests to write fanfiction? I've gotten a few over the years. The first was when I just got into writing Inuyasha Sess/Kag stuff. It was the only time I ventured into writing for a request. I did it, proofed it, and posted it on FFNet. Only to not receive an acknowledgement from the original requestee. Even after I PM'ed them back.

I didn't write for them again after that.

It seemed fairly pointless.

I know this happens on Deviant with art requests too. And when peeps haven't acknowledged the piece done for them. It's kinda saddening, especially after so much time and effort went into the piece. Maybe peeps are trying to get stuff for free. Don't know.

I received other requests now and then. One from an unusual source, namely I suspect from a notorious requester that always wants fetish fanfiction. I steered away from that after googling their username. They were fairly prolific. No thank you.

After that I have received one recently too. In the last two months I think. Can't remember. And it was a simple message via PM on FFNet. It ran along the lines of 'Do you write for requests?'. I politely declined with a simple 'No, sorry. I don't write for requests'.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced stuff like this? If so was it from an anonymous stranger? What did you do?

If it was from a friend I'd probably think about writing it.

From a stranger? Um, probably not.


~ Pyre
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Kairou Watoshimi
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Re:Being asked to write fanfiction requests? 3 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 19
Since I have a habit of starting something and leaving it unfinished for months on end (oneshots for a different fandom), I don't REALLY take requests. However, I do open up "prompt mes" where people can submit prompts but I also make sure to add: "I make no promises to fill out your prompt."

The good thing was, when I did this, it was for a small but very supportive fandom so I never had anyone really "take my hard work for granted." And I'm really sorry that happened to you. It's annoying when you work so hard on something and you don't even get a "thanks" in response =_= some people just don't know when to show appreciation. And also, a lot of the prompt I received was very open ended that allowed for a lot of freedom like:

"Person1 and Person2 getting chased by angry parrots."

"Person1 gets drunk and Person2 has to bring them home."

"Person1 gets bubble gum stuck in their hair."

This way, I feel like I'm writing / drawing for myself and sharing with other people. I don't get pressured on needing to finish anything because these are REQUESTS. So I don't mind getting requests from strangers because I don't have to actually do it. When/If I do, then it's because I want to.

Plus, I have an existing love for the fandom. Take SessKag for example. I have art/fanfic requests open but I'm probably going to consider filling out an request for them rather than a request for characters I am not familiar with.
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Re:Being asked to write fanfiction requests? 3 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 163
I've gotten those, but only on And mostly for Sailor Moon stories. They ask if I do requests, some ask if I do crossovers, and others ask for collaborations. I suspect those last ones just want me to write stuff for them. I've even had some asking for me to look over their story and edit it. One even went in a rather long round about way of asking me to pretty much rewrite their story for them chapter by chapter. I've even gotten that 'Do you write for requests?' one, twice, and I always say no.

And of course those don't include the requests for me to read their story. I always hate those. I feel like their pushing their story on people, trying to make them read it, just for reviews. The last one I got was a crossover of Sailor Moon and Hellsing. They used like half the title of one of my Inuyasha stories, and they did give me credit for that bit, but they thought just because of that and the fact that it was Sailor Moon I would want to read it.

Then there's those requesting that I write sequels for stories that I didn't write in a way that would even suggest there could be a sequel. But I guess those are just fans that want the universe in that story to continue.

These, besides reviewers, are all from people I've never come across in any site, and usually they're not even someone whose reviewed any of my stories or have them on alert or as a favorite. Leaving me wondering why they're contacting me of all writers. I mean if it was from someone I was familiar with on the site, or other sites I'm on, I would probably consider doing a requested story, but other then that I politely tell them no or I'm not interested or that I have too many of my own stories and ideas to work on, which is always true.
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Re:Being asked to write fanfiction requests? 3 Years, 2 Months ago Karma: 55
I used to for portraiture work on DeviantArt, mostly JRock and a few YA author fandoms. If it was something that would interest me, I'd do it for fun. Nothing as a commission, or with the expectation of the requesters feedback. And then later some with fandom amigurumi (if the challenge intrigued), I'd create stuff by request or gift exchanges. I haven't done any of this in years, as lack of free time and shifts in interest have led me down different paths, and I've just always preferred doing original work.

When it comes to solicitations of this nature, go with your gut. If a request or person feels off, say no; and never make these kinds of fulfillments more of a priority than they deserve to be. If you're not getting paid for your time, there's no point bending over backwards, or doing something you don't like/makes you uncomfortable for some random stranger– especially one offering nothing in return. Your time and art are valuable. No matter the subject. No matter the medium. Don't sell that short.
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I like researching stuffs...
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